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Mandy seduced me

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I saw her many time since we both worked in the same building but did not work in the same company. She was beautiful and I never fooled myself thinking I was not bi.

I would run into her leaving work more then entering my work place. I made up a story and asked security her name. Mandy I was told by a very attractive security guard. One day I notice she always smiled when we made eye contact, I thought it was just wishful thinking. I made a point to now always look into her eyes and smile.

One very hot summer day leaving work she bumped into me and spilled a very sticky milk shake on to the front of my blouse. she brought out a paper napkin and started dabbing at the spill on my blouse. My eyes were rivitted to her face, when all of a sudden I felt a hand caressing my breast. When I looked into her eyes she was smiling and her eyes were burning with heat. Please come with me and let me help you clean this up. My name is Mandy and I have a key to a private bathroom on the 20th floor. I mumbled something and before I know it I was on the elevator up to the 20th floor. My name is Dawn I managed to squeek out. I could not beleive my breast was fondled by hot Mandy and we were now going to a private bathroom for me to clean up. Once we got to the 20th floor I could not get over how empty her floor was. I followed her to the bath room. Please take your blouse off and let me see if I can't get that stuff off. I striped the blouse off in record time. Oh no you have some on your chest, it must have gone throug. I'll get it I said and watched her rinse out my blouse as I steped up to the sink and before I could bring up a wet paper towel to my chest I had two arms around me. When I looked up into the mirrow there she was so close behind me I could feel her breath on my neck. As her arms came up to my breast I said don't let this be a dream. That's just what I wanted to hear Mandy said as she turned me around and kissed me the way I had yearned to be kiss by Mandy. Mandy broke her embrace and said follow me and Mandy produced a nother key and we went out another door. We now stood in a lounge with a couch. Mandy pulled me to within an inch of her face. Mandy looked into my eyes and said she waited 8 months to kiss my lips. Mandy did not give me time to reply let alone breath, she was sucking and carressing my lips plying my lips open and kissing my tounge. I shuddered and Mandy asked me how long had I known I wanted to make love to her, and was she my first? I replied I wanted to make love to you the first time I saw you, but I never had a relationship with any other women. Mandy led me to the couch and undressed me. I started to reach for her and she said no just lay down and let me give you a show. Mandy did a strip for me that left me gushing. Mandy slowly lowered herself onto my body and while Mandy was kissing me she finger fuck my pussy and using her other hand to play with my now rock hard nipples . slowly Mandy lowered herself down my body. Mandy let her wonderful tongue play with my shave pussy lips, letting her tongue run up and down the length of them. Mandys tongue opened up my pussy lips and with her hands she held open my lips and let her tongue lap, suck, then finally fuck me. I was going crazy. I pulled her up, so were face to face and I kissed her tasting my own pussy juice. L lowered my lips to her breast and sucked her breast savoring her nipples. I let my hand reach down and let my finger slide into her warm moist shaved pussy. I could not stand it, I had waited my whole life to suck and eat pussy and I lowered my head to her pussy. I loved the way it looked and I opened both of her pussy lips and just looked into her pussy. Mandy had brought her hand to her pussy and insereted a finger. Mandy brought her finger out with her wonderful pussy juice on it and brought her finger up to my lips. I did not hesitate, I wrapped my lips around her finger and what I had waited for, for many years was now in my mouth. I sucked Mandy's finger clean, then lowered my mouth to her waiting pussy. I licked, I sucked, I nibbled, I kissed and then I tounge fucking her pussy.

Before I knew it Mandy had moved us so that we were now in a 69 position. Hours later we left the building, we decided to meet at Mandy's Condo tomorrow. Why Mandy's Condo? Thats were Mandy had all of her toys. Life was good!

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