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My First Girl-Girl

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By: PinkPocket

We met at a party and were instantly attracted. Cindi is a couple of inches shorter, but we have similar builds. She is blonde whereas I am medium brown. Since my boy friend and I were there to meet another couple, Cindi and I were just aple to chat a few times and, by the end of the evening, exchange phone numbers. I thought about her all evening, however! We had really hit it off; I thought she was the hottest girl in the place.

The next morning, I was on the phone, inviting her over. We chatted about the previous night, about what we liked, and generally got to know each other beyond the instant physical/sexual attraction.

Although both of us work, we really wanted to get together. We worked it out so she would come over right after work on Wednesday. Both of us could arrange a late start on Thursday. For three days, I was a wreck and wet all the time fantasizing about her body and what I wanted to do with her. At night she was the vision for some erotic and mind numbing masturbation.

I rushed home from work early on Wednesday and changed into the same clothes I had worn when we met: I have this short denim skirt that doesn't really cover my mostly shaved pussy if you are sitting, but if you are standing, you can't really see anything. I topped it off with a breast-hugging black satin camisole and black high heels.

I put the lights down very low and supplemented them with candles in the living room and bedroom, soft Latin music on the stereo, and a few light snacks on the coffee table, with a white wine (Cindi's favorite). Just in time to answer the knock on the front door.

I was so nervous! I had played around with girls plenty of times with my boy friend, and had done most of the things that two sexy girls do together at clubs and house parties, but never had been alone with another girl for an evening.

Approaching the door, I could feel myself getting wetter and almost wished I had panties on to absorb some of my juices. When I opened the door, I had to smile: Cindi had also chosen to wear the same clothes as when we first met! She also was wearing a denim skirt (mine was tight across my hips; hers was looser with a slit up both sides), a very tight black vest that really accentuated her 36C's, and clear open-toe high heels. Her makeup, however, was quite changed; she wore just a tiny bit too much. The overall effect was not trampy; enough to be really overtly sexy. And she had a rather large black purse, I thought, for the occasion.

She smiled broadly and said that the same things were obviously going through our minds! We exchanged tight hugs and a long, probing French kiss in the open doorway. I went weak in the knees and thought I felt her doing the same, before we broke that wonderful kiss.

Entering the living room, she dropped her purse by the couch and bounced down onto it herself. As she went down, her skirt flared up for a second and I thought I glimpsed a completely shaved mound. Looking around the room, she made a number of comments about the décor, and finally turned her eyes back to me. They went from my eyes to my breasts (nipples were very hard and sticking out through the satin), and stopping at my hemline.

She smiled even broader, "You are even sexier than I remembered."

I think I must have blushed; certainly I was not expecting this very sexy lady to complement me. It took me a couple of seconds to compose my thoughts and before I could respond, she took in a sharp breath and added, "I can't really tell, but I think your pussy is completely shaved?"

That really broke the tension for me. You see, the reason that I have wanted to play with girls alone -- my entire sexual attraction to other women -- stems from a strong desire to play with pussies. My boy friend thinks this is a bit strange; he thinks most girls are into kissing, petting and snuggling. Perhaps they are. I like all of the sex play, but REALLY want to explore between their legs. When I look at porn, I am transfixed by pussies; I always get off looking at them and fantasizing.

So, rather than continuing to blush, Cindi's remark broke the tension. I walked right up to where she was sitting, hiking my skirt up so that she could plainly see my mound and the landing strip that stops about an inch above my slit. "I like to have just a bit of fur to play with," I boldy said as I playfully ran my fingers through the closely trimmed brown hair.

"Oh! How sexy!" Cindi almost squealed with delight as she reached one hand around my butt to pull me even closer and the other lightly brushing over my landing strip and mound. "How soft! . . . And how very wett" as her fingers continued their exploration, now lightly brushing the top of my slit and then my outer lips.

Electricity was going thru my whole body; my pussy was on fire and getting wetter by the second. I have never ached so much for someone to touch my clit! But Cindi just continued to lightly explore my mound, slit and outer lips.

"Would you like to see me?" she asked without stopping. Would I! But all I could do was nod and weakly get out "Oh, yes."

Taking my hand, she pulled me down onto the couch beside her; then proceeded to pull her skirt up over her hips, exposing everything -- to my great delight.

I tan regularly, naked with my legs spread to get everything tanned. My outer lips are noticeably pink, contrasting with paler pink, almost flesh-colored inner lips. Cindi did not have tan lines either, but her lighter skin transitioned very subtly to a slightly darker flesh-color. Even with her spread legs, I could not see her inner lips. Restraining myself, I nervously reached over and, trying to emulate her moves, lightly ran my fingers over her pussy. It was all I could do to restrain myself from instantly spreading her lips to get to her clit.

Just when I thought I just HAD to go farther, Cindi said, "Would you like to see my toys?"

I was disappointed that she didn't appear to want me to go farther right then, but equally relieved to know what to do next, I said I'd love to.

I expected Cindi to reach into her purse and pull out a couple of toys. Instead, she opened it and turned it upside down, dumping the entire contents on the floor in front of the couch. Except for lipstick and a wallet, that over-sized purse was full of sex toys!

Cindi slid down to the floor. Instead of grabbing randomly for the first toy, she searched thru the pile.

"Do you have this one? She asked holding up a silver bullet with a wired remote control. It had a clear knobby rubber sleeve over it.

"That's one of my favorites," I responded, "but mine doesn't have the knobbies on it."

"Oh, those make it feel soooooo much better when you put it inside and turn it on high. Especially when you contract your kegals." While saying this, she demonstrated with motions above her mound, rather than actually putting it in. I finally got it thru my head that she was carefully orchestrating the progression of the evening, building sexual tension. My new playmate was a tease! I was aching but was beginning to appreciate the anticipation.

"If you like the bullet, you will love this one . . . it is called a Flicker," and held up a bullet with a one-inch rubber string-like appendage coming off the end. She turned it on and that rubber string started flicking around at about a thousand times a second. She placed it against my nipple and . . . OMG was it good. She next placed it just above the top of my slit and . . . double wow! "It REALLY makes me cum on my clit!" I could see why. I HAD to have one of these!

For the next half hour or so, Cindi would find a toy that delighted her, and would demonstrate it over an appropriate body part, occasionally inviting me to fondle or suck on the toy, or she would demonstrate it over my pussy. But never touching more than the outside. As time went on, her damp pussy got noticeably wetter; my already very wet pussy got dripping wet. She would occasionally dab the juices from my outer lips and lick them from her fingers or the toy. I started doing the same, going a bit deeper on both of our pussies, getting in between the inner and outer lips, but avoiding our clits. If Cindi could hold back, so could I.

Finally three toys were left. I had one of the three, so reached for it first. "This Rabbit is another of my favorites," holding what appeared at first glance to be the same toy -- rabbit's ears to stimulate the clit on a vibrating/rotating cock-shaped dildo.

"That's a Man and a Bear," she said, pointing out a bear's snout where rabbit ears should be.

"Oh. I wonder if there is much of a difference! . . . Let me get mine," I said as I jumped up and headed for the bedroom.

Cindi didn't follow, as I had hoped. I used that couple of minutes to gather my thoughts. I needed the time; my juices were quite literally running down my legs, I was so horny. I came up with what I hoped would be a blatantly naughty move, but still in keeping with our sexy build-up. I tossed my skirt on the bed before returning. Our tops were long gone so that we could play with toys (and mouths) on our nipples. I was now naked except for heels.

I stopped short of where Cindi was sitting on the floor with her back against the couch, and put one foot on the coffee table. My pussy was about two feet from her face. She had to see how wet I was.

"The Rabbit's ears nestle on either side of your clit, vibrating it between the ears" I spread my lips and placed the ears as described. " To get the best effect, of course, you need to get it wet first." With that, I put two fingers slowly inside as deeply as I could and ever so slowly pulled them back out. I smeared the juices on the rabbit ears, placed it against my clit and turned it on. Cindi leaned in closer; I almost came just from the tension that had built up over the last hour or more, and the exoticness of the situation. But I was determined that Cindi would cum first this evening.

"Here let me show you," as I dropped down in front of her spread legs. I lubricated the rabbit head well with my mouth, and sucked on the dick for a moment. Sitting cross legged in front of her, so that she could continue to see my spread pussy, I reached over and spread her outer lips. I pressed the dildo part against her hole, without letting any but the very tip penetrate ever so slightly. I then quickly turned the toy over so that only the ears touched her clit and turned it on. Slowly, I worked the ears on either side of her already hard nub, and worked it up and down. After watching for only a couple of seconds, Cindi leaned back, closing her eyes, enjoying it.

I turned it off and pulled it away. "What do you think? Is it any different from your Man & Bear?"

"OMG yes! It IS better! Let me feel it with the dick inside."

"Oh, you will," I laughed with a mischievous grin on my face -- my sexy plan had worked to really get her so horny, " But we have two more toys to look at. I've never experienced either one and am very anxious to."

Cindi got the meaning of my grin, paused while she fingered her clit and hole for a bit, grinning back at me. THIS was it!

I imitated her motions on my own cunt while watching her and answering. "I want you to slide this into my cunt (picking up the double headed dildo). I am so desperate to be fucked. I need you to fuck me with this now and put your pussy on the other end!"

Cindi seductively slid the dildo in and out of her lovely mouth a few times as I lay back against the couch -- I wanted to be able to see as much of this as possible. She lay prone on the floor and licked on my slit for a while -- not that I needed this for lubrication -- it was sooooo much better than any other time that a girl had gone down on me! With her face right in my pussy, she slid the dildo up and down my slit a few times and eased it in. She could have easily slid it all the way up to my cervix, I was that ready. Instead, she worked it in and out in slow short strokes, going just a bit deeper every other stroke or so. I loved to watch her hand, watch the other cock-shaped end sticking out of me, and watch the expressions on her face. But the feelings inside of me were supplanting all of that.

Cindi could see that I was getting close, so she stopped. She quickly got up, pulled my hips farther away from the couch, put our legs in a sissor position, and moved forward. I picked up her end of the dildo, pulling it out of me an inch or so. She slid in close enough, but I guided her end to slide up thru the fold of her slit. My other hand went to my mouth to get two fingers wet so I could stroke her clit as I backed the dildo back into my hole and then move it forward into her wet, wanting cunt.

Again Cindi's hand took over; she began fucking us; moving the three or four inches of exposed dildo between our cunts. I leaned back once again to let it slide in deeper, and in the process slid my butt forward just a bit. Cindi now had very little room to move the dildo. It didn't really matter as both of our hips were moving back and forth, up and down. She released her fingers and thrust her hips forward until our pussies were tight against each other. Our hips were humping with the speed and urgency of a jackhammer. Then I felt Cindi's fingers start to massage throbbing clit.

I came SO hard! I shook all over for what seemed like forever. My nipples were so hard they hurt. Cindi must have cum close to the same time. At least by the time I was aware of my surroundings, she was cumming down also. I was more aware of her pussy against me than the dildo delightfully filling me up.

We talked for awhile without moving: about our fucking. Our language would have made most guys blush, but it was so erotic. The rug under us was soaked! After squirming around and chatting for maybe five or six minutes, Cindi asked if I wanted to experience the final toy, a strap on.

To be quite honest, I really liked what we were doing and didn't want to be fucked with it, so I asked her to put it on me. She was happy to. This one had a vaginal plug for the wearer -- a short, wide plug. It fit more as pressure against my pussy, with some stretching of the entry muscles. It felt good as Cindi carefully put everything in place. The dildo was red with sort of a point. Cindi said that she loved the way it probed her cervix.

She wanted to be fucked missionary with her legs drawn up, and lots of hard thrusting. I moved up to her cunt and drove it in. Cindi groaned loudly with pleasure. I found it to be pretty hard work to do the fucking. Hard work but very enjoyable. Cindi kept giving me very graphic fucking instructions: faster, deeper, higher, lower. I had been fucking her while supporting my upper body above her, so both of us could watch what was happening. After awhile I had to lay down against her. That was wonderful -- our breasts rubbing together and the sensation of her smooth mound against me. This I liked. I finally got the thrusting down to a comfortable rhythm -- still hard work -- but more comfortable. Cindi then wanted to change to doggie.

This was very visual for me; I found the thrusting rhythm to be easier; the pleasure of the vaginal plug much more stimulating. I got lost in the passion of sex. Soon Cindi was arching her back upward in convulsions. It was so erotic to finally watch her cum. I kept fucking her until I felt my own climax. I thrust sharply and collapsed against her back as she continued to have mini-climaxes.

We needed a breather. We pushed the toys to one side and move up onto the couch. For the next hour or so, we talked and sipped on the wine (by now room temperature, but much needed). Cindi didn't leave until sometime after 1:00 AM.

The rug carried the sweet aroma of our sex for days.

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