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Move to A Smaller Town

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Tina kind of liked living in a city smaller than the one from which she and Randy, her husband had just moved,after residing there for a dozen years.

Tina was 39, looked to be 29, and Randy was 41. Both worked out, all be it in the basement at home, and Randy worked six days a week, and Tina took care of there lavish two story house, a mansion compared to what many of her friends lived in.

She had all the windows tinted, she could see out of every window in the house, but nobody could see in. A few years earlier she had gotten in the habit of doing all her housework and daily routines in the nude.

Tina is 5-8, with ample tits, probably 36c. She has her own tanning bed, so she stays tan all year, and is the envy of most of the women who belong to the same clubs.

She seems like an ordinary housewife, well provided for financially by her husband, and the inheritance of her father.

As much as Tina enjoyed going nude, she enjoyed her "private" life, much of which even Randy doesn't know.

In her previous residences, almost weekly, she would seduce at least one, if not more, unsuspecting persons every week, and have some wild, exciting,ravishing, luscious sex in the middle of the day. She loved oral, light bondage, anal, and just a good fuck or a good licking from another female and had even had a couple threesomes and one or two foursomes.

She vowed to herself to straighten up when moving here. Tina has a teaching certificate, but because of her financial situation, has no desire to go back to work on a daily basis, so she gets up at 10 or 11 every morning, does her house work, goes shopping, starts dinner for Randy, and this was begging to become just too "routine."

Her mind went back to that day a couple years ago when all her students were excused for an assembly, a legislator from another country was there to talk to all the middle school and high school students. Another teacher agreed to take all 12 of her students and she stayed in her class room doing paperwork.

She heard some laughter down the hall, and usually, it didn't bother her, but today, she was curious, it was a different kind of laughing, almost as if someone was almost trying intentionally to be quiet because they were doing something very "naughty."

Tina kicked of her shoes, because on the tile floor, she wouldn't be able to sneak down the hallway. She found the noise was coming from two doors down, in a storage room/lounge the teachers used, and could be entered from other hall way and this one. This door usually was locked, but for some reason, today it was partially open.

Gently,in her bare feet, she opened the door. Only a lamp was on dimly, who ever was in there had turned out the lights. She entered and let her eyes adjust, and what she saw nearly made her gasp! She was shocked, yet aroused. Suprised, but no hysterical.

On the couch, actually a sectional was Kim, the 31 year old speech therappist, and the middle school eniglish teacher, Leah, a 30 year old married housewife, who had a lovely smile, not to mention body. Kim was uunbuttoning Leah's shirt, had about three buttons done and had her other hand on Leah's leg, inching up towad her panties.

Tina felt a wetness between her legs. She couldn't just turn and leave, for sure she'd get cauaght, and if she did anything sudden, they would realize she was there, and even if she didn't she likely would be caught.

"Kim, I have wanted you for so long. I even told Bill,(her husband) and he told me to do whatever I had to do to get you," Leah smiled, kissing the 5-4 beauty on the lips.

"I just hope we don't get caught,the assembly will last another 30 minutes. As wet as we are we should cum quickly," she whispered, returning her kiss.

Tina was now breathing rapidly!

The two teachers were now naked, with Kim licking Leah's pussy, "oh my God Kim, that tongue, don't stop," she nearly screamed.

Kim had to put her lips on Leah's to muffle the sound and Tina had raised her skirt to finger herself through her panties.

Never had she seen two ladies having raw sex, nor had she thought about it, but this was a sight to behold!

"Kim, we have company," Leah suddenly whispered in her ears and motioned toward Tina.

Smiling, Kim was in control. "Tina, you enjoying?," Kim asked.

All Tina could do was shake her head, yes.

"You lock that door when you came in,didn't you?," she asked curiously.

"Y-e-s-s-s-," she answered, her voice shaking.

Leah now was munching on Kim's pussy and Kim was in such control she motioned for Tina to come over where they were,where with her free hand, she pulled Tina's panties down and fingered her wet pussy.

Kim shook, as Leah's tongue brought her to climax and Leah began fingering Tina's pussy.

"We have to meet after school, my house," Kim demanded. Be there, 4 sharp!" She intstructed the other two to get dressed and they turned on the light and left to their rooms.Tina was still shocked, and soaking wet between her legs.

The final bell for the day rang and she went to the faculty bathroom and threw away her soaking wet panties.She was still horny thinking about what happened, what she saw!

Kim lived only a block from the school and the three of them were there about 10 minutes early.

"Look,what we did was risky. We don't want to lose our jobs, but dayum, it was fun!," Kim laughed.

"Tina, I had no clue. You been with women before sweety?, Kim asked.

"No, but the show I found myself watching, I guess drew attention to me fingering myself, cause I got caught," she said nervously. Tina was actually almost shaking, very nervous,yet aroused standing there in front of the two women who had fingered her feverishly only a few minutes earlier.

"Don' be nervous Tina, you are a beautiful woman," Lea said, reaching out to take the young teacher's hand. "I am sure you will be great in bed," she added.

"Well, I'm not bi and I'm sorry I walked in on you, it shouldn't have affected me like that," she said, trying to find a way to get out of this conversation.

"It won't happen again," Tina began to explain, but was interrupted.

Kim had stood up and came over to her and raised her skirt, finding Tina had removed her panties.

"You got so wet, you chunked the panties,didn't you?," Kim asked, smiling.

"Well, yessss," is all she could say.

The three women went to the bedroom and had a bi-threesome, or first and she was truly satisfied, and that night fucked Randy like never before. She was acting almost like an animal.

In her flash back to a few years ago, still naked, she ignored the door bell when it rang the first time and it rang again.

She looked out and it was a man, a sales man she assumed, but athletic looking, kind of cute, she thought.

Tina threw on a flimsy, thin, robe and went to the door, the robe barely covered her pussy, which in her thoughts to the past, was just soaking wet!

"Hi, how are you?," Tina asked the man when she opened the door, she even managed a smile.

"I'm Tim, I was wondering if you would be interested in subscribing to the Times," he said, with a bulge growing in his pants, much to the delight of Tina.

"We already take the paper, but thank you," Tina said, shutting the door.

"Wow, I nearly started to seduce him," she thought,"and it would have required very little work," she smiled, and removed her robe to be nude again.

The bell rang again and again Tina looked to see who it was, and standing in her door, was a college girl, obviously wanting to sell something, but she was gorgeous, very gorgeous and Tina once again through on her robe and ansered the door, "Hi how are you?," she asked.

"Fine, I am Becky, I go to the University down the road(about 5 blocks from her house) and one of my assignments is to take a survey, I lack three people, I was wondering if I could ask you several questions, it takes only a few minutes, but if you need to throw on some clothes, I understand and can wait outside if you like," she said, smiling, thinking Tina was very cute.

"Sure, come in, I'll get us something to drink. Dr.Pepper, coffee, tea?," Tina asked, trying not to lead Becky on that she was very horny.

"Dr. is fine," Becky replied,sitting on the long couch Tina pointed her two.

Tina returned and sat in the love seat across from Becky, still in her robe, and asked,"what is this surevy about?," she asked curiously.

"It is for my human science class," Becky explained, "we are to the sexuality chapter and the jerk of a professor, he wants this survey, tomorrow," she explained, kind of nervous, because she could see part of Tina's nice tits and a patch of hair around her pussy, because the robe was too flimsy and too short.

"Sounds good Becky,glad I can help," she replied, let's get started. Around two, I have to start dinner," she said, although it was only around 11 a.m.

She got Tina's first name, her age, sex is female, her height 5-7, her measurements and weight, all of which Tina never lied or exaggerated. Also her marital status, and she asked,"is husband upstairs? I don't want to interrupt if he is," she nearly laughed.

Tina explained he wouldn't be home until tomorrow that she was fine,not to be so nervous, and shifted her legs after realizing Becky was trying not to stare at her body.

First question she asked was if she had ever cheated, to which Tina replied, yes and with whom, she said, both a few males and a few females.

Of course the questions of if the husband knew were there, and Tina answered all honestly.

"You ever flash any one?," Becky asked, curiously, it really was on her list, but she had asked no one else.

Laughing, as Becky was loosening up to her for being so honest, she said,"not until now,"and she stood and removed her robe.

Becky could just stare!

"Becky, you ever had sex with a female?," Tina asked, "cause, I can tell, you are aroused," she added.

"NOOOOOOOO, and I should go, thanks for your time Tina," and Becky stood to leave.

"Becky, stay. Explore this, and if you find you REALLY aren't intersted, you can leave honey," Tina said, holding her hand.

"I,I, I, shouldn't," she tried to say, but had difficulty.

"Tell you what, let's go into bedroom, get you undressed, if then you are still uncomfortable you can get dressed and leave," Tina said, trying to make a deal.

"Well, I don't know," she said.

"Answer me this sweetie, feel down between your legs, reach into those shorts, see if you are wet down there," Tina said, trying to persuade her.

Becky did as she was told, and said, "Oh my God, yes," she replied.

"You a virgin?," Tina asked.

"No, married to wonderful guy, for three months now, I shouldn't be here," she tried to say, mostly trying to convince herself.

"Honey, you need to check this out, if you don't do it now, you will later, and it may not be in as comfortable of settings, now come on, I won't hurt,I promise," Tina pleaded.

"Well, ok, but if it doesn't feel right, I leave, ok?," Becky asked, her sexy little 23 year old eyes nearly in tears, but shaking in arousal.

"Ok,Becky," Tina smiled, kissing the young student on the cheek, "just let me tell you what to do, you do it, and anytime you want to quit, we will," Tina explained.

Becky agreed and the two hugged and kissed, Tina already naked. Becky was becoming more comfortable by the time they got to Tina's bedroom.

"Now honey, take off your clothes,slowly, let me examine you," Tina said, smiling running her tongue across her lips and Becky suprised her by kissing her again, which was just fine.

"Wow, I love those legs,tits and feet," Tina smiled. "Now sweetie, lie on my bed and just trust me," she said,kissing her again on the cheeks.

"OK, I am not scared any more, I am ready for anything," Becky smiled.

Good girl, Tina said, helping to lay on the bed. She opened the drawer next to the bed and pulled out four scarves and tied the young student to her bed.

"How old are you Becky?," Tina asked.

"23, how young is the youngest lady you ever had?," she asked the horny housewife.

"18, it was her birthday, I was her english teacher in another town," she smiled, tying her last arm then kissing her.

"I ended up with her mother too," she laughed, "A whole day of pussy licking," she added.

"Oh my,that feels wonderful,"Becky mumbled, as Tina began sucking on her 34b tits, "oh my God!"

Tina took a smaller of the dildo's in her collection and started teasing the student's pussy until it was so wet it was evident there was enough lubircant for her to be fucked with it.

Becky's body writhed in ecstasy as Tina made her cum multiple times in the hour she had her tied up.

"You ever come like that before honey?," Tina asked her.

"Hell no. You know, I will want more," she laughed.

"Well, as a courtesy, I will finger myself off so you will have time to consider our session today, and if you want to pleasure me you come back sometime during day time hours sweetie," Tina said, kissing Becky passionately on the lips.

"Oh,I'll be back," she promised,feeling of Tina's pussy,catching her off guard and making her flutter with arousal.

Becky dressed and left,Tina showered, went shopping and came back home, fingering herself to orgasm thinking of Becky wondering if she'd come back.

Of course, she was there the next morning, and the two had several "encounters" of the closest kind, her first seduction since moving to a smaller town, with many more to follow, she hopes.

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