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Springtime Rendezvous at Navigators Lounge {A Lesbian Love Story}

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Last Thursday I took Katonya to the Navigator's Lounge to meet with Darla and her live-in lover Simone. Darla and I have been communicating about our love lives and our involvement in the hair show we will attend, and decided to introduce our lovers as part of a tryst we been discussing It was Darla who introduced me to Kat, and who agreed to give her to me in exchange for spending a weekend with her and being marked as hers while Simone was away. This was the Irish Fair weekend last summer along the river downtown. She had shown me a picture of Simone and my impression of her was that she was plain, not memorable or overly sensuous. Darla had been styling her hair and doing her makeup and changing her look, really doing a 'before and after' kind of clientwork, but also taking her as her lesbian lover after ending a relationship with a guy.

We decided to meet and have our young lovers styled for each other's evaluation. I had close-cut Katonya's hair in a modified bob, a city look from a collection I had, and used the White Sands sculpting gel to create an asymmetrical style. One ear was open and her hair was curled in a large C behind her ear. The top hair was stacked high on her forehead and then swept over to the other side to create a 'swoop curl.' She looked very chic, young and sexy, as I wanted her to for Darla because of what we had planned. I took Kat there early and we found a low table with four leather chairs and ordered drinks, Junebugs, with Midori melon rum. I gave her an Imperial Brazil Sweet cigarillo and had her sit with me, and we both fingered our drinks and unlit cigarillos waiting for Darla and Simone to arrive. That aslo was part of our private tryst. Darla and I want to bring Simone into a threesome with Kat and I and get her hi on ganja, and wanted to make sure she wasn't overly sensitive or averse to smoke. Getting high just melts the anxiety and resistance and I wanted her to throughly enjoy her first threesome. Kat has learned how relaxing a ganja hi can be. We waited and talked, and I saw Darla come through one of the main entrances.

Would you believe that I did not recognize the young femme with her! She looked nothing like the female in the picture I had seen that weekend with Darla. This young femme had a very soft, bouncy curl dangling down and around her face, help up by a comb and scooncie at the vortex of her head, high and behind her ears. Both of her ears were adorned with small dangling, sparkling earrings, and she wore a loose middy sweater over a tunic, pencil pants, and boots that came to the bottom of her pencil pants, which were very tight and showed her long, thin legs. Darla had told me she lightened Simone's hair, lifting the color and depositng a new color, from the Majiblond collection, an extra light platinum blond. Simone was stunning! Her lips were moist and puckered and her eyes were curious. Darla had told me that Simone's hair was actually black, and she had been experimenting with color removal and deposit of majiblond shades as part of her skill in image makeover. Zest, yes, she really did it with Simone. Darla had told me something that totally stimulated me, which was that Simones mons hair was still black and soft, and surrounded her pussycunt lips. Looking at Simone I would never have thought her natural hair color could be black. The light platinum blond was perfect for her complexion and her age. Knowing she had the foxfur around her pussycunt was tantalizing.

Well, I had prepared Kat for this, letting her know that as my lover she was expected to please me by allowing me to introduce her to other lesbians I may want her to be involved with. Darla and I had decided to share our submissive lesbian lovers with each other in threesomes, and this was our appointed time to meet. Simone and Darla joined us and we just talked about our upcoming hair show and let Simone and Kat get to know each other a little, and watched them interract. At what I though was the right moment, I took out my piezo lighter and lit my cigarillo, and then had Kat put hers to her lips and lit hers also. Simone did not flinch or react aversely, and I offered a cigarillo to her also, but she declined after looking at Darla, as if to get permission. Kat and I smoked our Imperial Sweets and sipped our Junebugs and Darla admired my Kat, while I admired her 'Mone' as she called her. As we sat there I started thinking about Mone's pussycunt, wanting to see the black fur around it and run my fingers over it, and thought of where I could take her for an erotic quickie, just to get her pants unzipped in the front and get my fingers on her furry mons hair, and maybe tease her jilly pearl. We did not have a room at the Sheraton that night, so I could not take her there. I though about a walk around the pool and into one of the cabanas, but they were attached to poolside rooms and not available. Then I thought about a landing on one of the upper levels, which opened to a balcony porch. I had seen that the last time we were there.

With Darla I secretively talked about each of us taking a walk with our partners, letting each of us let them know that this meeting was the one in which we informed each of them that they were going to be involved in separate threesomes at separate times with each of us. Darla was ready, and she went off with Kat while I took Simone up the elevator and to the balcony porch. In the elevator I made sure to hold her arm, and then led her out into the open-air, and tossed her long curls with my fingers, and told her that Darla and I had something to share with her and Kat. As I talked to her I moved very close to her and put my fingers in her hair, and disclosed to her that she would be joining Kat and I in a private lesbian threesome. She began to tremble, and I touched her cheek, and pulled her close and kissed her mouth even while she trembled. "Is that really what is going to happen? Darla told me something special was being planned. Is this really it?" She trembled, and I unbottened her middy seater and ran my hands down her abdomen, reaching behind to caress her rump, and the moving them around her hips and forward to find the belt clasp and zipper of her pencil pants and begin undoing them. She resisted. She wouldn't let me. "Darla is with Kat right now, darling, telling her the same thing." I persisted, and managed to get her hands to her sides, and opened and undid the belt and zipper, and reached into her panties while she shivvered and trembled. She did not resist me then. Kissing her wonderful lips, I felt the furry mons of her pussycunt, and teased her jilly pearl slightly, and she trembled as she answered, "If Darla wants this for me, then I will," just as a submissive lesbian lover should agree. My mouth warmed hers and I French kissed her and petted her pussycunt there on the balcony at the Sheraton.

Vignette by Dee DeForio All rights reserved.

Copyright 2007.

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