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Rave Mania

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I can't believe that I am doing this, I thought as I walked up to the persone that is letting people into the rave.

He took a long look at my C cup breats and my wide hips and motioned for me to enter the rave.

As I stepped in, the smell of humans entered my nose and the sound of techno music exploded in my ears.

I looked around. There was imitation fog coming out of the ground and humans dancing in the dark. There was also a few vampires at the bar. The humans were goth, drug addicts and stoners.

As I made my way to the bar, I saw a couple literally lining cocaine and snorting it up. I scothed at them and continued on my way.

They want to terminate their lives send them to me, I thought to myself.

I got to the bar and one of the vampires took one look at me and told me that they had blood beers that were called bleer at the bar. I thanked her.

"Two bleers for me," I aked the bartender.

I turned around and saw that the vampire chick that I was talking to was dancing with a woman.

I raised a bleer when she was looking and she winked.

I raised the bleer to my lips and tasted it. It was intoxicating. O positive, sweet, not a virgin, and a female.

I sniffed the air and thought to myself, yes she is here. She was in the dance floor. What a coincidence, I thought to myself.

I turned tjo the bartender and asked him about the blood.

He said the donors were from this very rave and that they did not do drugs except for marijuana.

I smiled to myself. I love to smoke a bowl or so every now and then.

"I knew that there was something to the taste," I told him.

I walked out to the dance floor with my bleer and people automatically made a path for me.

I guess they didn't want to be my dinner, ha.

The donor was in the center and was just dancing, oblivious to the fact that a vampire was behind her.

I walked up to her and started to dance behind her. She started to spin in one of her dance moves and she saw me for the first times.

The look in her eyes was priceless. She was stunned and she saw the bottle of bleer in my hand and was looking at me a little more different.

She asked me if that was her blood and I confirmed her thoughts. She walked up to me and whispered in my ear, "That is great. It turns me on to have a vampire drinking my blood."

I looked at her a little more closely and leaned down slightly and whispered back, "I like that thought."

I nibbled her ear a little and she pulled into me and grabbed my ass.

It was then that I realized how much I wanted this to happen. I was soaking wet and my pussy was throbbing.

She started to take off my tank top and I did not even care about the croud, it turned me on even more. I did not have a bra on and did not even care about how many people were seeing my breasts. As long as this woman saw them.

She leaned down and nibbled my nipples. I arched my back into her so that more of my nipple would go into her mouth.

She started running her fingers up my thigh and I moaned. She pulled my fishnets off and I leaned up to her and asked her what her name was.

She blushed and whispered back, "Stella, what is yours?"

I told her that mine was Julie. She grinned and leaned down and rubbed her fingers against my pussy lips as her mouth assaulted my nipples.

I gasped as her fingers plunged into me, into my wet core.

She started to pump her fingers rythemically.

I told her that I needed a little more and then I would come undone.

She kissed her way down my stomach and then started to lick my clit, sending shocks through my body. Then she took it in her mouth and started to suck it, making me wraith under her. She started to nibble it and I came undone, screaming her name as I squirted my juices all over her face.

She looked at me and started to wipe the juices off of her face with her fingers and tasting them.

I looked up and told her that I wanted to return the favor and she said not to worry about biting her. She wanted it.

I pushed her to the ground, softly and took off her shirt revealing DD' s and hard brown nipples. I leaned in an nibbled her earlobe as my hand massaged her beautiful tits.

She was moaning softly and I leaned down, pulling her skirt down as I went down. Kissing my way down, I eventually came to her wet pussy and opened her thighs a little more.

I ran a finger through her pussy lips and eased it into her wet cunt.

She was moaning and saying that she too needed more. I leaned down and nibbled her thighs, then bit where an artery was, tasting her blood. She was so sweet and intoxicating but I willed myself to stop before she started to hurt.

She came as I bit her and her juices were all over my fingers. I put them in my mouth and tasted them. Sweet but not as much as her blood.

I looked at her and thanked her and told her that we should get dressed. She blushed and dressed immediately and she thanked me also. We then went our seperate ways, but I still see her from time to time, getting older. I still go to that rave almost every week and do the same thing to different women.

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