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Seduced by my best friend

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I have made-out with my best friend before, or rather she made out with me – right before she moved away (that’s as far as I have gone with another woman so far). My best friend is Angela. She’s a Latin beauty, long dark hair and large breasts. We look good together – me as a blue-eyed blonde, her as a brown-eyed brunette. She likes to refer to herself as “voluptuous”.

Here’s how it happened. We were having margaritas at my place – partying for one last time together, and things sort of got out of control. We were sitting on bar stools at my kitchen counter gulping margaritas and getting plowed. I noticed that she was staring at me, so I said “What?” “Nothing”, she replied, but kept staring. “Well, why are you looking at me that way then?” I asked. She moved closer to me and whispered, “Oh, what the Hell! I’m moving tomorrow.” She then reached over behind my neck and pulled me close to her and planted this long, passionate kiss on my lips. I was startled at first, but because I had had so many drinks – and because it felt so good - I kissed her back. She said, “I love you, Ashley. You are so pretty”. I told her I loved her too – thinking she just meant this as good friends.

She then looked be square in the eye and asked if I liked the kiss. I was embarrassed to say I did, but nodded my head yes. That was all the permission she needed, she pulled me close and started kissing me again. This time I could feel her tongue trying to dart inside my mouth, so I opened it slightly and let her put it in. My head was starting to spin. I couldn’t tell if it was from the liquor or from her kisses, but she was really making-out with me fast and furious – and I was enjoying it! Her hands were also running up and down my body as she kissed me, stroking my bare shoulders and arms, rubbing my hips – and I was starting to get aroused.

I had on my tight black jeans and a pink tube top (bare shoulders). Angela stopped kissing me for a moment, looked at my tube top, smiled, and reached up and yanked it down to my waist – exposing my bare breasts. I tried to pull it back up, but she pinned my hands down in my lap. When I tried to say something, she thrust her tongue back into my mouth, kissing me very forcibly. Her kisses were so warm and wet that I gave in to her, kissing her back just as passionately. We made-out for a good 5 minutes. I could feel the cool room air making my nipples hard.

As we continued to kiss, I thought about telling her to stop – but I was too turned on by the kisses. I never thought kissing another woman could give me such pleasure. Angela relaxed the grip she had on my hands, and raised one of her hands to my breasts and started to gently caress them, running her fingers across my nipples. My head was spinning even more now, but what she was doing to me felt so good! I just couldn’t find it in myself to resist much – after all, she was my best friend!

Soon, I could feel her other hand making its way down from my arm to my waist and starting to fiddle with the button on my jeans. She quickly undid the button and reached for my zipper, but it wouldn’t budge with the way I was sitting on the bar stool, so she pulled me off the stool into her arms and managed to pull the zipper all the way down in one quick movement.. During this whole time, she never once took her tongue out of my mouth or her hand off my bare breast, as she tried to strip more of my clothes away.

She started to pull my jeans down over my hips and I decided I had to make one last effort to resist her advances – or it would be too late. Kissing was one thing, but I wasn’t sure I was ready for where she was going, so I decided to try to get out of her strong embrace. I started twisting and squirming in an effort to free myself, but all this action did was further help her get the tight jeans down. She made one final tug on them and they fell to my knees. She quickly pushed them down to my ankles with her feet, while kissing me more passionately and squeezing my nipples ever so nicely. I obliged her by stepping out of them. She then pulled my tube top over my head and off. I didn’t want to resist anymore, she had conquered me – and I was ready to experience what she had in mind for me. I was being consumed by pleasure from her actions.

There I stood just wearing my red throng underpants and nothing else. My nipples were hard and inviting and Angela could see the look of arousal on my face. She looked at me admiringly and lustfully as she pulled me into her arms again. This time ran her hands down my bare back to my ass and gently grabbed my bare cheeks as we kissed again. She ground her hips into mine as we kissed, pushing my body into hers by pulling me close, squeezing my ass as she did.

Unfortunately, this is as far as we went, because suddenly the doorbell rang and it was her boyfriend there to take her out to dinner (I wasn’t invited). As I scrambled to put my clothes back on, she turned to me and said, “Hold that thought, and I will be back later to take care of you!” However, while I anxiously awaited her return that night – she never did and left the next day for California. I always wondered what might have been and how much fun we could have had – and now I want to try again!

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