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Moms seductive friend - revised format

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Mom’s Seductive Friend –Revised format

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am new to all of this, so please bear with me. I am a 23 year old, part-time college student, who also works as a waitress in a local restaurant. I’m tall, slender, and have long blonde hair. Several past boyfriends have told me that I have a very nice figure. I have blue eyes, a dark tan (just returned from Cancun), and an olive complexion. . My breasts are medium-sized – not too large not too small - with small, “pointy” nipples. My legs are long and shapely. My hips are smooth and well-rounded. I have also been told that I have a “cute ass”. I’m a little on the shy side – but I warm up once I get to know someone. I only recently became interested in girls because of what a friend of my mom's did to me. Let me tell you what happened

I was staying at my mom's house before starting the fall semester and sharing a bedroom with her good friend, Sharon (age 45) who was visiting for the weekend from Denver. Sharon had often been in our home when I was younger – and even “babysat” me on several occasions while Mom and Dad went out. She likes to embarrass me by telling stories of changing my diapers and powdering my bare behind. After Dad died and Sharon had moved away, I didn't see her as often, but she was always my favorite "Auntie" as I called her, even though she wasn’t really related to me. I always thought she was very pretty and we had a lot of fun together.

Anyway, one evening, Mom, Sharon, and I went out partying together to several clubs – mostly where people their age hung out. I wore tight jeans that hung low on my hips nicely exposing my navel, with a thin, white, low-cut lacy blouse that helped draw attention to my attractive cleavage. I guess I was trying to show them how I was all grown up now and could party with the best of them. All I accomplished was to have several “old geezers” hit on me. Mom said it was “all my fault” because of the sexy way I was dressed. My Auntie Sharon just laughed and said I was very sweet and gorgeous – I like my Aunt Sharon! She also said, “It’s obvious that you are all grown up now! And you’re quite the sexy woman!” I appreciated Aunt Sharon’s compliments and her recognizing that I was an adult now, but blushed a little when she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. However, in my attempts to show how “adult” I was, I had drank way too much – including “shooters’ toward the end of the evening.. I barely remember mom driving us home around mid-night.

When we got back home, Aunt Sharon had to help me down to our basement bedroom, because I was a little tipsy and had problems walking. We said our “good-nights” to mom and headed down the two flights of basement stairs. Sharon wrapped her arm around my waist to help steady me, while pointing me in the right direction. I stumbled once on the stairs, and Aunt Sharon’s hand slipped up from my waist and grasped my left breast in an attempt to keep me from falling. I did note that Sharon continued to grasp my breast as we made our way down the stairs – but I dismissed this as an innocent gesture on her part to keep me from falling. It did feel very comforting to be in Auntie Sharon’s arms and that I felt very secure with her. She reassured me, “Don’t worry, Ashley, I won’t let you fall.”

However, as we continued down the second flight of stairs, I was a little embarrassed to look down and see that my left nipple was getting hard from Auntie Sharon’s grasp, and that my thin blouse made it obvious. “Damn, those hard, pointy nipples of mine!” I exclaimed to myself. They have embarrassed me before. Once, when I was in high school and making out in the hallway with my boyfriend, I went in to my history class and both nipples stood out prominently through my tight sweater. That lecherous old Mr. Harris made a comment, “Ashley, so nice to see you again. You’re looking mighty fine!” I had to hold a notebook in front of me to keep everyone from seeing.

As we approached the last few steps, I remember thinking to myself, “I hope Aunt Sharon doesn’t notice”. Too late! She had! She ran one of her fingers across my hard nipple and teased, “Why Ashley, do you like me holding you this way? Do I turn you on?” I twisted away from her slightly in embarrassment and denied her accusation, somewhat slurring my words, “No, there’s just a cool draft on this stairway! That’s all!” I guess she bought my lame excuse or ignored it, because she never let go of my breast until we got to the bottom of the stairs. Furthermore, she continued to tease me by running her fingers across my hard nipple. Warm sensations were starting to flow through my breasts from her manipulations.

Once we got to the bedroom, Sharon announced she was going to undress me and put me to bed – just like she had done when I was younger. This sounded reasonable to me in my rather inebriated state, so I whimpered, “Okay, you can.” Besides, I was too snookered to do it myself! She sat me down on the edge of my bed and removed my sandals one at a time. As she removed each sandal, she would stop to gently massage my foot. I remember how soothing and relaxing her hands felt on my feet. At this point, I had trouble keeping my eyes open, so I couldn’t see what she was doing to my feet, but it really felt good, whatever it was! She continued to massage my feet for a while, and then announced it was time to get rid of that sexy blouse. Once again, I murmured, “Okay” and started to undo the top button of my blouse – but Aunt Sharon took hold of my hand and stopped me, “No, Ashley, I will do it!”

Since I had fallen back on my elbows to rest while Sharon massaged my feet, she grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me upright so that she could more easily reach the buttons on my blouse. She slowly and carefully unbuttoned each one, resting both her forearms on my breasts and gently moving them as she twisted the buttons. Once again, I was feeling my nipples get hard and wished she would hurry and finish before I was embarrassed again. I couldn’t believe how long she was taking – I guess there were a couple of difficult buttons she had to wrestle with. She finally finished and gently slid the blouse down my arms and pulled it off, exposing my lacy white Victorian Secret bra. It was the half-cup, push-up kind that revealed the tops of my creamy breasts. I turned sideways for her to undo the back hooks, and she ordered, “No, Ashley, not yet.”

I didn’t know what she meant, so I turned back around with my eyes closed waiting for her next instructions. I felt her gentle hands on my shoulders, where she slipped one bra strap off, then the other, massaging my shoulders as she went – much like she had done with my feet. I think I must have dozed off a little as she massaged my shoulders, because when I next opened my eyes, she had already removed my bra, and it was lying on the chair next to the bed. My breasts were fully exposed to her now.

Next, Sharon gently shoved me back onto the bed and said, “Now, we need to get those tight jeans off!” I remember thinking, “I hope she hurries, because I want to go to sleep”. Sharon inserted her hand inside the waist of my jeans to undo the button. Once again, she must have been having trouble getting it undone because I could feel her fingers running under my waistband for a while. Next, I felt the release of tightness around my waist as the button was undone. She then slowly unzipped my zipper and grabbed my jeans by the waist band and started pulling them down. She asked me to raise my hips to help - which I did, and the jeans quickly came off. Then, I suddenly remembered, I had on those new sexy throng underpants I had just bought. Victoria Secret had this panty sale and I…. Oh, well, too late now, they were in full view of Sharon’s glances! I opened one eye to see if Sharon was looking – and she was. “Ashley, you are a naughty girl for wearing such sexy underwear! You need to be spanked, like I did when you were younger!”

Spanked? What did she mean? I am too old to be spanked! But I was in some sort of foggy haze, so when she commanded me to “turn-over”, I obediently turned over onto my stomach. Great! I just realized that now she saw the most revealing feature of my throng underwear – my bare bottom! “Just a minute, I have to get something from the bathroom. Don’t move!” Sharon commanded. I thought for a moment that I should grab the sheet and cover my exposed backside, but I was too drowsy and tired. Besides, Sharon had ordered me not to move – and I was used to obeying her orders. So, I closed my eyes and laid down on my pillow to take a little snooze.

I was abruptly awakened by Aunt Sharon’s return from the bathroom when she announced, “So, Ashley, like I was saying, you have been a naughty girl and need to be spanked,” And with that proclamation, I felt a stinging slap to my bottom – first my left cheek, then my right.. “Ouch!” I cried out. “That hurt!” “That’s okay, Ashley. I have some lotion here to help ease the sting.” Ah, hah! That’s why she went to the bathroom – to get the lotion! The fog was starting to clear now and I started to become suspicious of Aunt Sharon’s intentions, but I was too shy to say anything yet.

Probably as a result of the shocking smack to my bottom, I suddenly recalled that Auntie Sharon had spanked my bare bottom before – several times in fact, when I was about 6 or 7. She had always made me pull down my pants before she spanked me saying, “You will feel the spanking more this way and be less likely to misbehave next time.” A couple of times she spanked me right after I took my bath – so that I was totally naked when I received the slaps. The weird thing about that was that I didn’t remember the spankings near as much, as the cool, soothing lotion she put on my bare bottom afterwards. I remembered that she always massaged my bottom softly and tenderly for a long time and it felt really good. She even massaged the inside of my upper legs, even though she hadn’t spanked me there. It made me feel all “tingly” inside. She had always told me, “Don’t worry, let’s not tell your mom about what you did today and that I had to spank you. It will be our little secret.”

My pleasant daydreaming about my childhood was interrupted by the feel of a cool, soothing lotion being applied to my bottom - once again by Aunt Sharon. I shook off my haze and tried to turnover, but Sharon was too strong and held me down, pinning me to the bed, as she continued to apply the lotion to my bare backside. I protested, “Aunt Sharon, I am too old for this!”

Aunt Sharon responded, “Ashley, answer me one question. Does it feel good?” I focused on the feel of Sharon’s soft, gentle hands on my bare bottom and how she was massaging each cheek carefully and thoroughly, and I answered “No, well sort of uh, okay, …yes it does, but…!” “Then, just relax, close your eyes and enjoy it.” Sharon interrupted. I yielded to her commands by letting my body go limp, lying face down on the bed, and closing my eyes once again. Sharon continued to massage my bottom with the lotion for some time – and it felt good, oh, so good! That “tingling” from my childhood was starting to come back. I began to think …well, she’s massaged my feet, my shoulders, and now by bottom. What’s next?

Before I could ponder that question long, I had the answer. Sharon was now massaging my thighs – just like she had done when I was young. I could feel her hands begin at my knees and slowly, but methodically, work their way up to the bottom edge of my thong underwear (thank goodness, I still had them on at least, I thought to myself!). It may have been my imagination, but it felt like her fingers accidentally brushed against my crotch a couple of times - feeling quite nicely, I’m embarrassed to say.

After a little while of Aunt Sharon’s gently massaging, I began to drift in and out of consciousness again. I barely felt it when Sharon hooked her fingers into the brim of my underpants and quickly pulled them down and off my feet. I vaguely heard her reprimand me, “Ashley, since you bought these sexy underpants, you naughty girl, your punishment is to sleep without them tonight.” “Whatever,” I mumbled and reached down, pulled the sheet up to my chin, and turned over for a restful night of sleep. I didn’t know what game Auntie Sharon was playing with me, but I was tired of it and wanted to sleep (she used to play a lot of fun games with me when I was little. I never knew what to expect next).

“Not so fast, young lady!” Sharon admonished me. “I haven’t kissed you good night like I used to when you were younger (it had been several years, in fact).” So, I closed my eyes and puckered my lips, expecting the gentle peck like she had given me so many times before. Instead, she covered her mouth over mine and gave me this long, very passionate, wet kiss - for a moment I dreamed I was kissing my boyfriend, and how warm, and sexy his kisses were - then I came to my senses. I opened my eyes and gasped, "Auntie Sharon, what was that?!?"

"Oh, I guess I had too much to drink too," she laughed. "You just look so beautiful and sexy lying there, I couldn't help myself!" Sharon explained. “Well, you need to control yourself! I’m not a little girl anymore. I know about kisses now!” “I just bet you do! No, you’re not a little girl. You are a beautiful, sexy woman who appears to be very passionate.” Sharon responded. “Well, thank you, I think.” I said as I smiled. “I’m glad you noticed!” I laughed and we hugged.

Sharon then put her arms around me and pulled me close to her chest and held me there for awhile, gently stroking my bare back. “I remember the good times we had when you were young, and I babysat for you. You were very playful, always laughing and teasing – I miss those times. You were so cute when you got out of your bath. You would run around the house naked, with me chasing you. Then, when I caught you, I would have to spank you for being naughty. Do you remember?” “Yeah, sort of,” I replied.

Sharon’s words were very soothing and comforting to me as she continued stroking my bare back. I started to drift off to sleep again. “Ashley, can I kiss you one more time before you go to sleep?” Sharon inquired. “Oh, aw right, if you want to” (after all, her kiss had felt strangely pleasurable). Having gained my permission, Sharon turned my face towards her and planted another warm, wet kiss on my mouth – slowly at first, then more boldly when I did not pulled away. She even darted her tongue into my mouth a couple of times – and I returned the favor! I was just being playful I rationalized. Besides, I wanted to show her I knew how to kiss too. Two can play that game!

. After all, she was my favorite “Aunt” – very “hip” and worldly, and attractive for someone her age. I had always admired her dark pixie length hair, confidant manner, and large, shapely breasts – Oh, yeah. I remember having seen her sunbathe topless on our deck once when she thought I was asleep. I peeked through the window at her and remember how lovely her naked breasts were and how I wished that someday mine would look that nice. I had watched her apply suntan lotion to them and got that “tingling” feeling again.

Sharon ended the long kiss, by running her hands down my back and across my bare bottom as she laid me down on the bed. I didn’t object because she had already massaged that bare bottom earlier. I clung to the sheet as she laid me down, so that my bare front would not be exposed. “Good night, dear,” Sharon whispered into my ear as she lit a candle next to my bed. “I’ll see you in the morning”, she said and turned off the lights. The room now had an eerie, romantic glow to it – the only light being that of my small candle.

I then closed my eyes, pulled the sheet completely over my naked body, and settled in for hopefully, a restful night’s sleep. I must have dosed off a little, because the next thing I knew, I was awakened by something warm and moist on my chest. I looked down at my body and saw that the bed sheet was pulled down to my waist, and Sharon had her mouth on my nipples, sucking them eagerly and passionately. She must have been doing it for a while, because they already "tingled" from her vigorous sucking. I woke up with a start and exclaimed, "Auntie Sharon, WHAT are you doing?!?

"Just relax, Ashley, and keep your voice down or your mom will hear. Close your eyes and go back to sleep", she said in that calm, soothing voice of hers that used to put me to sleep when I was much younger. “But, you shouldn’t be doing that!,” I protested.. “I’m a woman! You’re a woman. It’s not right!”

“Ashley, obey your Aunt Sharon! Close your eyes and go back to sleep!” Sharon commanded. I closed my eyes as commanded, but I couldn't sleep. I was torn between enjoying what Sharon was doing to my breasts, and my inner feeling that it was wrong. I could feel myself starting to get aroused from Sharon’s kissing of my breasts and I was starting to squirm a little in the bed – turning one way, then the other.

Sharon must have sensed my arousal, because the next thing I was aware of was her hands slowly pulling the bed sheet from my waist, down my bare hips to my knees. I then felt one of her hands on my now exposed thigh, trying to gently push my legs apart. I thought about resisting her efforts, but my power to resist was being overcome by what she was doing to my breasts. I never knew another woman could be so skilled at sucking a woman’s breasts - she was good, very good!

While I knew I shouldn't allow this, I could feel my legs involuntarily open to accommodate Sharon’s hand. Soon, she had her hand on my pussy, gently stroking it. I could feel a fire beginning to build between my legs. I knew I had to put a stop to all of this now, or it would be too late – once I became very aroused.

As I opened my mouth to protest Sharon’s hand on my pussy, she immediately covered my mouth with hers and thrust her tongue deep inside of it. At first, I was taken by surprise. I had not seen that coming – nor had I expected it to be so pleasurable. The more she thrust her tongue deeply into my mouth, the more I started to enjoy it. I allowed her to continue her assault on my mouth without protest, even kissing her back quite passionately. I then started to moan slightly from all the pleasure I was experiencing.

"Hush, darling", Sharon soothed, "We don't want your mom to hear, do we?" I nodded my head "no" and continued to let Sharon have her way with me. During the long, passionate kissing, Sharon had increased the intensity of stroking my pussy, and it was getting very hot and wet. I was starting to raise my bare hips to meet her hand and pressing them against it (I couldn't believe what my body was doing! Why was it acting this way? Was it because I had too much to drink or was it because Sharon was so good at arousing me? Having watched me grow up, she knew which buttons to push. She knew my likes and dislikes. She knew my body. She knew my vulnerabilities.).

As she continued to explore the caverns of my mouth with her tongue, I suddenly became aware of another unusual sensation. It was Sharon's bare skin against mind - Oh, my God! She was naked too! I peeked open my eyes to confirm it and yes, it was true. I instantly shut my eyes in embarrassment. Sharon was lying next to me in all her naked glory (she must have undressed while I was sleeping!). I peeked at her again. Actually, for an "older woman" she didn't look half bad. I found myself staring at her large, well-shaped breasts - whose pink nipples were erect and hard. She must have caught me staring because she said,

"Ashley, dear, would you like to suck on them?" I couldn't believe my own head when it nodded in agreement! With that permission, Sharon leaned over my face and placed her right breast into my mouth. I instantly knew what to do! My lips clamped down on her nipple and I sucked vigorously, darting my tongue all around it. Sharon just smiled as she fed me her left breast. I could tell she was pleased at this turn of events.

While I was busy sucking on Sharon's beautiful breasts, I hadn't noticed that she had slowly and carefully inserted two of her fingers into the entrance of my wet pussy. As I took her right breast into my mouth again, she quickly pushed both her fingers deep into my pussy. I gasped at the sudden warm sensation filled my entire body. I tried to resist this bold move, but she was too strong - and I was too aroused

I faintly protested, “No, Aunt Sharon! Please don’t do that! Ohhhh, Please! Ahhhh. No! You shouldn’t! Ohhhh, Yes, yes, yes! I started groaning more audibly as my pussy was becoming on fire. Sharon clamped her free hand over my mouth to keep the noise level down. As Sharon continued her assault on my aroused, wet pussy, I spread my legs wider, twisting and turning under the mounting pleasure. I knew I was approaching orgasm. Suddenly, I was there. Oooooooh, Ahhhh, Ohhhh, I softly screamed, arching my back upward and thrusting my hips against Sharon’s hand. A soothing warm shot all through my body and it convulsed from pleasure. Then, I collapsed onto the bed feeling very relaxed, relieved, and full of pleasure. Wow, that was one of the best I had ever had! I then quietly fell asleep.

I soon awoke again to find Sharon kissing my neck, then the tops of my breasts, then sucking my nipples, and slowly, but deliberately approaching my navel. I instinctively knew where she was going – and I waited with anxious anticipation of how it might feel. She circled my navel with her tongue, wetly inserting it inside as she went. Then, she started licking my public mound, then my inner thighs, spreading my legs as she did. Next, she licked the opening of my pussy, slowly and carefully. After a few short minutes of this tantalizing teasing, she started licking my clitoris, slowly at first, then more rapidly as I became more aroused. Suddenly, she would plunge her tongue deep into my pussy, then withdraw it to lick my clitoris again. She continued this very sensual pattern of assault on my pussy until I could feel myself approaching orgasm again. As I raised my hips and pressed them against Sharon’s mouth, I started to cum. When I did, Sharon immediately started sucking hard on my clitoris. It was like she was sucking all of my wetness out of me. I was experiencing one orgasm after another and was totally under her control and then…(to be continued)

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