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Yes, I got good grades all through high school. Great grades. And junior high. And college... so far. But even though I am quite attractive and dress very nicely, I really haven't had a social life.

I shouldn't say "really haven't had", I should say I haven't had a social life at all.

Perhaps I dress too nicely. Few girls in high school dressed like I did, usually in a neat skirt and white blouse; and just about no one at the University does. I have often thought that my "straight" persona and my lack of a social life go hand in hand with taking school seriously. Certainly most of the girls are very blase about their classwork. My roommate sometimes takes schoolwork seriously, but often just forgets about it for a while. I've found it lonely, my best friend is really my Literature professor, Ms. Fancher. She is just about the most intelligent person I know, she is also a very good teacher unlike some of the more intelligent professors, and she's really beautiful. I find myself looking forward to class with her, and I have to admit that it makes my day when she takes the trouble to talk with me.

In fact, I don't converse with many other students--they seem to sense that I am different and avoid me. I really can't say it is a pleasant existence, but it has always seemed to be part of being a good student.

But I know things need not be like that: one of the upper classwomen is an excellent student and I know she takes school seriously, but she dresses like the other girls, has no trouble talking to them or to guys, and has a really cute boyfriend. Her name is Sharon and I often wonder what it would be to be outgoing like her. I've never really met her but I've seen her and sometimes surreptitiously watch her wondering if I can figure out what you have to do to be accepted. Of all the people I've run across, she is the person I'd most like to be like, with the possible exception of Ms. Fancher.

I do get along pretty well with my roommate, Vicki. She isn't a really outgoing person but she gets along and doesn't seem afraid to speak up. She is a bit of a wild dresser and hangs out with a bunch who more-or-less stay away from the "popular" crowd. Some of them have weird haircuts and it wouldn't surprise me if some of them were into drugs or something. If Vicki is, she has certainly given me no indication though people tend to keep things like that from me, as if the first thing I would do is go report them. But Vicki is good to me, and I have to admit she is the best "student" friend I have at school even though she she spends more time out with her gang.

Vicki and I have talked a little bit about my social life and it's been great that I have someone that I can comfortably talk to about it. She's said I should just loosen up and change my image, which is hard for me to deny but it doesn't seem that simple. I'd be embarrassed to make a change that everybody would notice. Vicki says that I'm making too much of it--that even if I changed completely that a lot of people wouldn't worry about it at all and those who noticed would soon have other things to occupy their minds. She said it might be a good idea to actually go to extra lengths to change conspicuously--call attention to my new image. Then I would be getting noticed, but since it was my aim to be noticed it would bother me less. This sounded all right in theory, but I still couldn't see myself putting it practice.

Vicki didn't give up on me though. She invited me to go along with her to a party one Friday evening and said it would be a good way to start establishing a new image. I finally screwed up the courage to accept her invitation. But I did worry about what to wear. Vicki wears some pretty wild clothes sometimes, but often just wears old jeans and a sleeveless top or something. I'd seen her dress for parties and I knew I had nothing that would fit in. Vicki thought about my dilemma and finally said I ought to just wear my regular clothes. I told her I'd surely stand out too much. She said that was OK, the people at the party were really open about whatever people feel like wearing and they were people who like to buck the trends.

She said my outfit would be a sort of reverse defiance. I said people were still likely to just think I was a nerd and she said there were ways we could counter that. I wondered at what she was talking about, but finally I accepted her idea since I really didn't have any other brilliant ideas. So while Vicki dressed in jeans and a tight tube top, I wore my regular knee-length skirt and a white blouse. I told her how incongruous we looked and she said "Yeah, isn't it great?"

Vicki drove us to the party, to a suburban house some distance from the campus, and as we parked (some distance from the house since the party was apparently already well under way) I wondered again whether this was a good idea. After we got out of the car, Vicki said she'd show me how to make sure everyone knew I was changing my image. She took out a short, wide leather strap and showed it to me. I realized it was a dog collar! She suggested I wear it!

I told her there was no way I could wear something that wild, but she insisted it would be great--that I'd instantly establish myself as a partier. She said it would call attention to me, but that lots of other people would be doing equally wild things to call attention to themselves, and everyone would admire my outfit! This was all a little much for me, but finally I gave in and she put it around my neck. It felt funny resting on my shoulder and touching under my chin when I looked down. Then Vicki put some kind of bracelets on my wrist (I didn't get a good look at them) and then she had this chain which she proceeded to attach to the collar!

"Vicki, what *is* this?"

"Don't worry about it. Everyone will *love* the look. You'll establish yourself in no time."

"I don't think I want to do this."

"Oh, don't back out now. Trust me. You know I know my way around.

You know I know more about this than you, don't you?"

"Well, yes, but I don't think I can do it."

"You're already doing it. Trust me, there will be wilder things going on here. You don't have to worry."

Well, I gave in again, and we walked to the house, Vicki holding the end of the chain. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I was nervous as all get out, but I have to admit to a hint of a thrill too. Well, my first fear, that all conversation would stop as everyone stared at me in shock turned out to be unrealized--Vicki was right: we walked in the door and the party didn't skip a beat. Just as Vicki said, people were dressed lots of ways, some of them pretty wild. There was this one girl in cutoffs and a rather skimpy halter top. Another woman had tights on and a top: her shape, the shape of her rear was there for all to see. And there *were* some wild haircuts.

Vicki introduced me to a couple of her friends, and they *did* stare at me during the introductions. One girl said "Wow!" in an involuntary sort of way.

I also noticed a few other people noticing us, some of them stealing a glance, and some of them staring or saying something to their friends.

As soon as I had the chance, I said, "It's too embarrassing to talk to people like this. I'm too nervous."

"Don't worry about it. Actually, the beauty of this is that nervousness heightens the effect. It's just as if you were playing the part to the hilt."

"But I *feel* so embarrassed! People *are* staring." I spoke in a low voice, but I was emphatic."Well, if you do something positive, if you *act the part*, you'll feel more in control and less embarrassed.

You could catch the eye of anyone who is staring! That would put the ball back in their court! You could even wink at them! But then you wouldn't want to let any nerves show. The other approach would be to keep your eyes on the floor and not even look atthem. Then if people noticed your nervousness, it would just go along with the part! And if you stole a few glances while your head was bowed, that would just make it work even better!"

"Gee, I don't know, Vicki..."

"Well, just remember those poses if you start feeling too desperate.

Don't worry, everything is going great!" With that, we moved along.

I still saw people staring and pointing. We went through the living room to the dining room, Vicki introducing me to a few other people.

In the dining room I saw Ms. Fancher! I couldn't believe my eyes.

And she saw me and came over! I tried averting my eyes and avoiding her gaze.

"Vicki! I'm very impressed!"

"Hi Susan. How're you doing?" Vicki called Ms. Fancher *Susan*!

"I hope you're going to have her perform." I didn't know what Ms.

Fancher was talking about. That anticipation in her voice! I stole a glance at her and she was looking right at my eyes with this interested look. I felt shock.

"Oh, we'll see," returned Vicki.

"What was *that* all about?" I asked Vicki when we were out of earshot.

"Oh, don't worry, I gave a non-committal answer. It'll tease her a little. That's what you want to do at these parties."

That is all I got out of Vicki about it at that point. We got beers and drank. I'm not used to beer and really don't like the taste, but I can get it down. I saw Sharon and her boyfriend, Carl. As usual, she fit right in with the rest of the crowd. We each had another beer, talking a bit with each other and Vicki talking with her friends who came by occasionally. Finally Vicki drew me into another room, the family rm I think. It was darker, lit by a few candles and one small lamp. There were people standing all around, and when I got in close enough to see what was going on, I swallowed. In the middle of the room was an open area, in the middle of which were two girls, kneeling, stark naked! Everyone was standing around the edge of the room, watching them. They had blindfolds on, and as Vicki drew me around the edge of the room to where we could see their backs, I realized their hands were handcuffed behind them! They just knelt there! A woman came up with a roll of tape and put a piece over each of the girls' mouths! Then she went and got this little whip!

"Vicki! What is this?" I said in a desperate whisper.

"Watch!" said Vicki, whispering back. The woman swung the whip around and whipped one of the girls on the rear! The girl jerked, but otherwise didn't move, staying right where she was. I couldn't believe this was happening, right there in front of me. Everyone was just watching.


"Don't worry, they *want* it."

The woman whipped the other girl, and then alternated between the girls. Both girls just stayed there and took it. Then someone else was coming out into the middle of the floor. It was Sharon and Carl!

Sharon knelt in the middle of the floor. It seemed like Carl had asked her to. She was dressed, though.

She put her hands behind her and Carl put handcuffs on them! Then he blindfolded her and then put tape over her mouth! Then he borrowed the whip and then he undid her belt and pulled her jeans and panties down to her knees!

I just stood there in shock! I couldn't take my eyes off her! She just continued kneeling! He whipped her five times and then guided her head down so it was on the floor. Everyone applauded! The other woman had gotten some kind of stick--it looked like thin bamboo. She started alternating between the two girls' rears again. They seemed to jerk more, but they still just knelt there.

"Vicki!" It was Ms. Fancher who had come up next to us. "Vicki, can I take her out there?" She was talking about me!

"Oh, wait and see," said Vicki. She had this evil little turn in her voice. Vicki the tease! I noticed that Carl had taken off Sharon's blindfold, tape, and handcuffs, and Sharon was standing up and leaving the center of the room, fully dressed again. The other two girls were still being whipped.

"I *mean* it Vicki, please?" I couldn't believe Ms. Fancher would talk like this. "Vicki, if you let me do it, I'll let you have me upstairs, for... ten minutes."

Vicki was thinking! "Anything I want?"

"Yes!" said Ms. Fancher. Vicki didn't answer--she was thinking.

"*Twenty* minutes! *Please* Vicki!"

"How about it? It's really a kick!" Vicki was whispering to *me*!

"Vicki, what does she want? I can't do that!"

"Come on, this is just what you need for your image!"

"Vicki!" I kept my voice down but I was really amazed at this turn of events.

"*Please*?" Vicki seemed *desperate*! "Come on, this is my big chance. Listen... Later I'll get you in to see... Sharon! How would you like to see Carl fuck Sharon?" I stood there in shock. An image of Sharon came to mind. "She'll be completely nude! He'll fuck her in the ass. OK? Come on, just for a little while? Please?"

I imagined Sharon naked. Vicki went on: "His big cock, right in her pert ass!

You'll love it!"

I couldn't help it. The idea of watching Sharon... getting it. "OK."

It was just a whisper.

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