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The whole thing started simply enough. Ted, my buddy from work, asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner and drinks with him, his girlfriend Lisa, and some other friends. I had nothing better planned for Friday night, so I agreed.

I got to the restaurant about 7:15, and Ted and Lisa were already there along with some other people from work. I went to the bar to grab a vodka tonic and David from the accounting department came over. Now Dave is a nice enough guy, but the ex-

football player type holds little appeal for me. Give me a guy with a neck any day! Dave started talking, wanted to know how things were going in the commercial loan department. At least that's what he claimed. But what he really wanted to do was talk about himself: how he was getting tired of accounting, was thinking about getting his MBA. It wasn't all bad that he was so self-absorbed; it was easy to go "Sure Dave, uh huh" without really listening to what he was saying.

After a few minutes of listening to the relative advantages of business school at Johnson (Cornell) versus Tuck (Dartmouth), I was ready for a break. (As if he would get in to either of those schools anyway!) And it came in the person of a young woman who came in and gave a big hug to Ted and Lisa. It took a few seconds to place her: Amy, Ted's sister. I had met her at a party at Ted's place a couple months ago. Ted had told me she was rather bohemian: a graphic designer who was very artistic.

Very different from Ted's (and my) rather conventional lives as loan officers for a big Philadelphia bank.

I finessed my way away from Dave and went over to talk with Ted, Lisa, and Amy. "Hi Amy, I'm Michelle. I met you at Ted's party a couple of months ago."

"Of course Michelle. Ted's always talking about the work you two do together at the bank. He's told me all about you.

Let me get a drink before I sit down. Ted, Lis, either of you need anything? Michelle?"

"Let me give you a hand." I had noticed Dave working his way back to me. He still had a nearly full beer in his hand, though, so I figured he wouldn't follow me to the bar.

Amy and I walked to the bar. "You want another drink?" she asked. "What is that?"

"A vodka tonic. Here's a few bucks."

"Nah, don't worry about it. I just got a big assignment from a hospital, designing brochures for their kidney dialysis unit. It's not the New Yorker, but it pays OK."

The bar was pretty crowded, so we had to wait for the bartender to come our way.

"So what's this Ted said about you and Stephen breaking up?

You guys seemed pretty happy when I saw you at Ted's party."

I winced, but then told her the story. "We broke up about two months ago. He got cold feet, I guess. Wanted to date other women. Actually, one other woman. But at least he told me about it before he did it."

Amy smiled at me. "I never did like him anyway. Always too smooth, even when he was in high school. When I met you with him at Ted's party, I gave Ted hell about it afterwards. 'What were you thinking about introducing Michelle and Stephen? She's much too vivacious for him. It'll never last.'"

"I'm not sure I'd describe myself as vivacious."

"Of course you are. Ted's always raving about you. Don't misunderstand me, he and Lisa are very happy together. It's nothing like that. But he always telling me how easy you are to talk with, how fun you are." She was staring into my eyes. Then she looked up. "Looks like our table`s ready. You set?"

She gave me a friendly tap on the arm and we walked over to the table. I quickly grabbed the seat next to Lisa, and Amy grabbed the seat next to me, so Dave was forced to the other end of the table. Amy and I pretty much gabbed all the way through dinner. She talked about graphic design, how tough it was to make it as a free-lancer, how she wanted to design a magazine some day. I talked about my job at the bank, how it was getting kind of stale. The nice thing is that she listened. Most guys, if I'm talking about my job, act interested only because it's expected. They really don't care. But Amy was different. She asked questions, commiserated with me.

I can't even remember what I ordered. But I do remember the drinks. I must have had four with dinner; it seemed like Amy was always calling the waitress over. And when dinner was over I really had to pee.

Amy went with me to the bathroom. As we washed our hands, Amy turned to me.

"Do you like to dance? There's this great little club only a couple of blocks from here. You'd probably like it; it's lots of fun. We don't we go, just the two of us?"

"Sure," I answered, "that sounds great."

"Cool. I'll go tell Ted and Lisa." She gave me a hug and scampered out the door.

I took a look at myself in the mirror. I was kind of drunk, so it was difficult to tell what exactly was going on. But that hug Amy had just given me wasn't your garden variety friend-to-

friend hug. It has some extra oomph in it somehow. I washed my face with cold water. "I hope you know what you're getting into" I told my reflection.

I met Amy and we headed down the block. We stopped to look in at a funky store window, all sorts of neat clothes, and Amy grabbed my hand. We walked hand-in-hand until Amy turned down a small side street and opened a door. "Here we are."

I walked in and took a deep breath. It looked like the clubs that I was used to, but one thing was missing: men. There were just a few in the place. Instead, there were all types of women, drinking, talking, dancing together.

"What's the matter?" Amy asked. I must have looked kind of stunned.

"It's just, I've never been in a lesbian bar before."

"And why not?"

"'Cause I'm not a lesbian."

"Then what are you doing here, with me, a notorious dyke then?" she asked, giving me a big wink and a smile.

"You've got a point there."

We found a table, and I got another drink. Boy did I need it. Amy tried to get me to talk, but I was too nervous.

"Do you want to dance?" she asked.

That I could handle. It was a nice fast song (INXS I think), and after all, I'm used to dancing with other women. We went out on the floor and I started to loosen up.

"It's just that, Ted never told me this about you" I lamely stammered.

"That's OK. It's not a big deal to me, so Ted doesn't make a big deal out of it. He probably didn't see any need to say anything one way or the other."

As we continued to dance Amy talked about how she discovered she was gay in college, coming out to her family, all those issues. I just danced and listened. Her talking gave me a chance to catch my breath and think about what was going on. And then what I had been both dreading and hoping for happened. A slow song came up.

"You OK?" Amy asked.

"Sure. I..."

Amy grabbed me around the waist and pulled me toward her.

She's a few inches shorter than I am, and I've always had taller boyfriends, so I had to adjust to dancing with someone shorter.

It felt very good. I pulled Amy tight against me.

"This is nice" I said, kind of surprising myself.

"Good." And then Amy started to nibble on my ear. That's my biggest weak spot. I started to lightly kiss her, and Amy returned the kiss, harder. We started to neck, but then I got anxious.

"No. Not here."

"Then how about my place?" she asked. "We can take a cab."

"That sounds good."

We went outside and grabbed a taxi. As we drove to Amy's apartment, we could see the driver looking back at us in the mirror, so we didn't kiss. But Amy put her hand on my knee (I was wearing a mini-skirt) and started to move her hand up my thigh. I was getting pretty close to the edge.

"I want you" I mouthed to her. Amy just smiled.

After the cab dropped us off we ran up the stairs to her apartment and collapsed on her bed. We started to kiss, deeply.

Amy's hands were all over my back, my butt. I hadn't had sex since I'd broken up with Stephen, and this felt fantastic. As I lay on my back, Amy unbuttoned my blouse and started to play with my breasts. I ran my hands through her hair. She undid my bra and started to suck on my nipples. "You have great breasts" she said.

"Why thank you. Now let me see yours." She sat on my stomach and took off her blouse and bra. I reached up to grab her boobs. They were smaller than mine, but they felt nice, soft. They were much more fun to play with than men's nipples, which were all I was used to. I pulled her down so her nipple was in my mouth. Amy's eyes were closed, she was smiling and starting to breath heavily. I heard a soft "oh boy."

Amy rolled over and started to move her hand up my thigh.

By this point I was incredibly hot. As she kissed me, she pushed my skirt down and then my panties. She was kneading my ass, pressing up against me. Then she put her hand on my mound and started to massage my clitoris. I was beginning to moan. As she continued to finger me, her mouth moved down, first to my breasts, then to my stomach, and finally between my legs.

She was going down on me intensely. Compared to Stephen, Amy was somehow both more gentle but also more involved. While her tongue concentrated on my clitoris, she put a finger inside my vagina. That was all I could take. I came, loudly and happily.

Amy moved her mouth back up to mine. After we kissed for a while, I told her "Thank you. That was fantastic. Can I do that for you?" Amy whispered "I would love that" in my ear.

I started to move my way down Amy's chest, sucking on her nipples, while putting my hand between her legs. Amy was taking deep breaths.

Finally I had my face above Amy's crotch. I hesitated and took a deep breath. "Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked. And with that I decided.

"Absolutely" and I buried my face in her hot love. She tasted great. I loved exploring her vulva, playing with her clit, putting my tongue inside her. And Amy was loving it also.

I could feel her getting ready. As she came, her legs moved together, holding my mouth to her vagina. Finally her orgasm stopped.

"Are you sure you've never done this before?" she asked as she pulled me towards her to kiss me.

"Yes. But that definitely won't be the last time." We both laughed as we passionately kissed.

We fell asleep curled up in each other's arms.

It was wonderful the next morning to wake up in bed next to Amy. "Tell you what" she said. "Let's put on some coffee, and then go to that place around the corner and get some bagels."

We walked, holding hands, to the bagel store. "I have a confession to make," Amy told me.

"Which is.."

"Well, I don't like to get involved with women who haven't been with a woman before: too many hangups. And I never have sex on the first date. But when I met you at Ted's party, I thought to myself, 'Here is one great woman. She's smart, witty, attractive, sarcastic...' It's just that you were with that jerk Stephen. So when Ted mentioned that the two of you broke up, I got very interested. Ted didn't know if you had any leanings toward women, but he also didn't know if you would be completely uninterested. So when he told me you'd be going out with him and Lisa last night, I decided to tag along. I thought maybe we'd have some fun, get to know each other a little better, and I could see if you were interested."

By this time we had returned from the store, and were sitting at the counter in Amy's kitchen, eating our bagels with cream cheese (she had poppy seed; I went for onion) and drinking coffee.

"But when I met you last night, I just knew it. I mean, I felt so comfortable with you. So, Michelle, am I an evil person for plying a young women with drinks, seducing her and leading her down the path of ruin?"

She had a look of mock pity on her face, and then burst into laughter. I started to laugh too.

"Amy, absolutely not. I don't care if you broke all of your personal rules. All that matters is I got to meet a wonderful woman. I had a great time last night. Thank you."

And I leaned over the counter to give her a big kiss.

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