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Spring Fever

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I threw down my pencil in disgust as the words on the page danced in front of my eyes. I still had three days to finish a career-making report and I was totally sick of it. A glance out the window didn?t help. It was mid-morning on a warm sunny Spring day and the air sparkled over the canyons of Manhattan.

I got up, stretched, and walked down the hall to the Ladies? Room. I looked in the mirror and liked part of what I saw. I know I have a pretty face and my make-up and shoulder length reddish-brown hair looked good that day. I tried not to look below the neck, but, as always, I did. Fat! A twenty five year old, I thought, should be thin and willowy, but I was -- how should I say? -- hefty, full-figured, zaftig. In other words, fat. Everything was in proportion but there was simply too much. I had worn a loose fitting blouse outside my skirt to try and hide my size, but, let's face it, I'm a big girl. Even an expensive bra designed for reduction and containment couldn't disguise my ample proportions.

I walked back to my office and knew that I wouldn?t get another stitch of work done that morning. I needed to leave the building, clear my head, and get refocused on that damned report. After I rode down the elevator I wandered to a street nearby where I window shopped with nothing in particular in mind.

I soon found myself in front of a bookstore and, being an avid reader, went in and started to browse. As always, I ended up in the Women?s Books section and picked off the shelf the latest lesbian whinefest. Well, I thought, there was one good thing about being a lesbian. Thank God my size had never been an issue with any of my girlfriends and they luxuriated in my ample contours.

Just then I noticed that someone was standing next to me. I glanced over and saw one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life. She was about 50 with fine regular features and lovely silvery hair. People tend to use the word "handsome" for women of that certain age, but she was flat-out beautiful. She looked over toward me and I was instantly enchanted by her large twinkling brown eyes. Even though she was looking right at me I couldn?t keep myself from noticing that she had a large lush curvaceous body that, unlike mine, seemed to make her look exactly the way God had meant her to look..

?Are you a New Yorker?? she asked me. I nodded.

?I?m here from out of town and this is the first time I have ever been here.?

?I hope you like it,? I said, amazed that I couldn?t think of anything less banal to say.

?Oh, I love it,? she said. ?I?m leaving tomorrow, though, and I have a million questions about this wonderful place.?

Keeping up the banality, the best I could come up with was ?Oh??

?If you're not in a hurry,? she said, ?would you let me buy you an espresso and ask you some of those questions?? I saw she was wearing a diamond engagement ring and a wedding ring on her left hand, but felt like I was being pulled to her by some magnetic force. ?Love to,? I said.

We crossed the street and went into a hotel coffee shop and ordered. After a few bits and pieces about New York we started talking about ourselves. She told me about her husband and her two grown daughters, her house near Seattle, and her senior position at a bank. Half of my brain held up my end of the conversation, while the other half was hypnotized by her beauty, ease and charm. I told her about my job, my apartment and that I was unattached, omitting the gender of potential attachees.

Suddenly she glanced at her watch and said ?I didn?t realize it was this late already. I?m expecting an e-mail about the contract I'm working on and it should be here by now.?

?I would hate to end this wonderful conversation so abruptly,? she said. ?I am staying in this hotel and if you can come up to my room I can check my e-mail and then maybe we can have lunch.?

I suddenly started to feel a warmth between my legs. Reflexively, I almost said no. Maybe she?s a female Ted Bundy! That thought evaporated in a fraction of a second and I told her I would be delighted. I knew all that would happen is that she would download her e-mail, but I did enjoy her company and certainly loved having an excuse not to go back and work on that damned report.

We rode up to her room. She excused herself and went to the bathroom and I sat on the foot of the bed trying to ignore my feelings of arousal. When she came out of the bathroom I expected her to walk across the room to the laptop computer sitting on a table in the corner. Instead, she just walked over and stood in front of me.

I decided at that instant to risk having the most embarrassing moment of my life. I closed my eyes and started slowly unbuttoning my blouse. Any instant I expected to hear words about a misunderstanding or a miscommunication , but she said nothing. When I opened my eyes I saw that her face was flushed and riveted.

I immediately felt such a strong throbbing between my legs that my hands started shaking as I fumbled with the last two buttons. I was already soaking wet. I slowly dropped the blouse on the bed, reached behind, and unhooked my bra. My lush breasts tumbled out. I have very large areolas and I glanced down and saw that they were bumpy and my nipples were rock hard.

She stood there, and I sat there, for what seemed like an eternity until she walked toward me, had me stand up, put her arms around me and gave me the deepest kiss I had ever felt. She moved to my ears and my neck and then back to my mouth. In a hoarse voice she told me to lie down and I obeyed.

By that time my libido was in complete control. Without any rational thought I did something that I not only had never done before, but had never even thought of doing before. I opened my legs wide and spread my pussy lips for her. I could hear her gasp as she saw how it was bright red and wet. I suddenly could smell my own rising cunty odor and thought I was going to faint with excitement.

She climbed on the bed fully clothed and put her head between my large soft milky thighs. She slowly licked my belly and then moved up to my breasts. She sensually moved her tongue around the edges of my areolas while she placed her entire hand on my pussy. I started to tremble as she kissed me again, even more deeply than before, and ran her tongue along my ears, my throat, my nipples, my belly.

I had never wanted to climax so badly in my life and she knew it. She put her face between my legs and held her tongue on my clit for a moment. Then she moved to my pussy lips and then back to my clit. She started to slowly twirl my clit with her tongue and I was moaning with uncontrollable pleasure.

I suddenly felt her fingers slowly sliding into my pussy. She found my G spot and started to gently massage it as she continued to lick my clit. By this time I was almost insane with excitement and she could see that my body was screaming to come. Her mouth became more insistent and her touch inside me became firmer.

I rose and rose into outer space in complete abandon until the magic moment came when I could feel with all my being that I was right on the very edge. Her tongue increased its demands and she firmly and rhythmically stroked my G spot. I lost all control and started to come and come and come and come. I could feel the powerful contractions as the waves of pleasure exploded throughout my entire body.

We lay there for a few minutes. Me naked and she fully clothed. I finally started to descend from the heights and saw her staring deeply into my eyes with a look of love so profound that it brought tears to my eyes.

We stood up and I slowly started to undress her. Her breasts were just as large as mine, but softer and more pendulous with large dark brown nipples They were so beautiful! I was overcome by so much emotion that I started to sob and she held me to her bosom.

I recovered my composure and finished undressing her, marveling at how round and womanly she was. I told her to lie down on the bed and again we kissed. I began to lick her ears, her neck, her nipples, her wonderful soft belly. I went lower and gently worked my tongue on her clit. After a few minutes she reached down and took hold of my head to stop me.

With an endearing look of embarrassment, she told me that she always had to use a vibrator to have an orgasm. She could see from my face that she had nothing to be embarrassed about and reached into the night stand drawer. Her's is the kind that you can hold in one hand and use its cup-shaped rubber attachment. She turned it on and started to move it around her pussy and I quickly bent and started to gently suck on her hard nipples.

I got back up to watch her and could see her moving her hips as her arousal began to accelerate. She then stopped, looked up at me, and said ?would you mind if I asked you to do something special for me.? This time I laughed out loud. ?Absolutely anything,? I said in a tone that told her that I meant it.

In the shyest of voices she whispered ?I want your finger. . ." she couldn't even say it. I squealed with delight and she knew that I knew what she wanted. She started using the vibrator again and I put my index finger in my mouth looking in her eyes all the time, covered it with saliva, and slowly slipped it into her anus.

That was all she needed. She suddenly grabbed the vibrator in both hands and held it hard against her clit. I worked my finger slowly in and out and she suddenly started to climax. She let out a scream of pleasure as I felt her strong rhythmic contractions on my finger. She came again and again. Five, six, seven times. She finally stopped, turned off the vibrator and lay back in an ocean of perfect fulfillment and pleasure.

We lay in each other arms for a long time. My mind started to race about getting her address, her phone number, seeing her again and then, suddenly, I knew better. This was a moment to be preserved forever, untouched, in the amber of my memory.

I dressed as she lay on the bed. I said ?you better check your e-mail.? She gave me a wicked look and said ?I don?t have e-mail.? Then her voice suddenly turned sober. ?I don?t know why this is so important to me, but I want you to believe that I have never done anything like this before in my life.? ?I know,? I said, and my smile told her that I knew she was telling the truth.

As I walked back toward my office I knew that I would never again be ashamed of the body that I see the mirror. And then I realized that I didn?t even know her name. Her name is perfect love I thought as I wrestled my mind back toward that damned report.

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