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Darkness has set in while the temperature has held steady through out the day, and deep into the night. Needing to wind down I head to the pool in hope of relaxing my body after a long hard ride racing the asphalt on deaths front door. Reaching for my towel I head down stairs through the dungeon like hallways through the old historic Inn. Every corner I pass brings out another creepy thought of the haunted images that flutter my head with the stories that go with this place. Opening the door to the pool room is a sign of relief Knowing that I am about to embark of a moment of relaxation. Laying my towel on the table and tossing the keys to my door next to it I slip off my shoes and began to walk closer to the pool. No one was around and I was all alone to enjoy this moment. I test the water with my foot. The steam was rolling off of the water as I could tell the pool was much warmer than I would really like. Being alone I walk to the breaker box and turn the lights off leaving only the lights beneath the water to give a glow off of the bottom floor of the pool.

Entering the pool with a sigh of relief, the heat is drawing me deeper into the water. Leaning forward as I approach the deepest end of the pool the water floods up to my neck. Laying back I let the water rush through my hair as I sink further in to the depths to feel the full affect on my body. Using my hands I run them slowly through the water to feel the natural massage only water rushing by could give. Laying back in total weightlessness, I hear a movement. Startled I rise to my feet only to bring my head barely out of the water to see what was happening. The image is hard to make out with the room so dark due to my desire of almost complete darkness. Not sure if I have been seen I drift closer to the sides of the deepest part of the pool in hopes of this stranger may pass me by. Its odd, but it sounds as if someone is crying, I see them setting down on the side of the pool taking off their sandals. Hearing them as they put their feet in the water my breathing is changes as if I?m scared but not sure what to make of the instance that is happening before my eyes. Noticing her hair as it passes the length of her shoulders I see her bow her head. Wandering what to do? I float closer toward her trying not to startle her but to be of some assistance if I may? I start clearing my throat "hemmm". With my hands I clear the water making a soft splashing sound in hopes that she will look up at me and not be startled. I move with in clear sight and her head starts to look up at me. With out words being said the tears talked straight to my heart. Being emotionally stirred I drift within her space not saying a word. Not knowing the words to say I reach my hand out not sure what may be her reaction. Her hand as gentle as it was clinched mine and she slipped into the warm water with me. Her other hand wraps around me grasping my shoulders wanting to find security with in the warmth of my body.

Her white dress is floating as if she is not filling it out she looks into my eyes as I see her soul I pull her face with both hands to my lips to take away her pain. It was soft and sweet just as only I could imagine. Pulling away she lifted her arms towards the ceiling to remove the cloth that covers her naked body, Drenched with water she lets it float away as she finds her way back to the center of my warmth. Back into my embrace she finds my lips again. "Have I ever kissed like this before?" asking myself. This is a new peak I have never reached. I have never felt the softness she brings into my arms. Tilting her head back I follow her neck line south as she is beginning to arch back. I hear her moan as my breathing is changing; I am so overtaken by this goddess of the water. I have never dreamed it could feel this way as I feel her breast as they rise out of the water. Tracing the outline of her nipple my breath has managed to arouse them. I gently take them one by one into my mouth only to be more aroused than I could ever imagine. Feeling her heart as is it is beating out of her chest I want to set her free from her chains of society and allow her the chance to explore the possibilities of this forbidden fruit. Her hands are clenching my arms. She is pulling me closer towards the side of the pool only to entrap her against the walls of this heated but very hot pool of desire. Kissing her breathlessly she wraps her bare legs around my waist squeezing me she moans out loud. "I want you "her soft spoken voice cried out. To the corner of the pool she rises out of the water to just too only set on the sides as the steam rolls off of her body. Her face is flushed and burden with the desire to be satisfied. Nothing covering her but the water that was running off of her from the pool, I began to run my hands up her legs as she gracefully opened them with a groan. I have never done this before but the timing was never more right and the thought of getting caught was not my fear. While standing in the water I rise up enough to trace her navel with my lips and slip between her legs as she arches back and loses her sanity. Never in my life have I ever taken in by a woman with such beauty and perfection. Grasping her legs I pull her soaked body toward my mouth. She was wet and hot to the tongue as I take her clit in my mouth. Spreading her legs wider I mask my lips to her oval lips of pleasure. I am so stirred like never before, I slide my tongue deep inside of her as she lets out a scream, " Yes, YES, OH MY GOD YESSSS" . Begging me not to stop I feel my body grinding the side of the pool. What is happening to me, how this lady of the night is burning a fire deep with in my soul. In that instance she burst into tears as she exploded onto my lips. She was sweeter than any thing I could ever imagine. Grasping the back of my head her hands were soft but firm as she came off of her high and she gently slumped back into the water against my skin. Kissing my lips she grazed our cheeks as she whispered in my ear" I needed to be touched with passion, thank you" Her body began to tremble as she dissipated into the water. Startled by her disappearance I quickly move left to right to find her. No where in sight I make my way to the steps to rise out of the pool. Was she apart of my imagination or did this really take place. Upon exiting the pool I notice the sandals that were left behind. Picking them up I?m reminded of the presence that she had brought over me, was it magical or my mind running away with me. Holding her sandals tight to my chest I kept hearing her soft words in my ear" I needed to be touched with passion". Never ever realizing how more true her statement could be than to night, I to, am a woman that needs to be touched with passion.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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