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Nightmare vs Fulfillment

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My nightmare was, when it was time for me to buy a new bra. I was 14 before I started to develope. All my girlfriends started way before me. It was enbarassing to be wearing a training bra, when they were so much more developed. One thing I had on them, was my nipples were bigger. When I showered, I would rub my nipples between my thumb & forefinger & pull on them. I'd measure them some times after a shower. At 15, they were a 1/4 of an inch long & so sensitive to touch. When I masturbated myself till I had an orgasm, I had to be careful I didn't play with my nipples to much. Otherwise I'd scream like hell, as the orgasm swept over me. Then my mother would ask me what was the matter & of course I couldn't tell her the truth. LOL Anyways I was now 18. Finished high school. Getting ready to go to college. Needed some new bras. A little bigger then training bras. 32B. Looking in the girls section was not fun. Many looked at me funny, or though I thought. I was positive I saw some snickering. One even asked me if I was looking for a younger sister, while the #%&* was looking right at my boobs. I was so tempted to hit her one, but thought better. That would only bring more attention to me & that was all I needed.

As I was looking at what there was & seeing who was staring at me, an older women whispered to me, she knew of a place I could get some nice ones. I jumped at her offer to take me there. I didn't know her & didn't care. I just wanted to get out of there.

When we were in her car, she told me her name. I told her mine. Not my real one, but one of the ones I used at special times like this. We drove to the uppty, uppty part of the city. She parked outside this fancy lingerie shop. When we entered, I could see I'd never be able to afford anything in this place. Like there was a rack right inside the door with bras & panties on sale, starting at $100 for bra & panty.

She took me to the back of the store, where the rack with my size of bra was. She picked out a bra. Held it up to me. It was very lacy. Then I noticed it had a hole in the centre of each cup, where the nipple would fit through. I was getting turned on by the thought of my nipples not being restricted. Then she picked out a pair of crotchless panties. Of course that didn't add to my excitement. Oh noooooooo. Never. I was wondering what I was going to have to do to earn these. I had looked at other girls from time to time in certain ways, that they may not of appreciated. When I pleasured myself while taking a shower, I had thoughts towards some of my girlfriends. Especially those who's boobs were bigger then mine. What theirs would feel like compared to my own. Would they get turned on as much as I would from me touching them. One of my girlfriends & I made a deal. She could play with my nipples, if I could play with her boobs. We knelt or sat or laid on the bed while we did it. We never kissed or did anything other then touch/play with each other boobs/nipples. I'd get excited & wet as hell. I'd want to do more, but we never talked about that. Damn it.

Cate, I'll call her, grabbed a few other bras & pairs of panties of different colors & designs. Took me by the hand & led me to the dressing rooms. The rooms were bigger then I was use too. They had nice leather seats. Mirrors on all walls. Carpet on the floor. Like real posh. She helped me off with my top & bra. Then on with a frilly, black, non-nipple restraining one. It hooked in the front. Her hands went right to my nipples. I didn't object. She twisted & pulled on them. I looked at her eyes in the mirror & could see hers looking at mine. After a few minutes she took her hands away & asked me if I liked the way I looked. It was impossible for me to say anything without moaning, so I moaned yes, in the sexiest way I could. As she unzipped my jeans, I kicked off my shoes. After helping me out of my jeans & panties, she handed me the matching pair of panties. A crotchless pair. After I slipped them on, I turned to face a mirror. She made sure my now wet & swollen pussy lips were properly positioned.

She ran her fingers over my pussy. Clit. My upper, inner thighs. I played with my nipples. Our eyes were glued on one anothers in the mirror. She kissed, licked & gently sucked on my neck. Whispered in my ear, "that it wouldn't look good me going home with a hicky on my neck, seeing as how I didn't have a boyfriend at the time." I wondered how she knew, but at that point didn't care.

I sat in one of the chairs. Put my legs up over the padded arms. She knelt before me. Ran a finger slowly up & down over my pussy. Teased the hood of my clit. Slipped a finger in. Then two. Took them out. Stuck them in her mouth. Sucked on them. Stuck them back in. Slipped them in & out. Pulled them out. Stuck them up to my mouth. I opened. She stck them in. Whispered for me to lick & suck my juice from them. Did. I had never tasted myself before. But knew I would be doing so from now on. Our eyes never left the others all this time. They left when she lowered her head & placed it between my thighs. I thought I was going to scream the second her tongue touched my clit. I grabbed a pair of the other panties & shoved them in my mouth. I sucked on them, as she suck & licked on my clit & pussy. I had an orgasm in no time. Then another & another.

A knock on the door & a voice asking "if everything was alright," brought me back to reality. Cate answered. "Yes, everything is fine. We will just be a few more minutes."

The smell of my excitement must have spread into some of the other changing rooms. The walls just about went to the ceiling. High enough, so someone couldn't stick their head over the top. But the way things were now adays, who knew if someone wouldn't try too. I took the bra & panties off & got dressed.

As we were leaving the changing room, a woman, I would say was about Cate's age, was entering the room next to ours. A girl about my age was with her. I tried to see what kind of lingerie they had, but couldn't.

Cate paid for everyting. When we got back to her car, she asked me if I wanted to take the things home with me or should she keep them. I told her to keep them, cause surer then hell my mother would ask to see them & once seen, would have a thousand questions.

I was so happy that I had chosen to go to the local college & not one in another city. I became Cate's lover/submissive.

The end. SW

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