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More Control By Maria, I Am Her Slave

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Maria came in and woke me up. I was at her house having been brought from the cabin late that night. I was sore, really sore and she came in and took me to the bath and showered with me, making sure to tenderly carress me all over, massaging my back and legs and kissing me gently. The soreness began to go away but my pussy was still very sore having been used for most of the night. There were love marks on my titties and tummy, Some people get carried away she said and kissed me softly. After she got a nice summer dress from the closent and told me to put it on, no underwear she said. We don't want to hide that lovely body. Now, here are the rules for our relationship, If I tell you to let people use you then you do anything that tey want, don't protest, just do as they desire. I will be near to take care of you if it begins to get out of hand. You are now one of my girls and I will take care of you. The peole you are going to entertain are all very rich and for the most part are looking for something they cannot get in their relationships at home even if they are women. Do you understand? Yes Maria, I do. What about Jack. Jack will have to do what I tell him if he ever wants to make it out of OTS. He has been told about the arrangement and will say nothing. He showed us the tapes he made of you before and so we know that is why you began letting it all go, am I right? Yes, you are. Okay then, here is some money, go out and relax the rest of the day, be back her at 7PM and wear the same dress you have on now, no bra, no panties. Okay Maria, what if I run into something I like? Do as you like but be back by 7. I left in her car, a Mustang that was blue and fully equiped. I drove for a while andenjoyed to day, music on the stero and just letting the wind blow, thinking of what had happened to me. My nipples got hard from the breeze and I was a little wet too. As I drove I felt like my pussy was telling me something, like it was in need again. The cell phone went off and it was Maria. Hey Baby she said, Hello I told her. We have a little problem Hun, I need you to go toe this address..she gave it to me. Go in and say that you are here for the 3PM appointment with Ms. Lacion. They will send you to her office. Am when I get there what then. Oh, she will let you know dear. It is important that she is satisified so do as she says, no questions. Okay Maria. I drove to the building she gave me the address of and pulled to the gate, the guard let me in with a visitors pass and I parked. He watched me as I got out, the sun making me visible thru the thin dress. He smiled and turned back to the gate house. I went in the front and another guard greeted me, Ms. Lacion's office. And YOU are he said, Liz, Maria said I had an appointment with her. He called the person I told him and I was given a visitor's pass to wear. It was then that I saw that I was in a Government building of some kind. I got on the elevator and went to the 10th floor. I got out and found the office and went in. There was a receptionist there and she took my name and asked me to sit and wait a few min. I did. A little while and then a woman came out, tall, and a little masculine, her chest was huge and she was stocky but looked solid. Come in she said, I will be right there. No calls or business for an hour Rose she told the receptionist. Yes Mame. She came in. Hello, so Maria sent you? Yes, she did. You are very nice, what did she tell you? Just to do whatever yu said. And will you do that? Yes, of course, that is why I am here, to do all that you tell me. Stand up she told me and I did. She came around her desk and walked around me. Very nice she said as she touched me softly on the shoulders. I like buxom girls and you are very nice. Take off the dress. I let it fall to the floor. She came to me and carressed my titties, then squeezed them hard, pinching the nipples hard. I winched and moaned. You like that? she said. It feels both good and hurts. Good she said and then she was behind me, carressing my bottom. She stood in front of me, Take off my clothes she told me. I did as she said taking off her business jacket and blouse, her bra freed huge tittis that had nipples that were larger than a dollw coin, then her skirt and her stockings and her panties. She stood naked in front of me, solid but stocky, and she told me come on over to the couch and she sat down and spread her legs, Eat Hunny she told me and I got down and began licking her legs and pussy, slowly making her hotter. She wrapped her legs around my shoulders and pulled me into her pussy, making it hard to breathe but I did not complain. Her pussy spasimed and her juices squirted over my face. Oh that was good she said. Do it again, lick me really good and then I did again. Again she soaked my face. NOw get on my lap she said and I did, she took me and kissed me massaging my titties and pussy, finally my juices exploded and she licked her fingers from my orgasm. She looked at the clock, Damn, an hour gone already. Well, time to get dressed, Tell Maria I was very happy with you and will like to have you again next week maybe. I put on my dress and brushed out my hair. She came over and kissed me and put a bunch of bills in my hand, this is for you dear. You were good. The kiss was deep and I left. The secratary looked at me smiling. I got in the car and left. Now I understood my role with Maria, I was her slave to do amything she said with anyone. I found that I wanted to do more than anyone else had before. The phone went off again, Maria? Yes, I finished, she said she would like to have me again next week. Okay, I will just relax some. It is not 7 yet, I will be there in time. Bye.

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