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Swimming lessons

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With my dad's work, we moved a lot. I never got to make any friends or really learnt how to swim.

My dad finally got posted to Chicago & was told that would be his last posting.

"Finally" I said to myself, "I can learn how to swim properly & not just splash around."

In the community paper was an ad by a college girl that gave swimming lessons. I was entering my last year of high school.

I phoned her, Lindsey was her name according to the ad, about swimming lessons. She said I could start any time, so we made arrangements for her to pick me up later that day.

She did & had a friend with her, who's name was Gloria. We drove out to Lindsay's house, which was 40 miles outside Chicago.

Her parents were away for the summer with her younger cyblings. Goria stayed with Lindsay for the summer & helped give the swimming lessons.

When I asked Lindsay how much the lessons cost, all she would say it depended.

Lindsay & Gloria were beautiful. I thought they would both have boyfriends & be busy with them. They said they they would much rather give swimming lessons.

When asked where I could change into my bathing suite, the reply was, "we don't wear suits & you don't need to either."

"I would like to" I said.

"Okay" they said, pointing to a changing room by the pool.

When I came out, they were in the pool completely naked, up to their waste in water.

"Come on in" they said.

I walked over to where the steps were down into the pool & walked down to where they were.

They handed me a very large water cannon & said they used that to get people use to have water in their face.

They backed up & started shooting at me. As I shot at one, the other was shooting at me.

They had me going around in circles. Before long I found myself in the deep water. As I tried to get back to the shallow water, they kept shooting me in the face, so I couldn't get back. Finally I asked for help.

Gloria grabbed me aroung the waiste & pulled me into shallower water.

"Do you want to continue the lessons" Lindsay asked me, "or go home."

"I want to continue" I said & asked what all the shooting of the water had to do with swimming lessons. She replied, "take it or leave it." "Okay" I replied.

They went back shooting at me & me shooting at them. They drove me out into the deep water again. This time I kept kicking my legs & keeping my head above water.

Then I felt my top being pulled off. I tried to grab it back, but Gloria who had taken it off, threw it over onto the deck. There was no way they were going to let me near it.

I did manage now & then to get me feet on the bottom so I could get a breather, but they drove me back into the deeper water again.

The next thing I knew, someone grabbed my by boobs. It was Gloria.

For some unknow reasons it felt good. She swam around holding me by my boobs up against her. I could feel her nipples pressing into my back. I just closed my eyes & went with the flow, as they say.

As we swam around, she caressed my boobs. I was being turned on more & more.

Then I felt a hand slipping down the front of the bottom of my suit. When I opened my eyes, it was Lindsay.

She rubbed my clit, the ran her fingers over & between my pussy lips.

Not a word was spoken. Gloria was turning me on playing with my boobs & now Lindsay was, playing with my pussy.

We moved over to the shallow side of the pool. Gloria laid on the bottom, with me on top of her.

Lindsay undid my bottoms & proceed to finger fuck me. I had forgot all about swimming lessons.

I was more interested in seeing how many times they would get me off. I had wondered a few times what girls did with girls & now I knew some of it.

Next to the changing tent was a shower. We helped wash the clorine water off each others bodies.

There was a large lounge chair by the pool.

Gloria laid on it. I laid on top of her, my back against her boobs. Lindsay had me put my legs up over the padded arms. Then laid down between my spread legs. Sucked my clit between her lips & tickled the hood with the tip of her tongue.

With Gloria twisting my nipples between her thumbs & forefingers & pulling on then at the same. Lindsay sucking hard on my clit, I soom came. I had never cum like I did then.

Gloria & Lindsay changed places & kept changing every time after I had cum.

They would kiss me with my cum covered lips of theirs & I would lick it all off.

Then they would stick my cum covered tongue of theirs in my mouth & I would suck it all off.

I wondered what my cum tasted like & now I know. From then on when I used my fingers or a small cuke or large frank with a condom it, to get myself to cum, I would lick & suck my cum off it.

Then Gloria lay with her legs up over the padded arms. Lindsay to get on my knees & eat Gloria's pussy. I was hungry for pussy. As I ate her, I forgot about lindsay.

The next thing I knew Lindsay was kneeling behind me. She told me to spread my legs. I did. Then I felt something big & round slipping into my pussy.

In & in it went. Gloria held my head against her pussy, while Lindsay fucked me with whatever it was. It turned out to be a 12" long by 2" thick strapon cock.

They took turns using it on me. While I was eating the one out, the others was fucking my virgin pussy to the lesbian way.

I learnt to swim a little better, but sure learnt a lot more exciting side of life.

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