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My Best Friend

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I moved here three years ago and had no friends. Moving has an awesome effect on that.

I went to school, and was awestruck. This small town has a lot of teenagers.

As I walked through the hallway, I caught the stares of most of the kids. They knew that I was new to the area. I heard whispering and knew that it was about me.

I went to the cafeteria and sat down at one of the tables. A red head came up to the table and sat down.

"My name is JJ," she told me.

I told her my name.

We were inseparable through the next three years, walking through the hallways of the school together.

We both dated several guys and JJ and I would talk to each other about them.

When she broke up with a guy, I was the first to know. Same for me.

She was my best friend.

I do not know when, but I started to have feelings for her.

We would spend most of our weekends together. I went to her house most of the time.

She had a gorgeous house with a few horses.

I told her that I wanted to learn how to ride a horse someday.

She was on the equestrian team at school and told me that she would teach me.

I helped her feed the horses one day and she handed me a bridle and a saddle.

I looked at her and she said, "You want to learn, right?"

I told her that I did and she got a beautiful white horse and helped me put the bridle over her mouth and buckled the saddle on, then told me to wait just a second.

In the time that I was waiting, I attached the lead rope to the horse.

JJ appeared with a great chocolate colored horse and led him to a stool. She got on the stool and with a fluid movement she put a leg over the horse and was on top of him, sitting.

"I love riding bareback," she informed me.

Just hearing that made me excited.

She told me to get on my horse.

I knew that I was not as graceful as JJ but somehow I managed to mount the white beauty.

She told me to kick her sides a little and keep my toes pointed upwards and my heels inward.

I did and my horse started to trot, the saddle brushing through my jeans and to my clit.

I dug my heels in and she stopped. I pulled on the lead rope to the right and the horse turned around.

I looked at JJ. She was riding, bouncing up and down to the trot.

We finished riding and put the horses away.

A few months later she called me, asking if I could come over for the weekend. I of course said yes.

The weekend came soon and we hung out around her house.

Then she said that she had to go to the store. I told her that it was okay and I went with her.

I stayed in the car while she went in and when she came out she had a paper bag.

I asked her what she had. Whiskey and soda was her reply.

I smiled to myself. She wanted to get drunk with me.

As soon as we got to her house, music was playing and she got two shot glasses out and filled them.

"Guests first," she told me.

I said okay and grabbed the shot glass, ready to ease my brain from the frustrations of thought.

I took the shot, loving the feel of the bitter liquid as it went down my throat.

I took about nine more shots in the next thirty minutes and got pretty drunk.

I started dancing and was stumbling.

JJ was a far gone as me and we kissed. I pulled back and asked her if it was ok and if she was sure about this.

I knew that she was straight and was sort of put down about it.

She told me to shut up and go to her room. I did as I was told. I sat on her bed waiting for her.

When she did come in, she was wearing a black bra and a black mini skirt.

I smiled and got instantly horny at the sight of JJ like this.

She came up to me and tackled me, forcing me to lay down on the bed.

She then straddled my hips and leaned down and kissed me.

My brain was in overdrive. This was one of my favorite fantasies coming to life.

I pushed her up and removed my top quickly. JJ removed her bra, her small breast were there for me to see. her nipples were hard and I leaned into her and took a nipple into my mouth sucking it as I looked into her eyes.

She moaned and I kissed her stomach and removed her skirt.

She didn't have any panties on, and I saw that she was a natural redhead, her pussy trimmed.

I drooled a little and leaned forward and licked her pussy, tasting her sweetness in her juices.

I sucked her clit and every now and then nibbling on it at the same time massaging her breasts with my hands.

She exploded, screaming my name.

I remember her saying that she was still straight before I blacked out.

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