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Rachel and I (A True Story)

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Rachel slipped to her knees and basked in the glory of the bounty that lay out before her. Rachel’s eyes passed from the soft tan skin of Beth’s inner thighs to her magnificent breasts in all there fullness. She moved forward stealthily sliding her nails up Beth’s legs towards her ultimate destination. She licked her lips eager to taste the sweet nectar. Her tongue laid a slippery path across Jen’s flesh as she moved inch by inch, her tongue finally coming in contact with the already engorged clit of her passion. Beth sighed deeply as the mere contact sent waves of fire through her body. Rachel’s tongue, like a spoon in a pot of warm caramel, swirled around Jen’s clit slowly savoring every drop. Her tongue glided, as a dancer on ice, as Beth’s fever grew.

Beth eased back into the bed relishing the wonder of this touch so different than anything she had ever known. The warmth filled her loins. Reaching a hand out, she stroked Rachel’s hair and ever so gently pressed Rachel’s face further into her pussy. She loved the feeling!

Up and down Beth’s walls Rachel’s tongue happily danced. She could feel the heat and moisture increase in connection with the vigor of her loving mouth. Beth’s hand pressed down upon her head and her audible sighs betrayed her growing fever. Rachel increased her strokes and pressed harder into the soft flesh of Jen’s cunt. She forced her tongue deeply inside and licked with the passion of a desperate man in the desert reaching for the last drop of water as it sank into a deep crevice. She wanted nothing more than to listen as her sweet Beth’s screams of climatic pleasure rang out in the room.

Beth felt the pace increase; felt the increase pressure on her labia. She was so close now and she knew it would be like nothing she had ever felt before. She was at once losing contact with her entire body as she was become more aware than she had been in her sexual life. It was as if her flesh was slipping away and she was being reborn into new skin; skin which was alive beyond measure. The orgasm hit her, not as a slow moving shift in the sands, but as the force of a gale hitting an unsuspecting coast. Before she could prepare herself the waves crashed across her body. She was alive and in the depths of a mountain of pleasure. Her eyes rolled back, the skin in her face tightened; her toes curled and from deep inside her came a groan of absolute ecstasy!

Rachel happily continued her assault even as Beth’s quivering thighs pressed in upon her and Jen’s hand pressed her so deeply into her loins it was difficult to breath. She licked and sucked out of the shear joy of having brought this beauty to an earth shattering orgasm. She lapped at Jen’s juices and licked her swollen lips, enjoying the aftershocks. Finally Beth collapsed back into the bed with her eyes closed. To Rachel, looking up, Beth looked like a sleeping angel. Rachel suddenly felt a swelling of pride at having caused such a reaction and aiding anyone into the state of the woman before her.

Beth lay there filled with a taste of satisfaction. With her eyes closed, still feeling the gentle licking of Rachel’s tongue and new sensation began to arise. At first, because it was new to her, she could not place the feeling. Slowly it grew until she recognized that she had a burning, overwhelming, tremendous desire to fuck this woman and fuck her hard. Once she was aware she was struck by an uncontrollable lust that must be sated.

Rachel felt the hand push her head to the side with force. Before she could react Beth was up and on top of her. Never had she known such aggression. Beth pinned her down by her arms and Jen’s mouth forced its way onto hers. The tongue penetrated her lips and hungrily devoured her tongue. Hands raced up and down her body. At once they rubbed insistently on her breast and then they moved roughly down the tops of her thighs. Beth shot between her legs and before she could speak, the hot tongue hit the cold soft clit of her aching silk. First Beth’s tongue assaulted her hole alone, but quickly her hands followed. Fingers shoved their way first into her pussy, but then as quickly and forcefully they rammed into her ass. She was being fucked from both ends as Beth’s whirled around her hot clit. It took no time at all for her cars to become unhinged from the engine. Her orgasm started with the massive force of a train derailing. As she came it was like car after car piling up on the one before. It felt as if there were a hundred different ones slamming together and each crash was an eruption in her veins.

Beth, though she enjoyed Rachel’s orgasm, was not through; not through by a long shot. She sprang from the bed and raced across the room to her bag. She reached in and pulled out the device. It took her a few short second to prepare herself and then in a flash she was on top of Rachel again. She looked deeply into Rachel’s eyes and as she began her assault she watched those eyes grow wider.

She had been completely lost in her own pleasure when Beth sprang from the bed. Now that she was back and looking in her eyes like a crazed wolf. “What was she thinking,” crossed Rachel’s mind. Then she felt it. First it was imperceptible, simply a soft parting of her lips. It really could have been anything. The she felt her vaginal walls forced open and she began to realize what Beth had in mind. By the time she was completely aware, it was too late. Beth had penetrated her deeply with a thick strap on. At first she was shocked, but Beth’s desirous look and passionate kisses relieved her tension and she gave herself to the experience. Beth hips soft met her each time as she rose up and then lowered them forcing the fullness of the cock into her. The sweat connected their breasts and the pacing of the screw picked up velocity.

She had to have her! She wanted to fuck her to a screaming orgasm. She wanted to fuck her hard, so hard she would beg for mercy. When she reached for the strap on she could have switched to the smaller cock, but she wanted Rachel to feel completely full of cock, of her cock. As her passion grew she slammed harder inside her friend. She felt the end of the cock that was in her ramming her own soft pussy and knew hot great it must feel for her Rachel. She raised the tempo another notch and fucked her violently, her stomach slapping against Rachel’s. The kissed hungrily and Beth forced her efforts to go faster, to go harder and to penetrate deeper. It was not long before Rachel came and came loudly!

Rachel knew that the time for soft games had more than ended. She slid her pussy from Jen’s tool and before she allowed her to move she was on her. She stripped the strap on from Jen’s waist and pushed her face first on the bed. Her hands pushed Jen’s cheeks wide apart so she had perfect access. Without hesitation she drove her tongue deeply into Jen’s waiting ass. She followed quickly by shoving two fingers from her right hand into Jen’s snatch and penetrated her deeply. She took a moment to moisten the fingers of her free hand and then she brutally forced them into Jen’s unsuspecting asshole. With all the force at her command, she rammed into Jen’s holes mercilessly. Beth cried out for mercy, but there was none to give. She felt her butt loosen its grip on her digits as Beth gave in to the fury of the assault. Harder and deeper she pounded herself inside Beth completely. Beth cried out loudly!

“Oh my god, I’m cumming! Oh my god!”

Beth felt her whole body penetrated by Rachel’s insertions. She felt her fingers forcing there way into her deepest recesses. Her lips closed in on Rachel’s fingers as she rocketed through one powerful climax after another. The perspiration dripped from her brow. Again she slipped from the bed and as she did she felt Rachel’s fingers slip from with inside her. She found her way in the dark again to her bag. She came back to her holding a long thick double-ended dildo and was delighted to see Rachel’s nervous, but expectant look even in the dim light of the room. “Would Rachel be open to this” she thought to herself. She needn’t think this as, when she approached the bed, Rachel spread her tan firm legs wide open. Rachel’s fingers went to her own clit as she masturbated in anticipation of the next event. Beth positioned herself with her legs overlapping Rachel’s, but she laying on her back in the opposite direction. Sitting up she slipped one thick end of the meat into Rachel’s eager wet pussy; she sighed with delight. Positioning her pussy next to Rachel’s she slid the other end inside herself. She surprised herself at how comfortable she was with Rachel’s body all ready. She slid down the length of the shaft until the outer walls of her snatch, though it was a stretch considering the length of the rod, touched Rachel’s. Rocking gently in the bed she recognized that her movement affected Rachel with the same sexual fire, but with an opposite movement. At first she was hesitant and soft, but quickly she raised the aggression. Her pussy rode the length of the shaft and came slamming at the end into the oncoming train of Rachel’s pussy. They took turns pounding into each other until they found a rhythm where thunderous stroke from one was met by an equal force in the opposite direction by the other. They fucked each other hard and rammed firmly into each others aching purses.

“Take this cock! Take it!” She cried as she shoved her cunt onto the plastic pole.

“Oh yeah, fuck me yeah! Fuck me harder Beth!” Rachel cried.

“Oh Rachel, I love your pussy! I love to fuck you so much! Come for me. Come for me!

Together they pushed each over the edge.

“Oh fuck this feels good!”

“Oh, I’m cumin so hard!”

Both eagerly continued to fuck, quickly rolling over their stomachs on all fours. There butts placed close together, they rapidly reattached the dildo between each other and continued their mutual molestation. One cried out from an orgasm and then moments later the other. Reaching back Beth was able to insert a finger into Rachel’s well lubricated ass as she balanced herself on one hand. As they slammed together the dildo filled both pussies and her fingers sank deeply into Rachel’s now hungry behind.

When they started Rachel was not sure she would be into the anal aspect, but now she could not get enough. Thrilled by Jen’s penetration, she reached back to pull the dildo from her pussy. It was slick in her hand and unwieldy. Holding it as firmly as possible she moved the tip to her waiting ass and slid it inside. She felt her whole asshole swell with the penetration, but it felt so damn good!

“Fuck my ass Beth!” she said passionately to her own surprise.

“Fuck my ass hard!”

Beth reached back and moved her end of the dildo from front to back, so that they were on equal footing. Then she began her fierce attack. With all the force at her disposal she shoved her butt onto Rachel’s with enough force to knock her over. However, Rachel met her with an equal and opposite force. The power of their attack was brutal and each slammed their cock into the other with all of their strength. Balancing herself on one hand, Beth reached back and found Rachel’s swollen pussy and she began to rub it. She felt her fingers sink into the moist flesh and then rise onto the hard button of her clit. Expertly, Rachel reaches back and did the same, joining Beth in fucking her own pussy. Together their fingers slid inside her desperate hole and swirled around each other as they penetrated her fully. Orgasms took them both repeatedly and their brains twirled and spun. Sweat dripped from their naked bodies as they slammed, stroked, fucked and rubbed each other for hours. Finally they collapsed in a heap and drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

When she awoke Beth knew something was amiss. She attempted to rise from the bed and quickly realized she could not. She found that her hands and feet hand been bound to the bed. Opening her eyes she looked up to see Rachel lording over her wearing her strap on.

“You are so beautiful.” Beth said as her eyes passed over Rachel’s caramel skin.

“And you are my bitch.”

Beth was a little shocked to hear these words from Rachel, but at the same time she could feel the moisture between her legs betray any attempt to pretend to be disturbed by them.

”You are going to do whatever I say whenever I tell you. Do you understand?”

Sheepishly Beth said, “Yes.”

“Do you love my pussy?”

Beth quietly answered, “Yes.”

“Will you suck my pussy whenever I tell you too?”


“Do you want to suck it right now?”


“Then beg me.”


“Please what?

“Please let me eat your pussy.”


“Please let me eat your pussy.”

Rachel pulled out a small whip. Beth’s eyes grew wide.

“I don’t think you are hungry enough.” She brought the whip down on Beth’s belly.

Beth felt the sting of the whip and for a split second could not believe Rachel had done so. That gave way to a bubbling cauldron of passion between her legs and she knew that she wanted more.

“Please Rachel; let me lick your pussy.”

Again the whip came down, but harder searing her flesh.

“Please Rachel, let me lick your pussy."

Again the whip. Again the pain. Again the pleasure.

“Rachel, please, please let me eat your pussy, please!” She screamed.

Never in her life had she desired anything more that the taste of Rachel’s silk. Rachel moved onto the bed and pulled the strap on up so her hole was completely revealed. She grabbed Beth by the back of her hair and yanked her head up as she positioned her thighs on each side of Beth’s head.

“Suck it!” she said as she roughly forced Beth’s mouth to her purse.

“Suck my cunt, you bitch!”

Beth hated be called a bitch, but the authority for which Rachel delivered it left her unable to take offense, but only to serve. She sucked Rachel delicious snatch into her mouth and slid her tongue eagerly over her entire mound. She felt the clit grow in her mouth and she worked if for all that she was worth. She passionately worked her master’s privates, desperately wanting to please her.

“Make me cum, make me cum you bitch!” Rachel yelled and she pulled hard on Beth’s hair pressing her to her dripping hole.

“Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” she cried as a hint of her Latin accent slipped from mouth. Beth did not pause in her duties for a second and she brought Rachel to an orgasm three times consecutively.

Finally, Rachel slipped from her face and moved back to her standing position, her body dripping sweat and her thighs aching. Though her body was still rippling with pleasure she fought to regain her dominant position. She looked down upon Beth’s beautiful body and was filled with desire and more. Her gaze stretched from the jet black hair on her head to the shining polish of her toes. Every inch filled her with awe and desire.

“You need something more?” she asked her helpless victim.

“Fuck me!” Beth begged with passion hat surprised Rachel.

“Please fuck me!”

“I will decide when you get fucked. You haven’t shown me you are ready.”

“Oh, please fuck me!” Beth was desperate.

“Show me your want it.”

“How Rachel, how? I will do anything!”

Rachel went to the bed and released one of Beth’s hands.

“Rub your pussy.” Rachel ordered.

She did not need to say it twice. Beth’s eyes never left Rachel’s as her hand went to her soaking snatch. Her fingers slid down the wet crevice between and slid as far as she could reach into her snatch. Her hold body was on fire and with little effort she masturbated herself to orgasm in front of her lover.

Rachel was momentarily stunned at the beauty of what she had just watched, but then she came too.

“I know you love having your ass fucked.”

Beth nodded yes.

“So, I want you to show me how you like it, you nasty little girl.”

Rachel approached the opposite side of the bed and released the other arm. Rachel moved back across the room to where she could have a direct line of sight of Beth. Beth’s hands moved rapidly into position, all the while her eyes never left Rachel’s. Rachel knew she was doing this for her, and there was no secret. Beth slid her fingers back into her silk and spread her lips wide so that her middle finger could flick her hardened clit. Though feeling a bit of embarrassment, she slid her other hand under her and penetrated her ass with two fingers. She lay there on the bed, fucking herself in front and in back for her lover’s pleasure, and she was loving it.

Rachel could not control how hot she found what she was watching. She removed the apparatus and stood naked in front of her masturbating lover. She leaned back against the dresser, spread her legs and lovingly began to stroke her entire body. She started by caressing her tits slowly and lovingly. She slipped one hand from then and worked it down her belly to her steamy silk. Her finger sank between her lips like soft warm butter. As she watched Beth massage herself, she brought herself to warm full body orgasm after full bodied orgasm. She had never felt something so deeply fulfilling in her life.

Soon she untied Beth, and they spent the rest of the night pleasuring each other. Rachel never did fuck her with the strap on that time, but in subsequent meetings they have done that and more. On another vacation, they dueled to see who could make the two girls they had picked up at the tiki bar cum first; they spent an entire day at the ends of dildo, made love on a beach in the moonlight and then in the middle of the day, and had sex in a strip bar, but those are other stories. This night they fulfilled their burning desires and awoke the next morning in each other’s arms, satisfied.

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