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OOps An All Girls Bikers Bar (Part IV)

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I heard the water being turned off and Mary came to the door with the same towel wrapped around her. Is every thing ok I asked her. yes it is Mary said. I almost slipped in the shower and was calling you to come and help. Stupid me I forgot that the door was locked and that you could not help anyway. Ok. You had me worried Tiffany said. Can't have something happen to my best friend and plus we have those finals tomorrow and that day planned for skipping.

Well you can have the shower now if you would like. I am all finished Mary said. You better hurry the water was starting to get cold and I know that you would not want that now would you. Looking over my shoulder I see Mary's mom shadow in the hallway. Naw I will just wait and take my shower in the morning. That way the water will be all hot once again. Are you sure Mary asked. If Sarah beats you up she will use up all the hot water. That is why I do mines at night so that I can sleep in a little later and not take a cold shower.

Naw that is ok. Do you want to study a little more before we lay down... Naw not really that hot water has really made me tired and I think that if I cram too much I will forget all that I have learned. Ok. That is fine with me. We can review in the morning on our way to school so that it will be nice and fresh. Mary walks in front of me back to her room. I hope that she does not smell the pussy juice that is is the room. Then she will know that I have been doing something for sure. Mary sits down on the bed and pulls her towel off. She sits right in the wet spot that Tiffany had left on her bed. Tiffanys eyes went straight to her nipples. Gawd she thought those nipples that I had had in my hands. Gawd they look so yummy. Her nipples so hard from the cold air.

Tiffany's pussy was starting to drip once again. She had to touch herself again. She had already said that she was not going to take a shower how else could she bring herself to orgasm without Mary knowing. Was she in the bathroom masterbating like I was doing or haad she reall lost her balance? MM Tiffany what happened here. It is really wet here. Mary touching the wet spot and bringing it to her nose for a smell. Thinking fast, Tiffany responds. I was drinking some juice and I dropped the glass on the bed Iam so sorry. I will take it off and wash it for you. It was not the smell of orange juice but the smell left from Tiffany orgasm. Mary knew that smell it was the same smell that sh ehad when she played with her pussy.

Here I would say let me take off all this mess and take it down to the washer and wash them for you. That is what best friends are for. To the thick and thin of things. No you don't need to bother mary stated. Mom has to do washing tomorrow and she can do them when she washed the rest of the clothing. No that is not right Mary I made the mess and I nedd to clean it up. Are you sure about that. The washing machine is down in the basement and it gets cold and dark down there. I remember one time when I went down their a light buld blew out and I could not see a thing. I will be fine. If that happens I can use the flash light. Tiffany picks up the flash light from off the dresser and shows Mary. Now stand up. It will be fast and you will have some nice warm sheet so sleep on. And that will also be one thing less that your mom has to wash. I will be back in a flash you will see.

Pulling the covers and sheets off the bed. Tiffany gathers up every thing including Mary's towel and heads out the bedroom door. Walking down the stairs she goes to the basement. The light switch at the top of the stairs. She flicks the swith on and the basement glows. Looking carefully as she walks down the stairs. Off to teh right under the stairs she see's the washer and the dryer on the other side of the room. There is also a lareg couch and TV. I guess that they use this as a TV room when they have company.

As the wash is going through it's cycle Tiffany cuts on the T.V. the show comes on and it is one of those kiddy cartoons, the Wiggles. Yuck I never did like that show and never will. Tiffany kept on flicking tthough the channels and could not find anything interesting. On top of the TV was a DVD Player. I wonder what they have on. Maybe it is a scary movie. Tiffany hits the play button and right before her eyes the show starts with two women squirting milk on one another. Tiffany sat down on the couch and was engorssed in the picture. The volume was not loud but then who needed voulme Tiffany thought. From the look of things I can figure out what is happening.

Engrossed in the show Tiffany's hands started moving down between her legs. The show was really turning her on. She thought of when she saw Mary's mom shoot titty milk at her. Oh how she would have just loved to have caught a taste on her tongue. The two women were now feeding of one another beast drinking down milk and exchanging it by kissing. Tiffany opened her legs and started rubbing her clit back and forth. The washer was making plenty of noise so she did not have to be as quiet as when she was In Mary's room. Leaning her head back she drifted off and was dreaming of licking and sucking the milk from Mary's mom.

All of a sudeen the power goes off. Pulling her hand from her cunt Tiffany stumbles looking for the flash light that she had with her. She could not make out wher she was. She heard creaking on the stairs. Calling out Mary's name. Is that you Mary? There was no answer. Damit she thought to herself Mary told me that this could happen. Finding the couch, Tiffany layed down. Hopeing that the power would come back on soon or she would have to spend the night in the basement until someone comes looking for her. At least the creeking had stopped. Laying down on the couch Tiffany started drifting back off into her dream state. Of course she was pulling at her nipples as she always did before going to sleep but she had somethign new to add and that was being breast fed. she just could not get out of her head Mary's mother breast of how beautiful they looked and the main thing that they still were able to leak milk after all these years.

Tiffany was rubbing her cunt and pulling at her nipples as she drifted off. There she was on the couch and in come Mary's mom. Rolling her nipples between her fingers and milk running down her belly. She walk over to Tiffany getting on her knees and places a nipple at her lips. Placing her hands under Tiffany's head she says in a soft voice. Suck. You turned me on when you cam through the door with Mary. My nipples started leaking right there and then wanting to feel your mouth on them my child. Pushing my head hard to her nipple. At first nothing comes out and she reaches between my lips and pull on her nipple. I get my first taste of her milk. It is so sweet just like I thought taht it would be. My pussy starts throbbing as I taste more and more of her. She reached down between my legs and moves my hand out of the way. Let me do this for you as you drink my darling. Her fingers find my clit and starts rubbing it back and forth. the harder she rubs the more I suck her tits. I feel her fingers. touching all areas of my cunt. I am buring up from what she is doing to my pussy. I just canno tget enough of her milk I have to have more. I start suscking harder and harder. I feel her pullling one of my legs off the couch and placing my foot on the floor.

Ohhh Gawd she is inserting one finger in my pussy and moving it back and forth..My hips start moving on my own wanting to put more into me. She brings my head tighter to her breast and cuts off my breath. It feels as if I am going to pass out. But the tighter she pulls me against her I suck harder and faster. Reaching for my own nipple with the hand that is free, I start pulling it out, twisting it just as they had did in the movie. I want to shoot milk from my breast at her just as she did to me. Now she has inserted a few more fingers in my pussy...My hips are moving on their own. Please gawd dont let her stop. As quick as her finger had entered my pussy, they were removed. Something else was being placed at my pussy whole. I could not tell. But it was thick and cold. Awww it hurts but is it a good hurt. Pulling at my nipples I can feel the pain shooting down to my clit. I can only hope that she plays with clit as she fucks my cunt. Oh gawd did I just say fuck. am I becoming a slut just like the women in the movie. I can now feel the juices running down my ass and soaking the couch...Oh gawd I am so hot. I need to cum. I want to cum..

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