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Our secret

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I was the new girl at the office. We all travelled sometimes, but typically I would travel with Stacy. We had known each other before I took the job, and we were friendly, I was actually an employee of a competing firm, btu we always got along. I thought Stacy was cool, pretty, blonde, a couple of years older than me. She seemed like fun. When I went to work with her though, things changed. She was abrupt, super serious, and not the fun co-worker I expected. Her nice side would come out every once in a while, but it was pretty rare.

We took a trip to meet with a new account. We'd be there during the entire work week, spending a lot of time together. I have to admit, I thought she was hot and might have a wild side, but after working with her for a while I was beginning to doubt it. She knew that I was the new girl and wanted to impress her, so I always worked really hard around her. After dinner on the second night of our trip, we decided to have a drink at the bar. I was surprised, she never usually drank around me, I think it was her trying to maintain a level of professionalism. She started telling me how she missed her boyfriend and her kids. She looked hot, guys really dig her and I see why. She is a little taller than me, nice body, long legs that look great in jeans, muscular arms from working out, and a pretty face. I said, yes, I miss my boyfriend too but we are stuck here. We had a few more beers and started talking alot. I bought a pack of cigarettes at the machine and we both smoked and drank. She dropped the matches and her full boobs brushed against me as she picked them up. We looked at each other quickly, and then acted like nothing had happened. I am mostly straight, but I love lots of sex and masturbate a lot too. I've had girls in the past but don't really cruise for chicks. We were kind of drunk and decided to turn in. We said goodnight and I fired up my super powered bullet, got comfortable, poured myself a glass of wine from the mini-refridgerator, and settled in for some Me time. I wanted to come really fast the first time so I made sure I had fresh batteries and did my thing. I put some warming gel on my pussy, it tastes like strawberry-- I didnt think anyone would be tasting it that night, but it still feels really good. I held the egg shaped silver super strong vibro to my clit and just came so hard and so fast it was incredible. I sipped my wine and slowed it down. I thought I heard someone walk by, then I realized someone was knocking on my hotel room door. Shit. Hello? I called out. It's me, Stacy, she said. She asked me if she could come in. Hold on, I said. I threw on some sweats and a top and hurried and threw the toy under my pillow. What's up, I guiltily asked? She wanted to borrow a wire or something lame for her computer. Who works after boozing in a bar? She is truly a geek. Unbelievable. Then she looked around and saw my wine. Didn't get enough, she said. Nitecap, said I. I was kind of embarrassed. I felt like an alky. Do you have any more? maybe I should quit work for the night too. We watched tv and drank some wine. I was on the bed without the vibe and she was in a chair, and I went to the restroom. I came out and she was sitting on the bed right by the pillow with the sextoy under it. THis could be bad. I dont know what she is like personally and if she finds it she will not only think I am a drunk but a pervert. Shit. Time to get rid of her. Well, I am really tired. Big day tomorrow. yep, she says, and gets up to leave, straightening the bed for me. It falls out from its hiding place. she just looks at me and I am mortified. You must really miss your boyfriend, she says, trying to be kind. Well I like to unwind at night, I stammer. It's a lot of fun and a really good one, works quick... She turns it on and starts to examine it. It is still covered in my wet cum. SHe says wow this packs a punch, and laughs kind of drunkenly. SHow me how it works, she is acting curious and shy, but still her bossy self. Her bossiness turns me on, plus she is hot, so I comply. I take down my sweats to reveal a shaved, now throbbing pussy. I like to massage my clit, I say, and start to vibrate it. She pushed the vibrator aside and uses her hand, after watching me for a few very long seconds. Her fingers are so warm I can't stand it I want to explode, and do. Wow. My turn, she says. We start to kiss and explore each other's bodies first, it feels so amazing to suck her tongue and touch her tits and firm belly. I feel her pussy with two fingers to make sure she is wet-- she is dripping like a fountain. I just want to bury my face down there but I hold off to wait. I want to lick some cum when I go down on her. So I turn up the vibe to max and start to massage her. In no time she is in heaven. Not finished, I say, and I take control. I lower my head between those wet thighs and lightly lick her pussylips. She shudders and spreads her legs as wide as possible. I start to fuck her slit with my tongue and lick her like crazy, bringing her close. Then I slow down and do a little nibble on her lips. She is moaning and pulling my head into her pussy. She comes again, bucking like a madwoman. I move up to her and we kiss, then grind our pussies into each other, feeling amazing. She really knows how to fuck. I've never gone down on a girl before, she says, but I'd like to try it. Far be it from me to stop you, I say. I just lay back and enjoy. I cum again and again in gushes. No one can eat pussy like another girl. Finally we are really beat and she says she'd better get back to her room and call her boyfriend. See you in the morning, I say. She says, hey, no one will know about this, right? Our secret, I say. I'd like to revisit that secret again another time, with a strap on, I think to myself. Hopefully she won't regret it.

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