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Small Town Mature Lesbians

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This really blew me away and it just happened now and hour ago. I live in a small town in Georgia now and will not name it because if I do these two very lovely ladies will be known to those of you in Georgia near where I live. I was riding around to kill time and decided to stop by a store that has a little of everything in it. It is locally owned and the folks are nice and I have known them for about 7 or 8 years. The woman, I will call her Joy, that owns it is very respectable and I have never even heard her even cuss (but now I know her language is very varied) and so anyway, She is in her mid 50s or so and still very lovely, a little on the buxom side but still a good figure. So anyway, I stopped in and said Hi, she as usual was cheerful and said hello, asked how I have been and all. Good I told her, you doing okay? Yeh, I suppose so. Anyway, I found a couple books and paid for them and was leaving when a very beautiful woman walked in that is also well known around our little town, I have never met her but have seen her and always thought, Damn she is really hot and so I said Hi as I excited. She smiled and said hello back and then I heard Joy greet her like a long lost friend. Mary (not her real name either) How have you been. Good to see you. It is always great to see yu too Joy she said and then the door was closed behind me. Now I do know that both these ladies are married and both are really a part of the "respectable community" and I have never even thought they were anything but just that, two mature ladies that everyone said hello to. Well, I drove off and got down the road and discovered that I had left my wallet in the store so I turned around and went back. The SUV was still there and so I went and started to go in. AS the door was just a little open I heard sounds that had to be passionate love making. The one that is Joy was colse to an orgasm and Mary was telling her wonderful it was that they were good friends. Joy moaned loud and had a very long orgasm and then Mary was saying after that she always enjoyed their love making. Joy told her to lay down that it was her turn to be on top now and Mary obviously did. I closed the door behind me and crept to the curtain that was across the doorway to the back. There was a little slit in it and I gazed in to see Mary laying totally naked and Joy getting between her legs. Mary was spread out and Joy had her mouth over her pussy beginning to lick the shaved pussy that was in front of her. Oh yes Baby Mary was saying, eat it all up. I will Joy told her. Then her face was buried in the pussy taking care of the desires of the woman that lay there. They made love for a half hour at least while I stood there watching with a hard cock that was ready to explode. THey did almost everything one could imagine, 69 seemed to be their favorite and they ate each other thru several orgasms that way, then it seemed time was up and they had to get dressed. As they got up and tried to go out the front door quietly as I could but at the last second the door stuck and would not close so I left it ajar and went out. I sat in the car and got out making a lot of noise and went to the door openeing it and calling out. Anyone here? Yes, be out in a second, hold on. MAry came out first her make-up and hair a mess, her clothes had been put on in a hurry and the every edge of her bra stuck out of her purse. She stopped looking at me as I smiled at her with a look that said I knew what was going on. Then Joy came out, her clothes thrown on too and no bra either. Both these women had full lovely chests to see and now it was easy to see the things that the clothing hid. Nipples were still hard and both their were visible. I told Joy I had forgotten my wallet and went to where I had left it. AS I was going around to shelves I said, Boy, anyone would think you two were up to no good to see you. They looked at each other and stuttered, No we have been good. Joy just blushed deep red. Mary said nothing else. WEll, if it was a guy and gal I would say I cought you playing around in the back room. We all laughed but theirs was a nervous one. Mary ventured that they were two women and not a guy and girl and so I was wrong. I smiled and said, Yeh, guess so...and as I left I looked back and said, But then, no days since when does it have to be a guy and girl? You two look like you just got out of bed. They stared at each other and I left. I stopped by the grocery to pick up a couple things and Mary came in the store, Steve, she said, Ah, you will not say anything to anyone about the store will you. About what, nothing was happening was it? She stood silent. Well, what I saw or think I will keep to myself I told her. She sighed in relief. Thanks she finally said, If you ever need anything let us know. We can return a favor as well as anyone. But there is no favor to return is there I asked her? WEll, no, but you know how easy rumors get going around here. Yeh, I do, but this one will not ever start with me I told her and she hugged me, her bra still missing. Thanks she whispered in my ear. I began to leave, Oh by the way, I said, You look great without the bra. She stood there. I left. That was a little over an hour ago now and who knows what benefits will come from being at the right place at the wrong time.

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