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MAKING HER MY BITCH She is beautiful inside and out and I must say I adore her. Being a shy nature person, I kept my cool when she approached and asked how r u? ?fine and you.? I said. ?I am having a real bad day.? She replied. Now I am a fun person and sometimes the dam devil just puts things in my mouth because if I thought of it I would not say it but it just came out. ?can I make it better.? I was surprised at my come back?but shit its already out now, but to my surprise she said, ?how do u plan to do that.? ?thoughts and desires are put into words so that others can understand the needs of the physical, can we skip to the physical and have words later.? She open her eyes and looked at me as if to say ?NO SHE DID NOT JUST GO THERE? but I don?t beat around the bush and I have not time for games, so its either yes or no, and right now I want to fuck her and I was not going to play games. Her scent, beautiful pout lips and those fucking nipples which stood erect through the blouse had my pussy wet and I want her. I knew I loved women since I was a child, but it was taboo in my culture so I married, had children and grand children and I figure I live up to the expectation of society now I want mine.

?well? she said ?your place or mine? ?yours? I said getting up without looking back I head to the door and proceed to my truck. I waited until she pulled up to my truck and I followed her home. Oh fuck my pussy was so wet, I stuck a finger deep into it and lick my sweet juices and smacked my lips, yea baby I thought to myself?.i am going to make you my bitch. Not that I wanted to keep her but the thought of conquering her was a goal I set for the night.

Pulling up to her home we proceeded to her door, but before she open the door I took her in my arms and kissed her with such fever that she moan into my mouth and held on for life. When we parted our lips she looked into my eyes and smile. ?wow, I cant wait to get inside she said.? I just looked at her and said lead the way. Once inside I changed my tatics, ?lets sit and chat for while, do you have anything to drink.? I asked. She returned with two glasses of Remy and we sat and talked. Getting to know the woman I am about to devour is stimulating. She is a RN and one of her patient whom she was very fond of died and it really had her down. Knowing this I decided to take her to heaven and back before the night is over. As shy as I am, I am very demanding and my woman has to comply to my wishes. It may sound selfish, but understand that she is my table of delicate fruits and I will give her my all if she understand my wants and needs. So selfish, NO.

I told her to take a shower and not to dry herself off. I told her to give me her favorite lotion and some baby oil and I will do the rest. She never asked why, she just did as I asked and my pussy got wet thinking of the things I am going to do to her. When I heard the water running I invited myself in. Moving the shower curtain aside I watched as she soap her body. I took the rag and told her to close her eyes. I washed her back with a simply massage technique and she moan. I slid my hand to her bottom and parted her cheeks and inserted the rag between her legs. Rubbing her with knowing hands, soft, yet hard she moan even louder. I inserted a finger in her love passage and she clinched my fingers. I continue to soap her body by turning her around and rubbing the cloth over her nipples which stood erect. She kept her eyes closed and allow me to take control of her body and I was loving it. My hands found her passage again and again I inserted my fingers and again she clinched and unclench her vaginial walls. I took a nipple In my mouth and ran my tounge around it. She tried to hold me, but I told her not to move. Just keep your eyes closed and relax. She complied and I continue to lick her nipples, not sucking just licking it slow and hard while I work her G-Spot. Abruptly I walked away and retreat to the bedroom. I knew she would be there soon because I felt her walls pulsate as she was about to cum but I was not ready for her to cum yet?I want to taste her, I want to look into her eyes as she cum, I want to make her my bitch.

coming into the bedroom dripping wet she looked into my eyes which was on fire with desire. Gently I took her and kisses her for what seemed like forever. laying her down I spread her legs wide as they would go. Her clit was hard and I took it between my fingers and rolled it back and forth. She closed her eyes and I smiled at the effect I was having on her. I kissed her clit by taking it into my mouth and just kissing it with wet slurping noises I let it come completely out my mouth and slurping it in again and again. Then I ran my tongue from the base of her clit to the tip and sucked it into my mouth and letting it slide out. She moan and started to fuck my face, but I told her to stop. I just wanted her to relax and let me release her of all tension. I took her clit and her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked her hard to cause pleasurable pain while I flick my tongue across the tip of her clit. She held on to my head screaming and fucking my face like a wild bitch and I was loving it. Every time she raises her hips I would suck her clit in my mouth and every time she lower her hips I let it go..dam she is going crazy and I was feasting on her??baby I am Cumming, please don?t stop, please baby, please don?t stop.? I STOPPED and she screams ?you fucking bitch!! Make me cum, NOW!!? I just looked into her sex crazed eyes and smile. I flipped her over and got the baby oil and slap her ass she screamed and I slapped her ass again. I said ?be a good girl and relax mommy gonna make u cum in my time, now shut the fuck up and relax.? ?You fucking bitch why are you doing this to me, I want to cum.? She said as she open her legs to my demanding hands. I poured a handful of baby oil on her ass and massaged it in. I slap her ass so hard she screamed and I slapped her ass again. She raised her ass high in the air for me to slap it, but I slap her clit and she moan, ?slap it again baby? I massage her entire back giving her some good rubbing and pounding and I felt the tension slipped from her body. ?raise your ass high in the air for me.? I took her clit from the back and suck her gently as I massage her ass. Inserting my fingers in her wet pussy I fucked her hard and she started grinding my fingers. Sliding my head between her legs I had her to sit on my face and I took her sweet clit in my mouth applying pressure and sucking her hard, and firm. She grinds my face so hard I had to hold on to her hips to slow her down.

Pushing her off I told her to relax. ?When I want you to cum I will tell you bitch, lay your fucking ass down.? I massage her with more baby oil. Rubbing her neck, her nipples, her stomach, her legs, her toes, saving her pussy for the last. Then I filled my hands with more oil and massage her mount, while I use my thumb to stroke her clit. She closed her eyes. I dipped my fingers in her pussy and stuck it into her mouth. She sucked it deep into her mouth. I stuck my fingers in her pussy again and gave her more of her juices to taste and she licked her lips. Using my fingers I parted her lips and took her clit into my warm mouth, she screamed as I took her in. chewing on the knob with slight pressure she buck my fucking face and went wild. I knew I had to release her so I put my hands under her ass and took her deep in my mouth and sucked her, and sucked her and sucked her. Her clit grew and grew. She held my head and fucked my face screaming and going wild but I never let her clit leave my mouth. Then I felt it?her clit gave the first pulsating jump and I took my tongue and flick it causing her to scream as she came. ?oh, yea baby, oh yes, oh fuck yes, yes, yes!!? she screamed and creamed and creamed and screamed. She fucked my face hard as she came. Taking my mouth ever so gentle away from her clit and looking up she was smiling and glowing. ?THAT?S MY BITCH.?

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