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Old Best Friend with new benefits

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Old Best Friend with new benefits (First Time, Bi-Sexual)

Part 1

Running around putting a few last minute things away, I made sure the house was looking nice. Having good friends that come over every now and then is always a treat. It had been way too long since we had all gotten together last, and we were looking forward to the visit.

The doorbell rang, and I called out “They’re here” while I ran to let them in. Grinning as I opened the door, I ushered our friends inside as we already started to laugh and joke. I gave my friend a big hug, as our husbands shook hands. We took the food they had brought to share and after storing it into the kitchen, we all sat down in the living room to catch up, as if her and I hadn’t just spoken 10 times earlier in the week. We are friends that go all the way back to high school. In our 30s, it’s hard to believe we have known each other half of our lives, yet also very easy to believe it with the jokes, the easiness, and the fun. After a little while of idle chit chat, we split up as we always do. Us girls went into the kitchen to get out our decks of cards to start playing our games, and our husbands set up the playstation for whatever game they decided to play first, football, golf or that guitar game.

I always enjoy our time with our friends. We don’t get to see them nearly often enough, due to everyone’s schedules. We talk constantly on the phone, and email a lot, bit it still isn’t the same as our face to face gatherings when we are able to fit them in. They are always full of laughter, fun and just over all a wonderful time. This time was no different than any other, yet for me it was. This time, I hoped for a little more.

I am very bi, and it had been a while since the last time I had been with a woman. My husband and I could best be described, right now, as soft swingers, as we’re not yet ready to take that final step, and we’re content just enjoying my playing with a woman, when we can. I’m lucky to have a man who not only loves that I love women, but overwhelmingly encourages it. There’s little else that turns my man on than to see my face buried into a woman’s pussy. When we are able to play, we’re both horny for weeks, and can’t take our hands off of each other.

I’m bi, my friend knows it, and has expressed a little interest in wondering what it would be like to be with a woman but she has never tried it, and I’ve never approached it with her, until now. For many months I had started to see my friend in a different way. We’re so close, we’re closer than many sisters and at first my thoughts about my friend were unwelcome, and I tried to push them away. Why would I think of her like that? We’re so close like sisters, we’ve known each other forever, wouldn’t my thoughts, if shared, break our bond? But then I’d think, why would they? I mean we are so close so even if she wasn’t interested just trying to find out wouldn’t ruin anything. Haven’t I always said that in a perfect world, I would find a woman who is so similar in interests and lifestyle to me, and I’d love to find someone who we could be regular friends with, do normal every day things but then also enjoy our sexy time, when the mood struck. Who better than my already best friend for all of that?

I was so very nervous, but she couldn’t tell as I hide it pretty well. My husband and I had gone over and over it, how would I start it? How could I let her know I was interested in her in a whole new way. My friend never really dressed sexy, all we are doing is hanging out at my house after all, but sometimes her shirt was cut just so I could see a bit of cleavage, like I could today. I myself wore a shirt that exposed a bit of mine. My nipples would harden just as I would look at her. We played cards across the table from each other, so I didn’t have to steal glances that she wouldn’t catch. We chatted endlessly as we played, as my mind kept wandering. Could I really do this? Would it end up ok? Or would she decide to never speak to me again? A huge part of me didn’t even want to try, I knew it might not be worth the risk. But I had thought of little else for months, and I knew if I didn’t at least broach the subject I would be regretting it for a very long time.

Eventually, I steer the conversation around to sex, as I often do. Neither of us are shy about talking about sex, it’s one of our favorite conversations, so leading into it is no big deal. We often talk to each other about our “Sexcapades” as we’ve jokingly referred to them over the years. Our husbands both have high sex drives, as are ours, most of the time, so we always have stories to share of our latest fun with our men.

I’m so nervous, but I have to move the conversation into the direction I’ve already replayed a dozen times in my head. While I’m nervous about how she will react, I’m also dripping wet thinking about how it will be when I finally get my hands on her. I’ve been waiting for so long, thinking about it so long. But will she need to think about it to? Will she see it as weird at first too, or can I make her see that being together would be natural and easy and oh so much delicious fun. Finally I get up from my chair to refill our drinks, asking her at the same time,

“I haven’t heard you talk about your interest in seeing what it would be like to be with a woman for a while. Are you no longer interested in that?”

She replied, “No, I still am, I think it would be so hot to try, but…. Well you know how it is, you can’t just walk up to someone and say ‘hey, you wanna fuck’.”

“Yeah” I agreed “It isn’t very easy at all. That’s why, unfortunately, I’ve been with so few women. It’s not as easy as it seems to find. You find someone that YOU like, and they aren’t interested in you, or you find someone who seems like a good match just for them to be ‘chatters’ and never take it to the next level. It is so very frustrating, especially when you are really just dying to try, or in my case, really wanting it again. Don’t you have some Bi friends who would be acceptable to playing? I know you mentioned you had quite a few Bi friends before.”

“I do have quite a few Bi friends, but I don’t know. None of them have seemed like they would be interested. Plus, how do you just say to a friend, ‘hey, you wanna fuck?’ it is much harder to imagine doing that than to try saying it to a stranger.”

The glasses clank in my hands I’m so nervous, but there’s no turning back now, she gave me the perfect opening. I just have to take the plunge and hope for the best. I agree,

“Yes, it’s definitely hard to imagine and hard to do. I mean how do you cross that line? Is it worth it? Will they hate you forever if you try? Or do you find a perfect situation in your friend, one that can take your friendship to a whole new level. It’s scary to think about, and even harder to find the nerve to try, but…..“ I lean down towards her as I set her glass down, and I whisper breathlessly in her ear “I’m very willing to try.”

Shocked her eyes fly open wide, and she just looks at me stunned. I very clearly surprised her, she wasn’t expecting this sudden shift in events. Her mouth drops open and she just stares at me. I chuckle and kiss her quickly on the side of her mouth, before I crouch down beside her and put my hand on her thigh. Can she hear my heart pounding? Our sudden heavy breathing is in sync, can I hope that she will accept the craziness I am about to suggest?

“What do you say, my dear friend? I’ve wanted you for some time now and haven’t had the nerve to do anything about it, until now. I’ve crossed the line now so I’ll just come out and say it, lay it all on the line. I DO want to fuck you. I do want to be close to you. I have wanted it for a while now; I can’t stop thinking about how much I want it. I want to taste every part of you, and enjoy you on completely different levels. If this isn’t what you want, I hope that you will forgive me and I’ll never suggest it again. If you are the least bit interested, I hope you’ll put me out of my nervous misery and at least tell me I’m not making a fool of myself.”

She’s so stunned and apparently still lost for words as she first shakes her head, then nods. Nervously, I laugh, “I am a fool? You are mad? That’s not helping me out too much there honey.”

She finally whispers “it’s ok” and I’m very relieved and no longer nervous. This is my area, I’ve had no problem taking the lead before, and I know I will have to take the lead now. I only needed to know she wanted the same thing as I do, it was the hardest thing in the world to do, but now that it was done, the rest could only be fun. I relax tremendously and smile up at her,

“My legs are killing me” is the first thing I say, and startled she starts laughing uncontrollably. Laughing together, very crazily, is something we often do, and I knew making her laugh was a sure way to get rid of some of her nerves. “It’s not funny, they really hurt” I say in between the laughter. I stand and start to jump around, trying to stretch out my aching legs. She’s doubled over in her chair with tears running down her face. The guys are looking over to see what is going on, and my husband gives me a triumphant look. He suddenly decides that he wants a different game and leads her husband into another room and gently tells him that I just came onto his wife. This is still part of everything we planned and he is going to explain how I’ve felt and a summary of what I’ve said, as we had gone over the conversation together since he was helping me figure it all out. He’s going to make sure the husband doesn’t flip out, when we start making out. But what sane husband would?!

Meanwhile, we’re laughing and in tears, all the tension has melted away, but we’re started to quiet down and I can see her looking at me in a whole new way, the way I’ve been looking at her all evening. I can tell her mind is spinning, and I don’t want to give her too much time to think, so I approach her slowly, our card game already forgotten. I reach out my hand to her and with barely a hint of hesitation, she puts her hand in mine. I gently tug her to her feet and look down into her eyes. I pull her close, but not so close that our bodies touch, yet, and say to her,

“Are you ok with this? I want you, but I don’t want to do anything you don’t want me to do. Do you want me to stop?”

Wordlessly she shakes her head no, and my last defense is shattered. I stare into her eyes as I pull her the rest of the way to me and I dip my head to her and slowly trace her lips with my tongue. I’ve wanted this for SO long I’m dripping, but I’m going to force myself to do it right and to take my time. I want her first experience with a woman to be one she will never ever forget. She whimpers, which I take as a good sign, a very good sign, and I go in for more, covering her mouth with mine, gently kissing her, slowly at first but with growing need. She responds right away with breathless kisses of her own, and I part her lips with my tongue, deepening the kiss. Kissing a woman has always been fabulous, kissing your best friend takes it to a whole different level. Our hands are still collapsed tightly together as we explore each other. I run my other hand lightly up and down her arm, as she sets her hand on my hip. I want more, so much more, I’ve got to slow it down or it will be over way too soon. I run my hand over the side of her breast and am rewarded with a shudder before I start to slow down the kiss. I dot her lips with feather light kisses.

Breathless, I pull just ever so slightly away and look into her dazed, but bright eyes. I’ve never seen desire in her eyes before, but it’s there now as she looks amazed down at our still clasped hands. We grin at each other and share a nervous laugh. I tug on her hand and we turn around to see our men staring at us, both looking like they want to eat us up, but they will have to wait, quite a while if I have any say about it. They are seated on the couch, and I lead her over to join them. We sit down in between them, as close as we can be. I grin at her husband and he grins back so I know that he’s ok with the turn of events. I turn to my man and kiss him passionately. I feel how hard he is with need for me, but he knows that he is in for a long wait. Drawing out his desire, always makes it even more wonderful for us, if that is possible.

I turn around to my dear friend who is equally devouring her husband, but I’m not going to let her get too far. I have many more plans for her. I retake the hand that was resting on my thigh, and as she’s kissing her husband I start to trail my other hand up and down her back. Soon I have her attention again as she turns back to me. I want to say something, but there aren’t any words, so I just capture her mouth and once again we are exploring each other with our men enjoying the view. I trail my hands all over her now, but teasingly. I’m going to make her suffer, joyfully, make her so wet with need for my every touch. I touch her breasts, but through her shirt, and not yet her nipples. I trail my hands down to the inside of her thighs and move them again quickly away. Each time I get closer, I’m rewarded with sighs, then whimpers of desire as I pull away. Her hands are doing a little exploring of their own, first my arms, then my sides, getting closer and closer to an intimate touch I crave.

My mouth leaves hers for a moment and I trail kisses across her face, suck on her earlobe and gently nip at her neck. I can feel her heartbeat racing, in tandem with mine, and I make my way to recapture her mouth. As I do, I can’t take the fabric still between us and I break contact to pull her shirt over her head. Her beautiful tits are spilling out of a simple purple bra, and they look so perfect to me. Neither of us are model size, but I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. She looks as me shyly as I slowly work her bra straps down her arms. I continue to look into her eyes as I free her arms, and then pull the front of her bra away. Her wonderful tits spring free, and I look away from her eyes to take them in --- nipples hardened to a tight peak, full and waiting for me. I take them both in my hands, and run my fingers all over the sides of them, careful not to give to much just yet. She strains towards me, need of my touch almost being more than she can bear, but I just grin wickedly at her. She moans and glares at me which I just respond to by laughing. I am controlling her now, and am enjoying ever second of it. I lean her back, just slightly so she is resting on her husband, and I continue exploring, bringing my touches ever so close to her taunt nipples, but then back away again. I can’t help but squirm myself, I’m so wet and horny for her. It’s more than I can take and I lean in to flick her nipple with my tongue. Moaning, she closes her eyes, but then they pop back open as she watches every move I make. I slowly circle her nipple with my tongue, one and then the other, as I cup them in my hands. Back and forth, I slowly tease her with licks one at a time until I suddenly nip one gently with my teeth. She gasps and sits straight up as I giggle and push her back. I reward us both by gently sucking, taking my fill of her. Her hands are clasped in my hair and I continue to tug and suck on her, enjoying every moment. Soon, it’s not enough and I want more. I glance at my husband and smile and he gets up and heads to our bedroom. I slowly slow my attack of her breasts and trail my mouth back up to retake hers. Her desire is so great, she has both of her hands on my face, taking as much as I am giving. She’s straining to get closer to me, and I again slow us both down and stop our frantic kisses. I stand and pull her to me, first looking over her standing there in jeans, a bra around her waist and a flushed face. It’s time to get the rest of her clothes off of her.

I lead her to our room, calling over to her husband “You can come too”. We walk into our room and she looks around in surprise. The bedroom has been transformed for this night. My husband had gone in to finish the last details of everything we had set up. There was plenty of light to see every part of her, but it was soft light from dozens of candles, her favorite fragrance at that. Music is playing softly and the big king bed is looking wonderful with pillows and scattered rose petals. “Oh my” she breathes, as she also takes in the two chairs, one on each side a little back from the foot of the bed, where our men can enjoy the show. I’m glad for her approval, and can see it dawn on her face that this is all for her, for us, for this amazing night.

I lead her to the side of the bed and begin to kiss her again, hands in her hair, pulling her tight to me. Moaning, she strains to get even closer, crushing her breasts to mine. My hands leave her hair, trailing down her body to come to her jeans. I unbutton them and push both jeans and a pair of purple panties away. My mouth leaves hers for a moment to push them down to the floor, then back to recapture it as I unhook her bra and let it drop to the ground. My best friend is naked in front of me, and it’s the hottest experience with a woman I have ever had, and we are just getting started.

She grins at me “You are wearing way too many clothes.”

“Really?” I ask. “What are you going to do about that?”

“Mmmm, guess I will have to think of something.” She replied, grabbing my shirt by the end and dragging it over my head. Her eyes open at my bra, a dark blue one with see thru mesh surrounded with little flowers. My nipples are straining for release and she reaches around to unhook it, leaving me to spring free. I’ve never particularly cared for my breasts, always wished they were bigger, didn’t sag so much. They aren’t as big as hers, but I can see wonder in her eyes as she cups them. I love that mine are the first that she has held, and I moan with pleasure as she takes one into her mouth, covering it with kisses and gentle nips. She doesn’t stay at them long, soon abandoning them to unhook my own jeans and guide them to the floor. She giggles when she realized I’m not wearing any panties. Her hands roam up and down my body, as she stands back up.

It’s my turn again and I push her gently onto the bed and climb on to join her. I head back to her mouth and greedily take her in, my hands now roaming freely, caressing, tugging, and cupping her breasts. Her hands are now exploring as well, running up and down my sides, feeling the weight of my breasts, touching and feeling everything. I turn and lay her on her back and put her hands above her head. It’s her turn to feel everything, I don’t want to be more distracted by her touches. She tried to bring one back down to me, but I push it down harder and shake my head no.

“Just relax, and feel” I say to her. “I’m going to enjoy you, all of you.” I straddle her and she bucks up to reach her pussy closer to mine. “No you don’t” I say as I push her back down. “Not yet”. I attack her mouth and take her sweet tongue, biting gently still holding her hands above her head. I just about have her where I want her, so I let go of her hands with a warning to keep them there, and I trail myself and my mouth down her body. I suck her ears, lick her neck and take her big tits into my mouth. I enjoy one then the other, slowly going back and forth. I could spend all day at her breasts, but my need for more is too great, and I can’t wait any longer, I’ve given us both enough sweet torture. I trail my feather kisses down her belly and run my hands on the inside of her thighs. I part her legs and move to kneel between them. I kneel with my ass high in the air, giving my husband the view he enjoys so much.

I lean in slowly, and gaze at her almost smooth pussy. She has the strip of very trimmed hair in the middle and I find it very sexy on her. I run my fingers over it, but I stay away from her clit, still teasing her all the while. I run my hands over her thighs and legs, closer and closer to touching her, and backing away again. She’s moaning and wiggling so much I can’t help but giggle. I turn her slightly and tap her on the butt and say “Stop that”. She groans and tries to lay still and I just laugh at her. I get closer and closer to her, and pull her lips ever slightly apart, and gently blow on her very wet pussy. She shudders and whimpers, straining not to wiggle around as I blow gently again. I look up at her face, her eyes are closed and her hands are now clenching the pillows above her head. I blow one more time before lightly sticking out my tongue and flicking her swollen clit. She bucks away from the bed, but settles soon, and I flick it again. Without warning, I plunge a finger in her soaking pussy, and she cries out. I grin and slowly begin to fuck her with my finger, as I start to frantically lick her all over. I take her clit into my mouth, gently tugging and sucking as I work my finger in and out of her. Her breathing changes and I know she’s quite close to climax. A part of me wants to make her wait, but I’m so ready to take her over the final sweet edge. I plunge another finger into her pussy, stretching her a bit more, and continue to devour her. I begin to time my thrusts with her quick breathing, faster and faster, a bit harder each time, meeting her thrusts into my hand and mouth. I cup her ass with my other hand, squeezing gently, guiding her closer and closer to the edge. I remove my fingers from inside of her, and she whines for a second, but only until she feels my tongue replace them. I dart it in and out of her, tasting her, enjoying the sweet taste of her. I plunge my fingers back in, faster, harder, sucking more and more taking her higher and higher until she finally screams out as she cums. I continue to slowly plunge my fingers in and out of her, as I lick her all up, slowly bringing her back down. As she starts to calm down I wonder if I can bring her back quickly, so I reach over the side of the bed where we have a few vibrators laying out, and I choose my favorite, the purple Sphinx. It’s thick and has a clit vibrator and anal probe. I push the probe out of the way, and gently work the fat sphinx into her still trembling pussy, then I turn the vibe on almost full blast. I gently work it in and out of her until she takes it easily, then I begin to fuck her with it harder and harder, letting the clit vibe stay on her just long enough to tease, before pulling it away again. Panting she’s riding high again, I angle myself to take her clit into my mouth again and it’s all she needs to send her back over the edge. She cries out again, longer and harder than before, and I continue thrusting, tasting, enjoying all of her. As she starts to come back down I am satisfied that I’ve given her enough, for the moment. I ease the vibrator out of her soaked pussy and kiss and lick her as she settles down. As her body begins to relax, I make my way back up her and take her mouth to mine. She feasted on my lips with the taste of her own cum so fresh on it. Her hands run all over me as she strains to get closer. She looks into my eyes, and they are bright and dazed and all she says is “Wow”. I smile at her and kiss her again. I put my arms around her, so content I could fall asleep. Long forgotten are the men, I was so joyful from having enjoyed her so much, I just wanted to lay there in her arms. But soon she whispers, “It’s your turn now” and lays me on my back. She pushes my hands above my head and continues “don’t even think about moving……”

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