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OOps An All Girls Bikers Bar (Part III)

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Mary was in the shower. Thinking of what had just happened between her and Tiffany. She finally admiited to herself that she was a lesbian adn enjoyed the feel and pleasures of being with another woman. This is the first time that she had ever done something like that with someone else. And she was her best friend. Sure she had looked at some of the other girls bodies in gym class and would even glance every now and then at one of the girls to see if they had developed as well as she had. All the times that she looked at the other gils had caused her to get wet between her legs. Running off to one of the bathroom stalls she would make herself have and orgasm and licking the juices off her finger. and when she came out the room was empty adn the only person that remained was Tiffany. Tiffany her best friend was always with her joined at the hips. They did every thing together. Many fo their classes they had together. Her she was 19 and a senior and starting to have that feeling for other women. This is why she did not have a boyfriend. They just did not excite her like the body of a woman did. She remembers still sucking on her mothers breast until she was almost five and ready for pre-school. she would think back to those days when her mother told her that she had to stop because she was now older and could not suckle on her breast with her going to school.

This had upset Mary for awhile and she could not sleep at night unless she had her mother's breast milk before going to sleep. And to this day she still has to have her mothers beast milk at times to sleep soundly. Snuggled close to her mom drawing down her milk. She wondered if her sister was still feeding from her moms breast. Her mine goes back to what has happened with Tiffany and herself. As her hand reaches for her breast she slowly starts rolling her large nipples between her finger. She could almost feel that soft touch of Tiffany's fingers tweaking her nipples lightly and pulling them out from their resting place. She could now feel the moisture that was building between her thighs.

She remembers dropping her head and seeing her mother standing at the door looking at her and Tiffany as they played with each other nipples. She knew that this excited her mother seeing her do so. Her mother had peeked in on her many of times as she slept. Whenever she suckled from her mother breast, her mother always rubbed her breast telling her that someday she will provide milk just like she does. Always pulling on your nipples will bring down your milk. If that dont work we can have Tina bring over her new born so that you can practice breast feeding. She knew that tonight she would have to go without. But then again she could always go to her moms room once Tiffany was alseep.

Lifting one of her nipples to her mouth she begans to suckle it just like she does her mother's. Sending waves of pleasure to her clit that she knows is nice and hard. She enjoys the excitement and starts sucking harder, biting the nipple. The more she suckes the better it feels. With her free hand she reaches between her legs and searches for her hard clit. It is an easy task now that it is hard and full of blood..Gawd. Tiffany it felt so good to have you holding my nipples she says under her breath..Mary starts dreaming of the things she wanted to happen with Tiffany. She pictured the both of them attending college together and being room mates. Laying in bed and holding one another close. Being the best of friends and letting no one come inbetween them. To feel her hard nipples in her mouth as they layed in bed and held each other..she wished that Tiffany had long hard nipples like her moms, filled with milk but she had a plan figured out to make that happen.

Mary's fingers started diggng deeper into her pussy mound. she now had three fingers in her and had her legs opened as wide as posible in the tub. she could feel the water dripping down on her fingers as she started to rotate her hips back and forth calling out Tiffany's name. Feel her fingers getting coated with the mucus from her cunt she brings her fingers to her mouth and starts cleaning them like a mother cat cleeaninig her kittens. MMM so good she thinks to herself..Tiffany will love this taste and I know that she has to taste this good also..she shoved her finger deeper down her throat causing herself to gag. She now starts feeling the orgasm starting to build with her bellly. Her hips start moving faster fucking the air...Thinking that Tiffany has her tongue planted on her clit. More and more she pulls on her nipples. Causing the pain to go right to her clit. Tiffany she calls out louder and louder.

Lick me Tiffany faster and faster. I want to come Tiffany. Please make me cum Tiffany. I am all yours do do as you will baby. Dropping one of her breast she finds her clit. Opening her lips wider Marys pulls on her clit and rubs it back and forth with as much strenght that she has. Her knees are starting to get weak. She knows herself about to have her orgasm..So hard.AHHHHHHHHHHH OH Gawd..Mary squits onto her hand and her legs are shaking. Mary leans up against the shower wall.

There is pounding on the door but she does not hear it. She is having one of the hardest orgams that she could have had. I'm cumming Tiffany as her breathing get harder and harder. Gawd Tiffany I am cummming so good just for you baby. Tiffany help me. The door is still being pounded on...Mary are you ok the voice say. Mary. Mary. Open the door. Mary washes her body with her own juices as she starts comming down from her intense orgasm and now hears the pounding on the door. She is leaning against the wall trying to hold herself up on her weaken legs. Mary open the door it is me Tiffany. Pleae Mary open the door. Tiffany looks down the hall and see's Mary's mom standing their with her robe opened and milk leaking from her breast. Just a minute Mary calls out. Mary come on open the door. Mary's mom pulls on her nipple shooting milk at Tiffany and goes back into her room.

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