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OOp An All Girls Bikers Bar

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OOps An All Girls Bikers Bar

This is how the story goes as best as I remembered it...My name is Tiffany...It was my Senior Year in High School and pretty close to graduation..The plan was for us to skip during the only time that it would not really matter to the school..It was sort of a requirement...Called Senior Skip Day.. That's when you are in your senior year that you miss that day..

Mary had been my best friend since I first arrived in the little town of Lawton, Oklahoma...My father was in the military and being that it was a retiree community I felt that I would make friends real fast...The first one that I met after being in town no more then a few weeks was Mary... Mary had a group of girls that she seemed to be the mother hen of... Mary had grown up in Lawton and knew the in's and out's of the small town...So I guess that she took me under her wing also..She showed me the good places and the places that no one would go unless it was as a group.

We had made plans to go to the movies during our skip day, and just pal around with the rest of the group..None of us had a boy friends and those guys that we did like were of course with the cheer leaders...Always look good to have that arm candy on their arms..I guess that we fell into that group that was labled army brats, curtin climbers,misfits...Stay away from them, lepards...I guess that everyone though of us as a group of lesbians...But I never thought of us in that way...I had my cherry taken by by boyfriend while my father was stationed in the Neverlands...They were due to return next year and we had plans of going to the same college together...We spoke every night on the internet...And when I always spoke to Mary she told me that she had boy friends all through junior high and high school but they just had one thing on their mines and that was getting into her panties and making empty promises...So she decided that during her senior year that she would forgo a boyfriend and work on her grades since she was having such a hard time and that she had plans of going to the same college I had planned on attending, I did not find that out until later..

I remember when she told me that she planned on going to the same college as I was going to attend...I was over at her house helping her study for her finals...She had asked if I could spend the night so that I could help her cram for finals...She needed to bring her grades up on this final or she would for sure have to attend summer school...She called her mom to see if I could stay over and help her study...Her mother said that it was fine since her father was in the field and that the company would be nice to have since she had cooked a big meal...When we arrived mary's mother greeted us at the door and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said my house is your house make yourself comfortable....We went upstairs to Mary's room and started studing...Her mom brought us a snack tray...Her mom was cool and she checked in on us quite often to see if we needed anything....

It was getting late and her mom told us that we better get some rest since finals were tomorrow....Yes mam we both said in unison...Well who wants to shower first Mary said as she started stripping out of her clothes...This was the first time that I had ever seen Mary without her clothes on...Sure we had gym together but we both had gym lockers in different areas of the shower room....Tiffany...Hey Tiffany are you alright?..You act like this is the first time that you ever seen apair of tits...Nope it is mmm awww the first time that I have seen some that large...This is the first time that I have seen you without the baggy clothes...Is that why you wear those baggy clothes because of the size of your beast?..Yes and see you are staring at them just like the boys do...I don't see you taking your clothes off yet...You have something under your baby clothes that you don't want me to see...No...It is not a problem for me to show you what I have...Heck we see other girls naked all the time so what would it matter with you seeing mines..It is that your nipples are so large and I have such small ones just like my mothers...Well I tell you what Mary said once you get out of your bra we will compare nipples and see....Come on don't be afraid...I started unsnapping my bra and felt my breast fall free...

Pullinig off my bra I threw it on the bed....Mary picked it up...Wow is it true what its says inside that you are a 44EE...Picking hers up I looked at the lable...You don't have much room to talk Mary yours say 44DD...But I think that yours are the same size as mines and you just have lager nipples then I do...No I don't come mere and we will compare sizes...Now you lift yours up while I lift mines up and we will touch nipples and see...Ok...But this is only to prove to you that you are the same size as I am...

Ok now to make sure that neither one of us cheat...I will hold your nipples and you can hold mines...Ok fair is fair...I had this strange feeling between my legs when she said that..Ok come close...Nipple to nipple now...I closed my eyes and pulled Mary's nipples close to mines...She did the same..It felt as if Mary was slowly rolling my nipples between her fingers..mmmmmmmm a soft moan escapes my lips...My fingers started rolling her slowly.....I could feel my pussy juices dripping into my panties....And it also as if I could smell a different odor...I could hear Mary's breathing getting deeper and deeper...Leaning my head back..Oh gawd it felt good...It felt better then me doing it myself...My boyfriend did not even pay that much attention to my nipples..Maybe it is liek Mary said boys only have one thing in mind...I opened my eyes and looked at Mary...She to had her eyes closed and head was back...She was licking her lips...Breathing hard...Rolling her head from side to side...Oh gawd that made my pussy drip even more...Here I was my first time at a sleep over with my best friend and we are rubbling nipples...I wondered if I could rub my thighs together and make myself have an orgasm without Mary knowing...This could not be tue that I was getting turned on by another female playing with my nippes...The only one that played with them was me at night when I went to bed...It was like a ritual...I would put my hands under my night gown and roll my nipples between my fingers hopeing that I would get them to stick out more and to make them larger and my pussy would get so damn moist and wet that I had to frig myself to and orgasm and when I awaken in the morning my hands would still be holding then tightly....

There was a knock on the door that brought us out of our trance...Girls are you ok in there???It was her mother...All is fine we responded...Just doing some last minute quizzing mom...I am on my way to the shower in a minute Mary said...Wow Tiffany, that felt great...I am so wet...Is this your first time doing this with another girl???Giving my a hug Mary then told me that the reason that she wanted to do so weel during her finals so that she could attend college with me...Then she ran out the room with a towel wrapped around her..

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