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We sat on the couch talking for a little bit when I noticed the soft music playing and the candles lit all around. I wasn?t sure why. Then from the kitchen walks two women with a chilled wine bottle, four glasses, and both wearing the raciest lingerie I had ever laid my eyes on. I thought for sure they were just roommates of Jenny?s because she had mentioned before about having two roommates living with her because it was so much easier to share the expenses, which was something I understood.

I was introduced to the two young ladies whom I guessed were about the same age us. ?Raven this is Skye and Snow. Raven, is a friend of mine from high school in Pennsylvania.? They were both very beautiful ladies. Skye was a slender young woman with bright blue eyes and red hair; she stood about 5? 9? and had what I assumed were DD?s. Snow was slender like Skye, although; she only stood about 5? 6? with blonde hair and blues eyes and what I considered a large C. They were both so beautiful and they just screamed sexy by looking at them. This was not something that I thought of myself.

I heard Snow ask Jenny something but I was not sure exactly what it was. All I heard was Jenny saying, ?Maybe!? We all sat in the living room talking and each a glass or two of wine. When Skye and Snow went upstairs and I just thought that it was getting late and they were tired. Jenny told me to grab my bags and come upstairs. I followed her up and when she opened the bedroom door I am sure my eyes popped out of my head. There was Skye was lighting candles and Snow was putting on soft music. This was my first inclination that the three of them were not just roommates.

Jenny whispered to me, ?Do you mind?? I didn?t although I wasn?t sure what she was asking me at first. Then Jenny says to me, ?Raven come here, sit on the bed.? I had never been with another woman before. I was unsure if I was attracted to one until when I caught myself staring at Skye and Snow downstairs. When I sat down Skye and Snow were dancing slowly together grinding, kissing, and playing with one another. The more I watched them the hotter I swear my body seemed from the inside out. I was actually turned on by them dancing closely like that.

I could feel Jenny on the bed behind me. She told me not to turn around, ?Raven can I take your shirt off? Make you more comfortable.? I allowed her to remove my shirt and free my tits which bounced a little when she lifted my shirt. I kept watching Skye and Snow the longer I watched I could feel tingling between my thighs. They both watched me intently when Jenny took my shirt off. I felt Jenny?s hands behind me on my shoulders and froze unsure what was going to happen next.

?Raven, just close your eyes.? I did as she told me to and tried to clear my mind. I felt a soft, subtle warm kiss on my neck as Jenny massaged my shoulders a little. With my eyes still closed I felt her get up from the bed. Soft lips caressed my neck and worked their way to my earlobe. I felt her suckle and a trail of kisses down and around my neck. Then she kissed me on the lips. Ever so slightly I opened my lips to kiss her in return. Our tongues danced and entwined. I felt someone sit on each side of me on the bed and knew neither one was Jenny since we were still kissing. I felt a hand caress my left tit softly and then another on my right. It felt so good?.MMMM! Slowly they each tweaked my nipples and my pussy was throbbing with moisture.

I felt Jenny slowly nudge me backward telling me to lay down on the bed with my legs over the edge. I opened my eyes to see Skye on my left and Snow on my right. Jenny whispered to me, ?Raven, keep your eyes closed, relax, and enjoy the coming events.? Skye was still tweaking my left nipple making it grow along with the throbbing ache in my now very moist pussy. Snow kneeled by my shoulder kissing me with lips that felt like velvet while playing with her clit. As I lay back I felt Jenny gently easing off my skirt to reveal purple lace thongs. She gently rubbed my throbbing pussy through the lace teasing me before easing them off my hips and down my legs to the floor.

Not sure what to do I reached my left hand between Skye?s thighs to find the wetness of her pussy. She was throbbing from the dancing with Snow and playing with my tit. I tickled her clit with the tip of my left middle finger before thrusting my finger deep inside her. Jenny was on her knees on the floor between my thighs.

Jenny gently nudged my thighs revealing my already soaked pussy. She parted my pussy lips in order to lightly graze my throbbing clit with her tongue. Before this I had never tasted another woman, I will admit that I have pleasured myself. What woman hasn?t? After fucking Skye?s tight pussy with my middle finger I couldn?t help but want a taste of those juices and suckled my finger for the first taste. MMMM?.sweet as honey! Skye looked at me and asked if I had ever done this or ate out a woman. ?No, not before tonight, but I am going to ravage that honey sweet pussy of yours. Please sit on my face.?

Before Skye could sit on my face Jenny stopped all of us so that we could be better positioned. The three of them helped me stand up temporarily while they took the mattresses off both of the king size beds and pushed them side by side on the huge master bedroom floor. I could tell this wasn?t the first time they had done this considering how quickly they were ready for me again. The four of us lay in a near perfect circle. Jenny with her face buried in my pussy. Skye with her knees on either side of my head with her face buried in Snow?s pussy and Snow was lying like me on her back with Jenny straddling her face. The four of us so content that we were all getting licked and both licking another woman at the same time.

Teasing the clit of another getting her to the edge of no return but slowing down before she went over, thrusting two sometimes three fingers deep inside her pulsing hole at the same time. Bringing her back up to the edge again and this time allowing her to fall over. It was pure joy cresting the peak of an orgasmic climax and releasing my juices into the mouth of another woman. Writhing in the pleasure that we all just received we snuggled up together and fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to a silky soft kiss from Skye and Snow?s hand just lying on my thigh. Then the smell of coffee wafted from downstairs and we all put on our robes. There was Jenny at the island counter in the kitchen with a huge breakfast tray. She had made bacon, sausage, toast, and large skillet sized three-cheese omelet. It took a whole plate for just the omelet and the rest was on small saucers on each side. Four forks, napkins, and coffee cups. Skye grabbed the coffee pot, sugar, spoons, and creamer. Snow led me back up to the bedroom onto the two mattresses slid together. Jenny and Skye were right behind us with the food and coffee. The four of us sat there chatting and eating.

I got in the oversized-shower to get ready to get back on the road to continue my travels. I just rinsed the shampoo out of my hair when I opened my eyes and there stood the three of them all wet and ready to start again. This was no ordinary shower it had double shower heads. Snow decided that she was going to have me all to herself. This left Skye do what she wanted to Jenny and make her orgasm like she did to me last night.

Snow just had to kneel down and stroke my clit with her tongue. I heard a buzzing sound and come to realize she had turned on her favorite toy. Instead of thrusting her finger inside my soaked pussy she fucked me with her vibrating cock (dildo). I never experienced any one else playing with me like that except when I pleasured myself. I thought that an orgasm from having my pussy licked was wild. This was a whole different kind of pleasure and it vibrated inside of me. OH MY GOD!!!! I climaxed so hard I thought that I was going to slip and fall in the shower. I felt like my legs would give out from under me.

After we all continued our shower and were all clean it was time for us to get out. The three of them knew that it was time for me to get ready to leave and be on my way. I had to continue my travels. Getting dressed I made sure that I had everything in the few bags that I brought inside with me. I decided to wear my light floral thigh high dress, light pink built-in bra tank, and satin panties.

Jenny, Skye, and Snow helped me out to the car. I was not about to leave without saying goodbye! I gave each of them a gentle kiss on the lips before getting in the car to head out. Jenny said, ?Raven if you ever want to come back this way just call!? This was definitely one adventure that I would not forget.

Back on the road with three hours of driving time ahead of me to get to Newport News, Virginia and nothing but open highway between myself and my next destination. I turned the radio up and began to sing along when a song came on that we all listened to last night. I daydreamed reliving the events of last night and this morning. I couldn?t help touching myself and discovering that I was once again moist.

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