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Ugh, I hate this weather. I am the type of person that loves the sun, not rain and snow. I went through my list of things to do today. Recycle cans, go to the store, and go home.

I decided to go take a shower before I left. As I started to get undressed, my nipples hardened at the sudden change of temperature. I wondered how long it had been since I got any action. Six months since the last time I got anything. I sighed, thinking of how lucky I was.

It had been six months since I graduated high school. In school when I broke up with someone, I had another within two weeks. Welcome to the real world, right? It made it even harder for me to find someone since I have sworn off guys quite recently. I finished my shower and decided what I would wear for the day. Hmm, jeans and a T-shirt with a sweater, my usual outfit. I quickly grabbed my cell phone, wallet, and cans and got in my Subaru Outback and drove the seven miles to town. As usual, I turned on my cell phone and got out of the car, gathering the cans. As I walked up to get a cart for the cans, my cell phone went off singing my tones for texts. I usually have like twenty texts by the time I get to town because I live in the middle of nowhere, so I ignored it. I will check it later, I thought to myself. I went to the recycling machines and started to put the cans into one of the machines dripping old sticky soda on my hand, the one drawback to recycling cans. I ignored the soda on my hand, knowing that I would wash my hands when I was done. I got the cans done and pressed the receipt button and decided to take a break since I still had bottles and there was a line at the bottle machine. I took my cell phone out, flipping it open with my thumb. I had twelve messages. I pressed the view button. I quickly deleted all the junk ones and noticed who was left. An ex boyfriend, a couple from an ex girlfriend, and one from a chick that I met online a month ago were the messages that were left. I quickly read the texts from my exes and replied to them, and then I took a deep breath and opened the text from Mari, the woman that I had met online. It said, “I am free next weekend if you want to get together.” All of the sudden I started to worry. What if she did not like me in real life? What if she wanted to take it further than a kiss, which is highly likely? I have never been with a woman and was starting to get really self conscious. I went into the store and bought milk and the usual groceries, but added Skittles to my cart because of what Mari said one time while I was talking to her online. I was eating Skittles then, and she told me that she wanted to eat them off of me. I smiled, thinking of what her reaction to receiving these would be. Probably a laugh or a smile would be her reaction. She seemed to have the same sense of humor as me and I thought that it would probably lighten up the mood a bit when I did meet her. The week went by slowly, I think because I wanted it to go faster. Friday came finally and I received a phone call from Mari. She said that she was in the next town over and would stay there for the night, since it was already eight at night. She told me that she would come and get me tomorrow. I was speechless. Finally this moment had come. I found it hard to get to sleep that night because I kept on thinking about Mari and meeting her tomorrow. My body was shivering with anticipation. From the pictures that she had sent me previously, she had dark long hair and a beautiful body with DD’s and a shaved pussy. I could not wait, although my fears were still there. I had the Skittles and a couple of drawings for her ready. Oh my god, I thought to myself, what should I wear? I hadn’t though of this in all of my anticipation. I opened my dresser and found my red bra with black trim and some red girl boxers with black hearts on them. Then, I rummaged through my closet and found my best pair of jeans. They were pale blue and sort of flared out at the legs. I searched my shirts and got my gray tank top and a white long sleeved dress shirt with silver skinny stripes. Then I grabbed two new black socks and put them next to my sneakers along with my wallet and my cell phone. I fell asleep at last, imagining how Mari would feel naked next to me in bed, her head on my chest, arm wrapped around me, with a knee over my legs. I woke up to a beautiful woman kissing me. I almost sat up, but didn’t. I sleep in the nude so that I am comfortable and not restrained. She started to pull the covers off of me, but I asked her to just pass me my clothes on the floor next to her. I swiftly put on the bra and the girl boxers and stood up and started to put the tank top and the pants on. I put the dress shirt on, unbuttoned. As I grabbed my wallet and cell phone, Mari grabbed my arms and pulled me to her. I dropped my cell and wallet on my floor. I could feel my body becoming aware of the beauty standing before me. I finally looked at her and my knees nearly collapsed. She was wearing a tank top and a mini skirt with flip flops. Her tank top showed off her DD’s squishing them up, making them seem to overflow. Her legs were muscular and she had perfect hips. She was quite literally the girl of my dreams. I looked up at her, since I am 5’6” and she is 5’7”. She leaned into me, letting her body push against me. Just the feel of her body against mine and I almost fainted from the pleasure of it. She kissed me, her full lips on my tight lips felt almost like heaven. I deepened the kiss, letting my tongue dance with her cool tongue. She pushed me onto my bed and took my shirts off. I was already losing all of my insecurities that I had earlier yesterday. I helped her by reaching behind myself and unclasping my bra, letting it fall to the floor. She automatically put her hands on my breasts, my already hard nipples in her palm. I moaned silently. She leaned into me, taking my mouth again. Then she turned her attention to my earlobe, softly nibbling it. She knew that was one of the main turn-ons I have since I told her, and she had me squirming underneath her. “You weren’t kidding when you told me that you haven’t had any action in months, were you,” Mari whispered in my ear. I grunted that I wasn’t lying. The look on her face turned into pity and love. She kneeled down and started to unbutton my pants and pushed them down my legs quickly, knowing that I was so aroused that I was actually in pain. Along with the pants went the boxers, soaking wet with my juices. Now my eager shaved pussy was well exposed along with the rest of my body. My four pack abs, my well toned arms, my muscular legs, all was exposed to this gorgeous woman before me. She seemed to admire me before she leaned down and licked my pussy, sending a chill through my body. The cool touch of her tongue was soothing my aching pussy. She ran it down my lips, then back up to my clit before she replaced her tongue with her fingers. She moved her head up to mine and started to nibble my ear again while her fingers were rubbing my clit in a circle. I was close to coming when she started to nibble on my neck. That sent me over the edge and my body started to quiver underneath her. She moved her mouth from my neck to my mouth, kissing me with such passion that my orgasm prolonged. She lay next to me on my small bed, letting me calm down. After I did, I looked at her and said, “You are overdressed.” She raised an eyebrow and I leaned up and lifted her top off of her slowly, revealing that she had no bra on. Her breasts were firm and indeed were double D’ s and she had hard dark nipples on top of them. I leaned down and kissed them, then moved down to her skirt and put a finger in the waistband and slowly pulled it down. Just like her bra, she had no panties on and her clean shaved pussy was there just for me. I leaned back up and looked at her again. Her body was perfect with all of her curves were just right and in the right spots. Her head was tilted up, looking at me with pleading eyes. I moved on top of her and kissed her, leaving no passion out of it. I slowly worked my way down to her lovely breasts, kissing the whole way down. I licked her nipple while my hand was massaging the other. I switched to the other and then repeated the action, this time nibbling on her nipples. I slowly worked my way down her stomach, kissing it. Instead of going to her wet pussy like she probably thought that I would, I made my way down her thigh. I kissed it and started nibbling it softly, and then I switched sides. Just when she opened her mouth to say something, I licked around her lips. I slowly ran my tongue up her lips, tasting her sweet juices. A moan passed through Mari lips. I attacked her clit, licking it. Her head tossed back and her back arched her pussy to my lips even more. I sucked her clit and started to rub her lips with a finger before slowly inserting it into her hot ready opening. She was so tight that I could feel her walls around my finger as I pumped it slowly inside of her, the whole time sucking her clit. Suddenly she jerked and screamed my name and I pulled out my finger. Mari was quaking as her juices flowed out of her and I lapped up as much as I could and then lay down on my bed next to her. She put her head on my chest with her arm over me and her knee over my legs. I fell asleep like that, with a smile on my face. I woke up and noticed that I was alone. I looked at my clock and realized that I had been dreaming the whole time.

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