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Lynn and Kerry

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Lynn and Kerry

Lynn sighed as she looked at the moving truck. It would take them all day to unpack all their things into their new house. It was Lynn?s second move since she had married Alex and she thought her self-lucky that they ended up in nice places. Alex didn?t particularly like his assignment in California but Lynn knew he would soon get used to it and she was excited about living in California.

Lynn started grabbing things out of the truck and moving them inside. Before she knew it, it was lunchtime. To her surprise her new neighbor was walking toward her with a plate of sandwiches.

?Hi, I?m Kerry. You must be our new neighbors,? she said as she walked toward me.

?I guess so,? Lynn replied smiling. Kerry was of average height but she had gorgeous shiny red hair and stunning green eyes. And one couldn?t help but notice her breasts in the tank top she was wearing.

?I thought you two could use some lunch.?

Alex finally looked up from what he was doing and looked at Kerry. He quickly looked her over and Lynn saw that he too noticed her breasts.

?That?s nice of you. I wouldn?t mind trying one,? Alex said taking the plate.

Why don?t we go sit on the porch, Lynn suggested.

During lunch the three of them made small talk. It turned out that Kerry was also a nurse like Lynn. Lynn was quite happy that she would know somebody at work when she walked in on Monday. She got shy very easily. Kerry put her at ease though. Lynn knew that they would become good friends. As Kerry was getting up to leave she turned to Lynn.

?I?m shopping tomorrow. Do you want to come??

Lynn turned to Alex and he shrugged. ?Sure, I?d love to.?

The next day Lynn and Kerry went to a nearby mall. Lynn couldn?t help but notice how pretty Kerry was. Today she was in a pretty summer dress that showed off all of her curves. Her nipples even poked through the fabric. Lynn found herself taking glances at her tits all day. As the two passed by Victoria?s Secret, Kerry steered them inside. Lynn was looking at the nighties and picked one to try on. She loved surprising Alex with sexy lingerie. Kerry had picked out a corset and they headed for the dressing room. Lynn headed for an open room when Kerry grabbed her.

?I?m gonna need help getting this on.?

Lynn shrugged and went in with Kerry. Before the door was even shut Kerry had her top dress over her head. Kerry was wearing matching white lace panties and bra. The two covered nothing. Lynn could see her neatly trimmed pussy hair and her nipples pressing up against the fabric.

?What are you staring at?? Kerry inquired with a sly smile.

?Oh, Lynn stammered blushing. ?You have a great body.?

Lynn grabbed the corset and stepped behind Kerry. Kerry said wait and undid her bra. Lynn couldn?t believe. She couldn?t believe how much she wanted to sneak a peak at Kerry?s bare chest. Lynn had always found girls attractive and Alex knew this. However, she had never been this turned on before. It was going to be hard for her to be around Kerry. Especially if she kept bringing her to Vicky?s! Lynn tied the corset up and Kerry turned around.

?It looks great, Kerry. Your husband will love it.?

It really did look great. It pushed her tits up and squeezed them together. Her nipples were practically popping out the top.

?Your turn,? Kerry said.

Lynn tried to hide herself from Kerry as she removed her clothes. It was a small room though so it wasn?t really possible. Lynn could feel Kerry?s eyes on her. It made her very self-conscious. Lynn got the nightie on and turned toward the mirror.

?You have a pretty good body yourself,? was Kerry?s response to the nightgown.

At home that night Alex asked Lynn how the shopping went. Just thinking about the afternoon got Lynn turned on. Lynn said she would give Alex a fashion show and went into the bathroom to change. When Lynn stepped out of the bathroom Alex smiled.

?Nice,? Alex said.

?Thanks. Kerry liked it too.?

Alex gave her a confused look and Lynn relayed some of the story with him. She knew he would get a kick out of knowing they went into the same dressing room.

Alex began to run his hand up and down Lynn?s thigh.

?Will you turn around so I can see your ass in that thong.?

Lynn obliged and playfully bent over to tease him. Alex watched Lynn longingly. He loved her body. Her tits were nice and round and perky and her nipples were poking through the lace of the nightie. He reached up and squeezed her breasts in his hands. Lynn bent over and licked his ear. She began to unbutton his shirt and play with his nipples. They were tweaking each other?s nipples and they all became hard. Lynn moved one of her hands on to the bulge in Alex?s pants. She loved feeling his hard cock. She undid his pants and released his hard cock. She began to jerk him. Lynn got down on her knees and began to suck his cock. She began by sucking on his balls a little bit. Then she ran her tongue from the base to the very tip of his cock. Alex began to moan. Lynn then wrapped her lips around him and began to suck him. Alex loved to feel her lips around his cock. Lynn sucked him furiously.

Lynn loved to suck Alex?s cock and was getting wet from doing it. Lynn wanted him inside of her. She stood up and Alex lifted her nightie over her head. He immediately began to suck on her nipples. He could never get enough of her tits. Alex sat on the edge of the bed and Lynn straddled him. She grinded her pelvis on his cock and kept sucking on her pert tits. Alex then lay Lynn on the bed and began to kiss down her stomach. He kissed her inner thighs and she giggled. He then took his tongue and licked her entire pussy. She moaned loudly. His tongue felt awesome. He began to flick at her clit and she writhed with pleasure. He continued licking her pussy while Lynn put her hands on her tits and began to play with her own nipples. They were so hard between her fingers. She squeezed them and rubbed her fingers over them. Alex slid two fingers inside of her. Between that and his tongue on her clit it was too much for her. She screamed out in orgasm.

?Oh, Alex. Oh, Yes. MMMMMM.?

Alex just started licking faster. He loved making Lynn come and tasting her juices. When her orgasm ended Alex kissed his way back up her body.

?Are you ready for a hard cock inside of you??

?Oh, please,? Lynn moaned. ?I want to fuck you.?

Alex put the tip of his cock inside her pussy. ?Are you sure you want it? He teased.

?Oh, yes. Please, please put it in me.?

Alex rammed his cock inside Lynn. He began thrusting and they both were moaning in delight. He lowered his head and licked at Lynn?s tit. Lynn reached up and tweaked at his nipple. As he fucked her Lynn pumped her pussy up at him. He was fucking her just the way she liked it. Her second orgasm soon came. After that Alex flipped Lynn on top of him. Lynn loved being on top and being in control. Alex grabbed her tits as she kissed her neck. Then, she sat up and began to play with her own tits. She knew how much Alex loved to see her play with herself. She reached down with one hand and rubbed her clit as she bounced up and down on his cock. Alex reached up and played with her other tit. She bent over again and licked Alex?s nipple. Alex reached behind her and squeezed her ass cheeks together. Lynn loved the way that felt. She felt her third orgasm coming.

?I?m gonna come,? she whispered in Alex?s ear.

?Yes,? Alex said. ?Let me hear you.?

Lynn began to moan in her pleasure. ?ohhh, ohhh, Oh Alex. Ohhhh, yes. Yes. Oh Alex. MMMMMMMMM.

Hearing Lynn come was too much for Alex. He began to moan. ?Lynn. Oh yes, Lynn. I?m coming. Uhhh Lynn.?

Lynn felt Alex fill her with his come. She loved the feeling. Lynn collapsed on Alex?s chest and kissed him.

The weeks went by and Lynn and Kerry were getting closer and closer. They discussed everything with each other, including their sex lives. At this time, their husbands were away on a training exercise. They often slept over because neither liked being alone. One night they were just watching TV and reading magazines. They were watching a movie that showed two girls kissing.

Lynn turned to Kerry and asked, ?Have you ever thought about kissing a girl??

?I have kissed a girl,? was Kerry?s response.

?Me too,? Lynn said thinking back to one crazy night in college.

?Ever do anything else??

?No, I?ve thought about it. The opportunity just never came up though.?

The conversation ended there and they continued watching the movie. Kerry went to change into her pajamas. She wore a pair of very short shorts and a tank top. Lynn glanced up and down at her as she came in. Kerry sat down next to her on the couch. Lynn had her back on the arm of the couch and soon put her feet on Kerry?s lap. They sat in silence for a while but Lynn was very aware that Kerry had her hand on her knee.

Lynn was nervous but she wanted to feel Kerry?s skin.

?Can I give you a massage?? Lynn asked.

Kerry of course accepted and Lynn began to massage her shoulders and back. The massage lasted a long time. Lynn loved to feel Kerry?s soft skin under her hands. Kerry finally moved away and turned toward Lynn.

?Can I return the favor??


Kerry leaned in and kissed Lynn on the lips. It caught her completely off guard. Lynn stared at Kerry for a moment and then leaned in to kiss her again. This time it was a long passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwined and Lynn put her arms on Kerry?s waist. They separated and Lynn smiled sheepishly.

?That was nice.?

Kerry looked at her and smiled. I know. We don?t have to stop. Lynn shook her head.

?We?re married.?

?They don?t have to know. Besides, they would like it.?

Kerry put a hand on Lynn?s thigh and Lynn had to admit that she was tempted. Kerry then took Lynn?s hand and placed it on her breast. Lynn was shocked but she found herself gently fondling Kerry?s breast.

I?ve noticed you looking at these since the day we met.?

Lynn nodded. ?You have great tits.?

Lynn put her other hand on Kerry?s breast and continued to squeeze them. She felt Kerry?s nipples getting hard and loved it. They kissed each other again. They continued to kiss and Kerry began to play with Lynn?s breasts also. They were soon lying on the couch and grinding their bodies into each other. Kerry removed Lynn?s shirt. She took Lynn?s hard nipple between her fingers and squeezed it. Then, she flicked her tongue over it. Lynn loved the sensations. Kerry continued to suck on Lynn?s nipple. Lynn then lifted up Kerry?s shirt and began to lick Kerry?s nipples. Lynn could not believe she was sucking another girl?s tits. She had fantasized about it so much.

Lynn then took her hand and placed it on Kerry?s shorts. She began to rub her pussy through them. Kerry moaned. Lynn could feel that Kerry was wet. She kept rubbing. Lynn wanted to taste her. She wanted to lick another girl?s pussy.

Lynn slid herself down Kerry?s body and removed her shorts. She opened her legs and took in the sight of this pussy. She gently blew air on it. Then she ran her tongue along Kerry?s entire pussy. A moan slipped out of Kerry?s mouth. Lynn began to explore Kerry?s pussy. Her tongue ran along Kerry?s lips and she slipped her tongue inside her vagina. She pushed in and out a couple times and Kerry moaned louder.

Lynn then moved up to Kerry?s clit. She began to make circles around it with her tongue. Then she sucked directly on it. Kerry?s hips were writhing. Lynn continued tonguing her clit. She was going faster and faster. Kerry?s moans were more aggressive. Her legs were wrapped around Lynn?s head. Kerry couldn?t hold back any longer.


Lynn went at Kerry?s pussy more aggressively. She loved tasting her juices. Making another girl come was awesome. She began kissing Kerry again. Kerry?s hands began to wander all over her body. Her fingers found Lynn?s clit and began to rub. Kerry sucked one nipple as she fingered Lynn?s pussy. Lynn leaned back and enjoyed it. She knew it was her turn to enjoy have her pussy licked. Kerry went at her like an expert. Her tongue found all of Lynn?s most sensitive areas. She had two fingers in Lynn?s pussy and a finger in her ass. Lynn was amazed at the feeling. Her tongue was working Lynn?s clit. It did not take long until Lynn was moaning in her orgasm.

Kerry and Lynn continued to kiss and fondle each other. They moved to the bedroom but both agreed it was useless to put clothes back on. It would be a long night for them.

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