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The Afternoon

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I am Kristin, and I was dared to write about this. I was invited to an art gallery party on a Saturday afternoon. Being interested in meeting new people, I decided to attend. I was told casual but nice dress. I was feeling a bit wild so on Saturday morning I got in a hot shower and shaved as normal then decided that I would shave my pubic area just in case I met someone. I made sure to get every last bit then bent over and shaved all the way through to my back. That was risky, but I got it done and liked the results. Once out of the shower, I put on a tiny black thong, slim wide-leg jeans, and a gold halter top. I had recently gotten a fancy tattoo on my upper spine and thought this would be a great opportunity to show it off. Once I was dressed, I put on quite a bit of makeup, large earrings, and fixed my hair. The last thing I did was put on my brown boots with the tall spike heels. I headed out to the gallery not knowing but one other person who might be there. I was given a glass of champagne and began to admire the paintings. While looking at one, I got in a chat with a woman named Paula. The first thing I noticed about Paula was her black hair and tongue ring. I thought it was cute, and we started discussing a painting we were both admiring and I found her to be quite charming and a very nice woman. We continued looking at the other paintings and had nothing else to do that afternoon so Paula invited me to her place. I followed her hoping to not get lost and I got to her place in no time. Once inside we began chatting and she was telling me that she was new in the city and knew few people outside of work. Now she was only 5'5" but looked quite nice. She asked if I would like a beer, and I replied sure. We began to sit back and enjoy the afternoon and the cold beer and after a while, I was asked if I preferred women. I said I had not given it too much thought but that I always enjoyed a good woman when the opportunity arose. She let it be known that she really liked the alternative and solo sex scene and often was on her webcam performing and taking requests. I said I did not care to broadcast my escapades, and she said that she only did it once in a while. She then got up close to me and kissed me and I was more than happy to lock lips with her. Yes, I love kissing women with pierced tongues. I was then surprised by her next question of "would I like to watch her on cam?". I said sure and asked her how she liked to perform. She responded that it was usually by herself and that she would perform for a bit at night. So that afternoon I asked to see her studio. She showed me her room where she had numerous props, a round bed and a rack of lingerie. That afternoon she was wearing a knit skirt and sweater and opaque hose with ballet flats, nothing mega sexy. I just did not expect her to put on internet shows every night. She turned on her computer and set her status to online and waited for it to be noticed. The first request was for her to take a large dildo and suck on it. She got one out of a drawer and proceeded to wet it and take it into her mouth. In a minute, the viewer wanted her to take it deeper. She obliged and took an 8" long dildo into her throat and never once gagged. She pulled it out and demonstrated its length. This went on for a bit until she stripped from the waist down and revealed a few labia piercings. She then took off her top and put on a very tight blue corset which I laced up her back. The only thing on the bottom were gray suede knee boots. Once in her outfit, she pushed the dildo into her pussy and began thrusting herself for the camera. After a few minutes, she got close to an orgasm and quickly grabbed a smaller dildo and pushed it in to her ass. Once doubly pentetrated, she came rather loudly and proceeded to squirt. Once she cooled down she asked me to help her up and kissed me and suggested that I go pick out some lingerie and she would turn off the webcam. I got a sheer baby doll off the rack and then took my clothes off and put on the sheer flowing top. I then found a sheer thong and put it on and then a pair of red stiletto sandals. With Paula in her corset, we began to kiss and fondle each other. She then took a stainless steel butt plug from a drawer and gave it to me and told me to suck it. It turned out Paula had some dominatrix in her. I did and deep throated it and Paula said that it would be put in my ass in a few minutes. I figured I would either be putting something in my ass in front of a stranger that I had just met or she would do it to me. I was not sure which idea made me wetter. Anyway, in a few minutes the very well designed, smooth steel object was taken from my mouth, and I was soon bending over to expose my pink asshole. Almost no lube was used and Paula pushed the plug in quite quickly and then tugged a bit to make sure it would stay. I will admit that it was not painless going in and was rather large. I had been plugged before by someone else, and so I knew how to relax. After the initial soreness, it actually became rather pleasurable. Paula now had a smile on her face as I raised back up pretending that nothing was any different. I then kissed Paula and took her towards the round bed and tossed her onto it and shoved a large dildo into her pussy. It took her by surprise and once it was in she was howling and it only took another minute for her to have a large, loud orgasm. Once she was down off the high she looked at me and said that it had been great and for me to take off the babydoll. I did and she grabbed a pair of screw nipple clamps with a chain between them and put them on my nipples fairly tightly. The steel was cold and the sensations were amazing. I think I could have climaxed right then. She then had me kiss her pussy and ass while showing mine to the camera, though it was off. After a few minutes, she asked if I wanted to go out with her that evening. I said I would love to, and then the clamps came off and we decided what to wear.

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