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I started a substitute teaching job on the side at some area high school. I would come home and you would ask me about my day. It was the same story for the first few days. You had gotten bored of hearing it by day 4. The following Monday I had come home with an interesting story to tell you.

Oddly enough my first week there I began to notice around 3rd period the same 2 girls would ask to be excused during class, one would go and the other would ask to go about 6 min after. But today, today felt different! I still allowed each girl to leave, but this time I watched the 2nd girl leave and walk down the hall into the girl’s locker room. 3rd period was a free period so I really didn’t care what they did. When I told you about my day, you brushed it off as nothing.

By midweek I began to get extremely curious about these 2 girls. One girl was about 5’5”, athletic, perky tits, shoulder length blonde hair; she usually wore whatever trendy clothing was out. She hung out with the popular crowd, she was a cheerleader. The other girl though –totally opposite; short spiky natural red hair, the Goth-type, 5’10” (already), itty bitty tittys.

The thing about the red head that got me so curious was that she didn’t play sports and gym class was 7th period… so why would she go to the locker room 3rd period.

That Friday I got up the courage to follow the red head (she always left 2nd). I went to the front door to the locker room, locked… now I am really suspicious. I made the loop all around to the side entrance – unlocked! At first I was afraid to enter. I didn’t want to scare anyone or even myself. I didn’t hear anything, but I still opened the door slowly.

Nothing! I saw and heard nothing! I was like WTF, where did they go? I went to the other end and I hear the showers going. I easily poked my head in just to hear voices (moans), but it’s the words that startled me.

“Oh yeah”, “Do you like that little girl?”, “Yes do it harder!”

I was speechless. Hearing 3 girls not the 2 that I thought were down here.

What to do…? What to do…? Too late, I was spotted! But to my surprise, they were not embarrassed to catch me listening. I asked the 3rd girl her name – she was about 5’3” long curly brown hair, big tits, big nipples! All 3 of them were naked and in front of me. The red head was holding some beads; the blonde was on all 4s, and the brunette standing near me. All I could think to say was “umm should I leave? Or do you need a hand?”

The blonde waved her hand at me to come near her; I stepped to her as I unbuttoned my shirt. The brunette helped slide my shirt off my shoulders and undid my bra. I knelt down and kissed the blonde, her soft lips kissed me back. I laid her down on the tile and got on top of her. We rolled over, the other 2 girls started to take my pants off – I too was naked now.

And that was all it took to get things going!!!

I turned the blonde around (69) – soft shaven pussy, nothing tastes better than virgin pussy. I watched as the other 2 girls were making out on the floor – fingering each other, then licking their fingers. I was jealous – I wanted to taste them too. I spoke too soon – the red head came over and sat on my face – I could lick them both at the same time. While I was licking the red head and fingering the blondes pussy – the red head was fingering the blondes ass – boy did she let out a moan for us.

Meanwhile the brunette went to her bag and pulled out a double dong. As she was watching the 3 of us play – she sat next to us and rubbed her pussy. I stopped licking long enough tell her to fuck me with that thing! The 3 of us continued while she started to play with my pussy while the blonde licked me still.

The dildo was about 18” long, about 5” around. I could tell this wasn’t there first time. The blonde spread my pussy lips as the brunette slipped the big cock inside me – she started to fuck me with it. God I loved every minute of it. Then I felt her slip onto the other side.

Who would have ever thought I would be lying down in the locker room of this school today getting fucked with a double dong, 69ing with a hot little blonde and eating more pink pussy? Another toy was grabbed from the bag. The red head began to slip this studded cock into the ass of the blonde on top of me. She knelt down and helped me lick her pussy – kissing each other, sucking every juice that dripped out.

The brunette pulled the cock out of me and put it in her mouth sucking me off it and then putting the end that was inside her in the mouth of the blonde. The red head then got on all 4s in front of me and I asked if I could lick her ass – she agreed with a smile. The blonde got up and spread her ass nice and open for me spitting on her hole as I dragged my tongue around. The blonde was spanking her ass and it just turned her on even more. The red head spoke up and asked for the double dong – she wanted it in her ass – and she wanted me on the other end.

We both knelt down, and the next thing I felt was the brunette lubing up my ass with a mix of her own juice and spit – she rubbed it around fingering my ass, then it came – she started to put this huge cock in my ass – I was excited and scared, but I wanted it. I wanted that big cock inside me. I wanted to get fucked! The blonde helped put the other end in the red head and she held it as we moved back and forth on the cock. Our asses were bouncing off each other as we fucked this big cock good and hard. The other 2 girls kept licking our asses.

The red head and I went at it like this for a few minutes while we watched the other 2 both put strap-ons on themselves. I was utterly amazed at what happened next. The blonde got under me and the brunette to the red head. Keeping the double dong in our asses – simultaneously the girls underneath us slipped their cocks in our pussies. Nothing wrong with a little double ended, double penetration. I screamed so loud in pleasure that that blonde could not stop kissing me to keep me quiet. I came immediately, but kept going. I wanted to come again and again.

By this time each girl had cum on each other a few times each – our tongues just kept going and im sure you haven’t seen 4 wetter pussies still. The brunette laid down and I got right on top of her cock but faced away from her so she could play with my ass some more. The red head sat on her face and leaded down on me – I felt her begin to kiss my lower back, with each pump on that cock her face was between my legs licking the cock to get my cum off and then she went back to licking my ass. The blonde still wearing her cock got behind her as the brunette ate her pussy and began to fuck it as well.

I could tell the brunette was holding something back but I didn’t know what and I felt I was just about to find out. We traded toys and I began to fuck her as she laid there. The other 2 girls just kept nibbling on our nipples as they played with our breasts. The 2 girls lifted up her legs and spread them nice and wide for me. I put a larger cock on – this one was about 10”x6”. I fucked her pussy deep and hard, only going faster the more she moaned and begged for more. She was rubbing her clit and claimed she was about to cum.

The blonde and the red head knelt down so the brunettes legs were on their backs still spread, I was still in front of her. I pulled the cock out as the blonde put 4 fingers in her pussy and the red head put 2 fingers in her ass. All the brunette could say was don’t stop, don’t stop. She began to cum, but she was not like us – she was a squirter. Me and the other 2 girls got our faces right in front of her pussy as she covered us in cum. Each girl began licking cum off each others faces and even the brunette wanted to taste herself.

The 4th period bell rang and we knew we needed to hurry up and get out of there. I wrote each of the girls a pass back to class, with my phone number on the back of each paper.

I came home to you that night and was trying to figure out how to tell you what had happened that day. I had no clue so I just let it all out. You didn’t believe me – as usual. Until the phone rang and it was one of the girls – you answered and asked who it was – the girl on the other line said – I had your girl for lunch today.

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