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Shopping for Pleasures

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Let me begin by saying I LOVE cock. When I?m so horny I can?t stand it and want to be fucked I could take on a dozen men and outlast them all. That being said in the last few years I?ve found myself wondering about the soft touch of a woman. My boyfriend always teases me about whether I like this woman or that woman and if I would cum to their touch and I always turn red and say ?no? but he knows the real answer. Still I deny it. I am not going to be able to after last Saturday though. Here is my story.........

My boyfriend was working so I had a day to myself. I considered staying home and doing housework but quickly made a decision to head out and do some window shopping. I needed to invest in some new lingerie and was hoping to treat myself to a pair of stilettos ? I?d been wanting a pair for years and thought if I bought a pair it could enhance the night as my boyfriend had a real leg and foot off I went.

I drove around for about an hour trying to find a little place I found on the internet that was much like Victoria?s secret so it had everything I was looking for (and more!). I was excited as I entered as it was a woman?s playground with all the sexy clothes, stockings, thongs, bras, stilettos and thigh high boots! It would have been my boyfriend?s playground as well if he were there to help me choose what to buy.

I was just browsing around looking at all of the merchandise and one of the girls that work in the store came over and asked if I was finding everything alright or if I needed any assistance. I asked if I could try some things on and she said ?sure? and she asked if I had ever been fitted properly for a bra. I told her I hadn?t and she said in order to get the perfect fit I should have a fitting. I agreed to it and she showed me to the back room.

She told me to remove my shirt and bra and she would be right back. I said ?oh ok? and she left me alone to change. I did as requested and felt my face turning red as I tried to cover myself up awaiting her return. I was totally ok with being naked in front of my man but a complete stranger? What was I thinking? She wasn?t gone 2 minutes and the curtain opened up and she asked if she could come in. I said yes and she joined me in the change room. ?I see you?re nervous? she said ?but don?t be ? I do this all the time.? I relaxed a little and she asked me to move my hands so she could do a proper fit. I moved my hands down and my tits were exposed for all to see ? well just her I guess ? but you get the picture. I?m not sure if it was my imagination or if I saw a little bit of a grin come to her face as she took her first look at my breasts. I felt my face turn red again.

?I was right? she said ?you are about the same size as me.? My eyes went right to her chest when she said that and I told myself it was because I wanted to get an idea of what my boyfriend sees when he looks at me but deep down I was wondering if that?s really why I was looking. ?Are you sure?? I asked her and she said ?well not positive but there is a way I can figure it out if you let me?. I said ?ok? and she cupped her breasts with her hands and then she placed her hands on my breasts and said ?see ? same size?. With that she laughed and said ?just playin? with ya ? there?s more to it than that and please don?t tell my boss what I just did?. ?OK? I said ? having no clue if that was how they did this fitting or not. She took some measurements and had me move and bend and turn and before long she had set me up with a very well-fitting and nice looking black lace number that was sure to please my guy. ?You look great!? she said and I thanked her for her time and she said ?Hold on. I know something that would look perfect on you ? wanna try it on?? I said sure and by this point she had me feeling more relaxed about this whole experience. She ran out and came back with a pair of stockings and an impressive looking garter belt that matched the bra she fitted me with. To finish it off she had the sexiest pair of 5? black stilettos I?d ever seen. ?Nice choice? I told her and she said ?I know what you like? and with that she gave me a wink. I said I would love to try everything on and she said ?Can I be the judge of how it looks when you are done?? ?Uh ? sure? I said thinking it was kind of private clothing but then thought that a second opinion couldn?t hurt.

I started changing and felt the change room go slight dark and she came in and said the store was actually closed for the day but she was willing to let me shop until I was satisfied with everything. I thanked her and finished trying on the items she had brought in. ?Come on out when you?re ready? she said through the curtain ?we are the only ones here now?. I finished buckling up what would be my new favourite shoes and meekly opened the curtain to walk out into the open area. No one else was there ? so I walked out and over to the 3 way mirror.

I heard a whistle from behind me and turned to see her standing there looking me up and down. ?Now who wouldn?t wanna do you? she said and I could feel my face flush again. I cleared my throat and asked if she was sure it looked ok and she said absolutely and asked who the lucky man was. I told her I was hoping to turn on my boyfriend that night and she said it wouldn?t be a problem. As I was looking in the mirror I noticed her walking toward me and for the first time I noticed how incredibly hot she looked as well. She was dressed in a really tight, short black dress which was very low cut and her cleavage was hard to miss. She wasn?t wearing stockings but she was wearing a pair of thigh high black stiletto boots so just a hint of thigh was peeking through between the hem of the dress and the top of the boot. I must have been staring because she said ?like what you see?? and I said ?yes I think this outfit is good for me? and she said ?that?s not what I meant and you know it.? I bowed my head and, once again, felt the redness fill my cheeks as I could feel her getting closer to me.

Before I knew it she was right behind me and I she pulled my hair back and whispered in my ear, asking if I liked what I saw in her not the mirror. Her other arm went around my wasted and pulled me back against her and I couldn?t believe how my whole body tingled. ?What are you doing?? I asked, trying to sound angry and firm. ?I think you know? she said as her hands moved up to cup my breasts. I struggled to pull away but she held me firm and she told me to stop fighting it. I said ?no? and she said ?fine you asked for this.? And with that she grabbed my wrists and slapped on a pair of hand cuffs ? oh they were furry and pink but handcuffs nonetheless. I told her to let me go and that she had no right and she said ?you are the one with no rights now. I know what you want and you are going to get it.? I said she didn?t know what she was talking about and she told me to be quiet or she would make me be quiet. I said ?as if? and with that she stuffed my mouth with a pair of panties. I turned to run but tripped on a chair and stumbled. She grabbed me and sat me on the chair and tied my ankles to the chair legs and asked me what I planned to do now.

I had no clue what I was going to do as I was too helpless to do anything. My hands were cuffed, my feet were tied, and my mouth was gagged. She let out a laugh and left the room. I tried to stomp my feet but she had them fastened well to the chair. I sat for what seemed an eternity and then heard a door open behind me. I looked in the mirror and I saw someone else had come into the room. It was another woman, dressed in some kind of tight leather outfit, with crazy high stilettos and she had what appeared to be a whip in her hand that she was tossing around as she walked closer to me. ?I hear you are being a bad, bad girl? she said. I shot her a look and she put her face to mine and said ?do you think you are intimidating me my dear? Well I?m here to tell you the only one in charge here is me.?

She let out a whistle and the other girl came back and the lady in leather told her to get the bag. She ran to a trunk next to the wall, opened it up and pulled out a black bag. The lady in charge, which I now figured to be a Mistress in the BDSM world, opened the bag and pulled out what appeared to be the biggest vibrating dildo I had ever seen. My eyes must have shown my reaction as she asked if I liked it. I shook my head and she said ?give it time ? you will soon?. With that the other girl, whom I figured was her slave girl, took the panties from my mouth and Mistress brought the fake cock to my mouth and rubbed it along my lips. ?I am going to use this to make you cum? and I shook my head. She turned away motioned to her slave who always seemed to know what Mistress wanted, and she came over to me and she started to remove the cuffs. ?Oh thank goodness? I thought ?she is going to let me go? but I was wrong as she constantly had one wrist cuffed to the chair and the sole reason to unlock the cuffs was to remove the bra she had just fitted me with.

?How do you feel now?? Mistress asked. ?Perhaps you will feel better if my slave here were dressed the same as you? and she whipped the slave girl on the ass and she jumped but quickly removed her dress and she stood in front of me with just her thong and thigh high boots. ?Straddle her!? Mistress snapped and she came to me and facing me she sat on my lap. Her breasts were in my face and I was demanded to suck on her nipples. At first I did not do as I was told so her slave grabbed my hair and forced me closer and I thought I had better listen as I didn?t know what would happen if I didn?t. I didn?t want to be whipped too. I took the other girl?s nipple in my mouth and licked and sucked and she started to moan with desire. I couldn?t believe I was turning on another woman, especially when I was in such a helpless state myself. I went from one nipple to the other and all of a sudden I felt the slave?s hands moving to my breasts and she was pinching my nipples as I was using my mouth on hers. ?Much better? Mistress said. ?Good girls.?

It wasn?t long and she was told to get off my lap and untie my ankles from the chair. What was going to happen next I wondered. Once standing I was led to another room but not without one smack on my ass by Mistress? whip. I jumped and let out a squeal which made her laugh and she told me to lay down and be quiet. I laid down on what appeared to be a doctor?s examination table and before I knew it her slave girl had pulled up stirrups and once again tied my legs to them. Then she got some scissors and proceeded to cut off my thong. I started to yell at her so Mistress grabbed the thong that I was just wearing and stuffed it in my mouth. I couldn?t believe what was happening to me. Here I was, laying basically naked, with legs spread and my own panties in my mouth. This was crazy!

Now Mistress was standing beside the table and she started touching my legs, rubbing one hand up and down my thighs and using her other hand to pinch my nipples. I could feel my face go red again as I realized just how vulnerable I was and how they could both see all of me and I had no choice but to let them do as they wished. Mistress told the slave girl to get up on the table and with that she straddled me and I couldn?t help but notice that she had removed her thong now too and her clean shaven pussy was in my face. ?Lick her till she cums!? Mistress told me and I was so nervous as I had never done this before and had no clue what to do. ?Maybe this will help? Mistress said and before I knew it she was licking and sucking my clit and I was amazed that I was enjoying it. It made me want to use my tongue on this stranger that had her pussy in my face. As Mistress was pleasing me I was pleasing her slave, when she licked me I licked her and when she sucked my clit I sucked the clit of her sexy slave. I could hear our moans and excitement grow and before long I squirted all over Mistress and her slave girl started to shake and she came all over my face.

The slave got of me then and I thought maybe they would let me go but I had forgotten about the big dildo that Mistress had earlier and all of a sudden I felt it vibrating on my pussy lips and before long she was fucking me with it. She started slow and then she was thrusting it into me deep and hard and she called her slave over and demanded she suck my clit as I was getting fucked by her big beautiful toy. This feeling was intense ? they were forcing these orgasms on me and I had no control over my body. They knew what to do and how to do it and they kept on making me cum till I thought I had no more left.

It must have been about 15 minutes of them fucking me and sucking my clit and pinching my nipples and finally they stopped. I was so weak by then and they untied my ankles and took off the cuffs and I was hoping they would let me go but Mistress laid down on the table and demanded that we please her so I straddled her and started licking and sucking her clit and with my pussy in her face she once again used her tongue to please me and it wasn?t long until I was squirting all over her and I had her squirting as well. She slapped my ass when I was done and said I had been a good girl. With that I got off of her and ran to get my clothes on and she said ?thanks for cumming ? hope you will cum again soon?.

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