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My Fantasy Fulfilled

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I thought about what I really wanted. What I craved. What fantasy I wanted to fulfill. I knew I wanted to be with another woman not just the light contact I got from them when swapping but to really be with another woman.

When I met her I knew she would be the one. There was something about her that intrigued me. I loved her look her smile her smell and when I got to kiss her the first time her taste. I was dying to taste the rest of her but not yet not until the time was right. I started to woo her and take her places. We would laugh and talk; get to know each other. We both were dying to have female companionship the camaraderie that is formed between two women is wonderful and something we both had been craving for a very long time.

Shy was shy but that was ok by me. I had visions of a delicate flower when I thought of her. Something to admire, cultivate and worship. That is what I craved what I fantasized about. To have this beauty in my hands and have it blossom under my fingertips made me wet with desire. This was something worth the effort of nurturing though and not plunged into so I proceeded with care and tenderness. The time would be right and when that time came so would she. So we continued on a slow path that would eventually lead us both to the same goal.

I wanted so desperately to have contact that was all out. Just two of us together, the rest of the world would just disappear. I wanted to touch all of her soft parts and be told what felt good and to be the one to make oh so sweet ecstasy sweep over and through her body. I wanted to find out if I had what it took to make another experience the pleasure I myself had felt and to do it over and over and over again.

Dinners and movies and walks through the museum brought us both closer with each step, taste, sip and laugh. Long hours talking in a car parked just outside her house. Me not wanting her to go inside without me, her to tired to see straight but not ready to invite me in, but yet not ready to leave my company. Such sweet ecstasy kissing her goodnight but keeping my hands to myself until I got home and then I would fondle myself until I would release and then drift into a sleep that was filled with the smell and memory of her.

I finally decided that it was time that I had waited long enough for her to get comfortable with me with us. I scheduled a day when we could spend long hours together. This was not going to be a short thing, not what I wanted, not what she deserved. I went to her house where I knew she would be the most comfortable and after she let me in we sat and talked on the couch for a while. I slowly moved close to her and kissed her cheek and dr*ped my arm around her shoulder. She fit nicely inside the curve of my arm and we continued to talk while I stroked her hair and caressed her shoulder. From time to time I would take her chin in my free hand and turn her head to kiss her passionately on the lips. Closed mouth at first then gradually parting her lips with my tongue. No rush very tender.

I moved to face her and look into her eyes. I asked her "Will you allow me to take the lead? Allow me to play with your body to fondle it and caress it? Allow me to worship you and your beauty?" Her only response was a low whispered "Yes."

I slowly removed her blouse to expose her bare shoulders and left her bra in place for now. I kissed her once again then kissed her neck and her shoulders. Moving to the depression at the base of her neck and then to her chest. I took her and gently laid her on her back and started to kiss her again her arms her hands lingering to suck gently on her fingers and to run my tongue between her fingers along her palm and on the tender part of her wrists. I moved back up her arm to her elbow and ran my tongue along the crease of the bend in her arm. Back to her lips to kiss them once again. She looked a bit uncomfortable almost guilty. I stopped and spoke to her in hushed quiet tones. "Relax, enjoy you are giving me great pleasure to be allowed to do this to you."

I gently sat her up and undid the back of her bra exposing the most wonderful pair of breasts I had ever seen. I ran my fingers lightly, but not light enough to tickle coming close but never touching her breasts. I ran them in the crease just under her wonderful mounds and along her ribcage. I bent and kissed her chest just above those glorious mounds. I licked and kissed and moved down between them. I kissed the side of one gently moving my lips slightly parted along the soft curve of her body running my lips up the side to her nipple. I licked and kissed and then licked again. I moved my mouth slowly to the other breast paying homage to her beauty as I went. I kissed and licked and kissed her other nipple enjoying the feel of her under my tongue.

I took her nipple full into my mouth and rolled it with my tongue. I suckled and kissed and flicked and licked until I could hear her getting breathy and a low moan escaped her lips. I did not stop I continued playing alternating between each breast exploring the different shivers that would escape her body under my touch. I experimented with the feel of her in my mouth, the feel of her under my hands, the sensations of pleasure I could sense she was feeling. Her nipples became hard and responsive and I spent more time with them until I felt that they had developed the wonderful string that attached the nipple to the uterus so that she would feel what I was doing to her deep down between her legs and she would start to get wet.

I slowly sat her up again then helped her to her feet. I lead her by the hand to her bedroom where I removed her pants before I laid her back down on the soft covers. She lay there in just panties eyes partially closed and I removed my clothes down to my panties and moved to lie next to her. I started again by kissing her on the mouth moving down her neck to her shoulders, down her chest to her breasts. Kissing and licking along my path.

Again I spent considerable time and attention to her breasts. Flicking and sucking her nipples into hardness and to hear her moans just encouraged me to take my time and do this right. I traced a line straight down from the base of her neck to the top band of her panties. Running my fingertips back and forth along the top edge of her panties; still paying attention to her nipples as I did. I slowly moved my hand to cup that warm now wet mound between her legs. Tracing the outline of her through the fabric with my fingertips. Running my finger tip up the crease to the base of her clit and slowly circling her clit. Feeling her quicken and arch her back in response to my touch.

Nipple never leaving my mouth, never ceasing my attentions. I massaged her between the legs feeling her relax under my touch feeling the moisture build under the fabric. I moved my hand going back to the light tracings with my fingertips running them back up to the top band of the fabric and then back down between her legs. I could smell her now and the aroma was making me wet and I found myself fighting the desire to taste her sweet honey.

I slowly moved into a sitting position and removed her panties. Her clean shaven mound glistened with the moisture that had escaped her lips when I was touching her. The aroma of her again assaulted my senses and new wetness formed between my own legs. I went back once more to kissing her moving my lips now down to her belly along the line where the band of her panties had just been. Running my tongue down the crease of her leg she moved and parted her legs inviting me in and I moved my tongue close but not above the top of her leg. My hair brushed her clit and she shivered again.

I slowly kissed down her legs paying attention to her ankles when I got there. I moved into position by her feet and I massaged them and then her calves. I parted her legs wider and stopped to look at her pussy her eyes where closed but I could sense that she could feel my eyes on her. I started back up her legs kissing and licking a path back up the inside back up to the top. She smelled so good so wonderful I wanted to dive right in but held back. Moving my fingers to the opening of her vagina surprised at the slickness of her juices. Clear and viscous where the strands running down the inside of her legs and I ran my fingers through this knowing the sensations my touch would create. Knowing how wonderful it would feel with the slickness to lubricate them. I parted her lips and explored her again with my eyes and my touch. I placed one finger inside her warmth and bent my head to flick her clit with my tongue. Her juices hit my taste buds and I was instantly overwhelmed with a shiver that coursed through my body slamming hard into my groin forcing a mini explosion to escape me.

I suckled and explored moving into and out of her vagina with my fingers and my tongue. She moaned and I could hear her breathing becoming more rapid but I did not change my tempo or intensity. I slowly manipulated her lips sucking them into my mouth and rolling them under my tongue. I sucked on her clit and then running my fingers along the creases and around her ridges both inside and out. I could feel the intensity build and yet I continued with my explorations slowly deliberately devouring her essence treating her like the gentle flower she is.

I could sense she was up to the point that her body felt like it would spill over but it did not because I would not change tempo would not change anything would just continue slow and smooth and steady. The intensity was building she shivered with a small climax I continued and she shivered again I continued and she shivered again each shiver coming closer to the last. Each shiver seemingly more intense than the last. The peak built with each wave of pleasure until her body could not contain it any longer it spilled over finally in one long intense and powerful orgasm. And yet I continued on the second orgasm came quickly on the heels of the first more intense and more powerful she screamed and arched her back at the height of it and then collapsed back against the soft warmth of the bed. I slowly got up from the bed covered her with a blanket. I tucked it in snugly around her. I dressed then sat there next to her stroking her hair until she drifted off into a very relaxed sleep. I left the room and went down to the kitchen to make her lunch and await her awakening. To be continued...

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