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Sinful Preacher's Wife Reunites with Step Mother after Many Years

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Becky hung up her phone. Once again her husband would be gone three long days. The days weren't bad, the nights were horrible, she really missed him, although she had many different "persons of interest" to keep her mind and her body occupied.

On the telephone was the lady who was her step mother, Ashley. Becky hadn't seen her in over 10 years, and her voice definitely brought back some "vivid" memories.

Becky's mother died in a terrible automobile accident just as Becky turned 18, her senior year in high school.

Of course, Becky was devestated and lived with her father for another year while she got started in college, mainly to save money, partly to get herself together after her mother's tragic death.

After a year, her father, who had met Ashley about six months after the death of his wife, married Ashley. Becky had no problem with Ashley at the time, but she thought her father had really rushed into marrying the sexy young lady, who with an athletic body and build, was only fractions of an inch short of six feet tall, tan, and luscious, d cup tits, long, past her shoulder, brownish,red hair, and a smile that could light up the darkest of rooms any time of the night.

It was another miserable hot Oklahoma May afternoon when Becky finished her classes at college and her four hour shift at the quick shop, and she went to the library and studied until nearly dark. By the time she arrived home it was dark, and no lights except one lamp in the living room were in use.

Her dad was gone, and would be for three nights, on a business trip selling oil field tools used on oil rigs in western Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle and in this case, southern Kansas.

Becky figured that Ashley had gone to bed early to cry herself to sleep missing the man with whom she had so deeply fallen in love, so she quietly came into the kitchen after kicking off her sandals, opened the refrigerator finding some home cooked stew, actually roast,potatoes and carrots, fixed her a bowl,heated it in the microwave, poured her a glass of Ashley's sweet iced tea that she loved dearly, and sat at kitchen table to eat and balance her checkbook.

She heard a strange,unusual noise, and got quiet for a second and decided it was the microwave cooling back down and returned to balancing her check book as she had written several checks and not balanced for several days.

As she finished her stew, she heard what she thought was a moaning noise down the hall, toward the room where her father and Ashley slept and thought, "well, I will sneak down that way and see if I hear anything."

Being in bare feet, she was very quiet and noticed the door was just barely cracked open and she could see the lamp on on the bedstand near the bed so she moved closer to the open door and stood. What she saw had her standing in awe!

There was Ashley, her step mother, the woman who had married her father, naked, with Jeffery, the 18 year old young man who mowed there grass, who was also naked, and he was eating out the pussy of her step mother, much to Ashley's delight.

"God, you are only 18! There is NO way you should being this dammed good and no way you should be having this effect on me you horny little bastard," she yelled, smiling.

"MMMMMMMMM,God, lick me, you bastard, lick me," she screamed.

In awe, scared, disgusted, yet aroused, all Becky could do was stand there, partly angry, but also realizing, "I am wet! I am fucking wet!," she thought to herself, and she couldn't leave the door.

As Jeffer brought her step mother to orgasm after orgasm with his tongue, he decided it was time he fucked his new fresh piece of pussy. "I'm gonna fuck you now baby,I want you to enjoy this," he smiled.

"God after that I have no doubt I will," Ashley screamed, grabbing the young man's hair and pulling him to her kissing him as he thrust his cock into her ready and wet pussy.

Just recalling that event, minutes after Ashley called her on the phone, Becky found her pussy wet again, just recalling that event.

Becky never told her father about that, nor had she ever confronted Ashley about it. Her father died five years after that. Becky moved out about three months later and had never contacted Ashley after that, although both her brother's told her Ashley asked about her often. Ashley had never remarried,although she had lived with a couple different guys for a couple years at a time.

Then, just like that, Ashley calls and invites Becky to dinner that night, in a town about 45 minutes from where she lived in Oklahoma at the motel where Ashley and her "roommate" were staying. One side wanted to decline the invitation, the other side, well, it made her pussy not just wet, but it soaked her panties!

Becky would need to leave by 5 p.m and it was 3 p.m. so she removed her clothes and got in the shower, washed her hair, dryed it, took her time putting on make up and doing her hair, her nails and put on her favorite top, and shorts. As hot as it was in Oklahoma, she decided to wear no bra or panties, "strictly for comfort," she smiled to herself.

Becky arrived at the motel restaurant right on time, the time Ashley said she'd meet her. "God, Becky, you look fabulous,gorgeous," Ashley said, hugging her step daughter.

Smiling, Becky replied, "well you look pretty darn good yourself Ashley, I'm glad to see you after all this time," she smiled, returning the hug.

Ashley explained her roommate would be back later that something had "come up" and "she" had to go take care of it. Becky didn't ask for details.

The two caught up on the last few years and Ashley asked, "one morning I woke up and you had your things loaded and left. You never said good bye, I always wondered, why?," she asked.

Ashley and Becky had been in the restaurant a long time, over an hour and laughed, and cried and laughed some more and Becky was caught off guard by the question, but decided to answerer it the best she could.

"Well, one night I came home from college, you were in bed, dad was out of town, and, well, I looked in your room and there you were in bed, with Jeffery. At first I was angry, then turned on, then disgusted, then wet," she explained. "I didn't take it personally, I just left," she said. "I never wanted to tell you or dad I saw it and until now, I was faithful to that committment," she said.

"Oh, I never knew. Jeffery caught me at a moment of weakness, we carried on for a few months then he moved away too, it wasn't until last month I found where he was, I haven't called him," she said. "There was nothing I hated more than that first time I cheated on your father. If I could bring your dad back to life, and had it to do all over again,I would never do that again, with Jeffery or anyone else," she said, very seriously. "But I can't, so every day, I live with that," she added.

Laughing again, I guess Becky saw alot of her in Ashley, she said, "well, it looked to me like Jeffery knew how to use his "tools," she smiled at Ashley.

"God, no one, not even your dad, has a tongue like that," Ashley laughed. "He did things no one before nor since has done," she said.

The two agreed to go upstairs to Ashleys room, it only mad since since Ashley had some gifts for Becky.

In the room Ashley went and changed into a nightie, well, it was a see through something, that Becky really liked, it showed all of Ashley's great features, and tits that were "divine" she thought to herself.

Returning to where Becky was Ashley said "Here is one gift I have had for you for a couple weeks, open it," she said, handing a Becky an envelope.

Opening she found a check for $10 million, 500 thousand dollars from the stock broker that handled her father's stock.

"This is yours, he had it in his will, they just settled this month. Both your brothers got their share, I had to wrestle where you were out of your younger brother," she laughed.

Speechless, she put the check in her purse and Ashley handed her a nightie on a hanger, just like the one she was wearing, except a peach, actually a light peach color. "Try it on Becky, I want to make sure it fits," she smiled.

Not being shy, and once again comfortable with Ashley, she removed her clothes right in front of her step mother and put on the nightie."You look awesome," Ashley smiled. "Good enough to eat," she winked and laughed.

"Well, you don't look too shabby yourself Ashley, I was thinking about the same thing of you," she smiled. "I guess I shouldn't lust after my step mom I guess," she laughed, not quite beleving she said it.

Becky couldn't resist, her wildness the last few months while her husband was away was once again rekindling and she moved closer to her step mom and whispered "thanks," and kissed her softly on the lips.

Ashley returned the kiss, then another and soon they were embraced and Ashley was the agressor, quickly removing the nightie she had just bought her beautiful step daughter.

Just as the two were totally naked and in a deep,passionate kiss, there was a knock on the door. "Don't worry honey, it's Jessica," Ashley whispered, explaining that was her room mate.

She stood, still naked and opened the door for her room mate and introduced Jessica to Becky.

"I guess I shouldn't be suprised. Ashley loves sex, and she loves beautiful women," Jessica laughed. "Got room for one more?," she asked laughing.

"God, yesssssss, yesssss, keep fingering me Ashley," Becky was screaming as her step mother was already fingering her pussy.

Jessica and Ashley devoured Becky's tits and pussy for two hours before even expecting Becky to please them. The three fell asleep until early the next morning and all were totally sexually satisfied as Becky kissed them good bye after her shower and left to go home with her new wealth and her sexual escapade with her step mother and her room mate.

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