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Lynn and Kerry 2

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After several months at Fort Irwin, Lynn had settled into the rhythm of this post. Alex would be in the field for two weeks at a time, then back home for a week before the next cycle of troops came to train at the Army's National Training Center. They tried to make it as painless as possible; Alex racked up thousands of minutes on his cell phone every month, talking to Lynn for over an hour each night. Lynn, in turn, worked overtime at the hospital during rotation weeks, which helped to keep her mind off their forced separations.

And then, there was Kerry.

Kerry had fast become Lynn's best friend at Irwin. Kerry's husband was on the same schedule as Alex, and so the two women were "dumped", as they called it, at the same times. They would shop together, go clubbing in Bardstow together, and had made two trips to Las Vegas together. Most evenings, one of the women would have the other over for dinner. After dinner, they would wash dishes together, and then retire to the living room for television, red wine, and fat-free popcorn.

The night would end with the two married women falling asleep in bed together, Lynn curled up against Kerry's breast.

It was a constant source of friendly debate between Lynn and Kerry as to who had seduced whom. Lynn had never had a sexual experience with a woman before, so she maintained that Kerry had lured out her bisexual side. Kerry, on the other hand, said that Lynn had teased her and led her on until she had no choice. Lynn usually responded to this by sticking out her tongue, causing Kerry to lean over and draw her into a kiss that ended the argument.

Like any other couple, the two were still very playful and adventurous. There was the dinner at the officer's club, when Kerry slipped out of her shoes, and slid her foot between Lynn's panty-less thighs. While Kerry kept talking and enjoying her food, Lynn tried hard not to scream from the orgasm she was receiving under the tablecloth. Another time, Lynn accompanied Kerry into a changing room at the mall, knelt down, and licked Kerry's naked pussy as she sat on the bench with her legs spread wide.

Tonight, Lynn didn't get off work until late. She drove home to change out of her scrubs, then went next door and let herself in to Kerry's house. Kerry stood in the kitchen with her back to Lynn, and Lynn walked up and hugged her from behind. "Hi, stranger," murmured Kerry as she turned around to give Lynn a kiss. Her platonic greeting was met by Lynn's tongue working its way into her mouth, while one hand came down to grab Kerry's ass. Breaking the kiss, Lynn brought her mouth around to Kerry's neck, licked a slow trail up her neck to her ear, and whispered "Dinner can wait" as she led her lover towards the sofa in the den.

Lynn wasted no time and started to immediately unbutton Kerry?s shirt. She took a nipple into her mouth and began to suck on it. With her hand she began to tweak the nipple on Kerry?s other breast. Lynn loved Kerry?s tits; so round and so pert. Kerry?s nipples were soon erect. Kerry pulled Lynn up to her and they began to kiss passionately. There tongues were intertwined and their hands were exploring each other?s bodies. Before long their clothes were on the floor and they were 69ing on the couch. Kerry was on top of Lynn and each girl had a sweet pussy in her face.

Once they were both dressed and back in the kitchen, Lynn set the table as Kerry put the finishing touches on dinner. As Kerry sat down, she reached across the table affectionately to squeeze Lynn's hand, then asked, "What got you in such a frisky mood today?"

"I had an interesting conversation at the hospital today," Lynn replied. "Do you know Michelle Leeson? Her husband's a Major in third squadron."

"I think I've met her," said Kerry. "She's trying to get pregnant, isn't she?"

"Right," said Lynn. "She?s been trying for six months and nothing. Now her husband is gone for Special Forces Q training. We started talking about fertility choices and such and she broke down crying right there.

"She started to tell me all about their relationship. She said that she doesn't miss him that much -- she works at MILPO, and I think she pretty much lives in the gym in the evening. She sure looks like it. Anyway, we probably beat around the bush for twenty minutes, until I finally got her to tell me what's really bothering her."

"What was it?" asked Kerry. "And, by the way, you said 'bush'."

"Can't you take your mind out from between your legs for one minute?" asked Lynn, smiling. "Not with you around," said Kerry. "So, what was bothering her?"

"Well, basically, she feels guilty and conflicted. She told me that she's been fingering herself -- she called it 'pleasuring herself', and blushed every time she said it -- five or six times a day, and she's still horny. She looked it, too; her nipples were hard during the whole exam, and it wasn't that cold in there. I think she was getting herself off, while I was out of the room, and here's the most interesting part. I'm almost sure that Michelle was checking out my tits."

"She's got good taste," said Kerry.

"Doesn't she?" said Lynn, grinning and cupping her own breasts. "I like them an awful lot. So did she, from the look of it. Then, when she was leaving, she kinda stammered and asked me if maybe we could get together and go clubbing somewhere; you know, to help 'Make her feel less lonely.'"

Kerry smiled. "You devious little girl! I do believe you want to introduce her to some of the alternatives to having sex with men."

"That's right," replied Lynn, glancing at her significantly, "and you're going to help me."


It was Friday night before Michelle could accept Lynn and Kerry's invitation for dinner. Lynn cooked, and Kerry picked out the wine and movie for the evening. Michelle arrived wearing a loose skirt and button-down shirt that was obviously intended for someone larger than her. She took one look at Lynn and Kerry at the door, and stammered, "I'm so sorry; I didn't know we were dressing up!"

Lynn was dressed in a strapless black cocktail dress, which she particularly liked because it pushed her breasts together and gave her plenty of cleavage. The frills of the skirt came down to mid-thigh, covering her black lace panties. Kerry was in a longer, cream-colored dress, which displayed her curves very nicely, but was so form-fitting that Lynn had had to help her get into it.

Lynn smiled, and reassured Michelle, "Don't worry; you look fine, and we're not going out anywhere tonight. Michelle, this is my neighbor Kerry; we try to get together during the rotations just to reassure ourselves that we're still sexy and interesting. She's sort of my proxy-husband," she added with a glance to Kerry. Kerry leaned over to give Lynn a peck on the cheek, which surprised Michelle; Kerry's quick grab to Lynn's ass went unnoticed. "I'm so glad to meet you; come on in!"

One meal, one movie, two bowls of low-fat popcorn, and five bottles of red wine later, the three women were relaxed on Lynn's couch, shoes off and tired. As a result of Lynn and Kerry's persistence, Michelle had consumed the lion's share of the wine, and did not protest when Lynn insisted that she stay in the guest bedroom instead of driving home and risking the MP checkpoints. Kerry stayed downstairs to clean up while Lynn took Michelle upstairs to tuck her into bed. She resisted the urge to caress Michelle's legs and body as she stripped out of her clothes and slipped between the sheets, and she was already asleep when Lynn kissed her on the cheek and turned out the lights.

Back downstairs, Kerry said, "Well, that didn't work out as well as we planned. Wasn't I sending enough signs?"

"You were sending plenty of signs; I think she just misses her husband a lot."

"Ya' think?" asked Kerry. "She only talked about him constantly. It almost distracted me from how sexy she looked with that shirt on. Did you see the way she had the top three buttons undone? I just wanted to reach in and squeeze a tit.?

"Yes, but I have an idea about how we can ease her around to us," said Lynn. "Come upstairs and help me get ready."

Minutes later, Kerry was dressed in Lynn's husband's camouflage BDU's. They were a little long in the legs, and more than a little tight around the chest, but they fit her much better than they fit Lynn. The two women had enough experience undressing their husbands from BDU's, so had no trouble getting the details right, right down to the dogtags nestled between Kerry's breasts. They decided against boots, though, and had made one addition that was definitely not part of Army uniform.

"You look pretty hot," remarked Lynn. "And I do believe you might be excited!" she added, playfully grabbing Kerry's "package". Under her uniform pants, Kerry had strapped on a nine-inch dildo that the two had played with on a few occasions. Kerry looked at her costume in the mirror, and asked, "Do you really think this will work?"

"She was pretty wasted," confirmed Lynn. "I think she'll just remember it as a dream. An arousing, sexually ambiguous dream. If she starts to wake up completely, just leave quietly, come back in here, and fuck me with that thing."

"That was my plan anyway," said Kerry. "All right, here goes."

Kerry stepped into the darkened room, leaving the door slightly open so that Lynn could peek in as well. Kerry moved over to the bed, lay down next to Michelle, and whispered, "Honey, I'm back" into the sleeping woman's ear.

Kerry began to lick and suck on Michelle?s ear. Michelle twitched in her sleep but did not wake up. Kerry tested Michelle some by grabbing and squeezing her tits. No response from Michelle except the swelling of her nipples. Kerry felt that it was safe to proceed. She whispered in Michelle?s ear, ?are you ready for my cock, honey.? Michelle groaned as Kerry lowered her pants. Kerry began by licking Michelle?s pussy making sure that she was wet enough. She stuck her tongue inside Michelle and savored the taste of her sweet vag. Kerry worked her way up Michelle?s body stopping to suck on her nipples. She ran her tongue over the nipples and tweaked them between her fingers. She pushed her dildo into Michelle and whispered, ?here I am honey.?

Kerry began to push in and out. It was a new movement for her. A little awkward, but soon she got the rhythm of it. As she fucked Michelle with her dildo Kerry nibbled at her ear. Michelle?s breath quickened in her sleep. Kerry was amazed at the deep sleep Michelle was in. She began to pump her ?cock? deeper into Michelle. Michelle moaned her husband?s name. Kerry was pumping fast now. She could tell Michelle was getting closer to orgasm. Her nipples hardened and Kerry tweaked them. Michelle began to moan again in her sleep.

?Yes, oh yes. Faster.?

Kerry obliged and and it pushed Michelle to orgasm. Kerry lay there for a few moments. Michelle still seemed asleep.

As silently as she had entered, Kerry stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her. Her eyes were greeted by the sight of her neighbor sitting with her back to the wall, legs spread, and one hand slid up under her nightgown. Lynn opened her eyes at the sound of the door, and was greeted by the sight of Kerry in camouflage, blouse open, with the strap-on lewdly sticking out of the fly. Lynn leaned forward, and playfully touched the tip with her tongue. "It tastes like you've been putting this inside another woman," she said accusingly.

"Looking at how wet your slutty little pussy is, I don't think you care as long as I start pounding you with it too," said Kerry, pulling Lynn into the master bedroom.


The next morning, Michelle stumbled downstairs, eyes still closed. Lynn was sitting at the kitchen table, a cup of coffee waiting for her. "Sleep well?"

"Yeah," said Michelle groggily, "I just shouldn't have woken up."

"Well, I think we were all pretty drunk last night. Kerry's gone home, but you can stay as long as you'd like. I guess you can see I don't have any plans for the day." Lynn gestured, and Michelle noticed that she was wearing a faded CCSU T-shirt, and a pair of her husband's PT sweatpants. She also noticed that Lynn had no bra on under the tight shirt, and was wearing a red thong, which peeked up above the waistband. She was surprised at noticing these details about the woman, and shook her head.

"I had the strangest dream last night," said Michelle. "I dreamed that Geoff was back, and... well... he was intimate with me."

"Well, its great that you have someone who can pleasure you even when he's not around," Lynn said, with a mischievous smile. "Kerry and I only have each other for company; our husbands don't visit us in our dreams."

"That's the funny thing," said Michelle. "In the dream, it was Geoff -- he was even wearing his BDU's. But I couldn't help thinking that it was Kerry there with me, not Geoff." She paused, as another thought struck her. "I'm not attracted to women, you know. It was just a dream."

"Of course," reassured Lynn. "You'd spent all night with us, so its only natural that Kerry might play a role in your subconscious. Besides," she added, "Kerry is quite attractive."

Michelle blushed, and the conversation moved on.


For the next two weeks, Lynn and Kerry's husbands were back on post. "The Michelle Project" took a back burner to their time with their husbands, but Lynn and her husband Alex did take Michelle out with them to dinner one night. After they had dropped her back at her house and arrived home, Lynn asked her husband, "Did you think she looked sexy?"

"Why, what was she wearing?" asked Alex, diplomatically.

Lynn slapped him playfully. "Don't try to tell me that you wouldn't want to lean her back on a bed and fuck her pussy!"

"No, but I wouldn't mind doing that to you," replied Alex.

"Well, catch me if you can!" said Lynn as she ran up the stairs, pulling off her shirt as she went. Alex was right behind her.

Alex tackled Lynn onto the bed. Lynn fought back and was soon straddling Alex. Alex began to grab her tits. Lynn pinned his hands behind his head.

?Do you want me?? she asked Alex.

?I want my cock in your pussy.?

?Why should I let you fuck me??

?Because you want it just as much as I do.?

With that Lynn gave in and bent down to kiss her husband. Their hands began to explore each other?s bodies, ripping clothes off as they went. Alex loved Lynn?s tits and spent a long time kneading them with his hands. He squeezed and pulled on her nipples. She loved when he tugged on her nipples and moaned out with pleasure. Lynn got Alex?s pants off and began jerking his cock.

Lynn wasn?t satisfied just jerking him though. She moved herself down his body. She ran her tongue along the length of his shaft. She sucked on his balls. Again, she licked the length of his cock. She then circled the tip of his penis with her tongue. Hungrily she sucked his cock into her mouth. As she sucked his cock she fondled his balls. She loved sucking Alex?s cock. She had most of it her mouth and she ran her tongue along it as she sucked. She felt his cock swell in her mouth. Lynn worked her way back up Alex?s body stopping to suck on his nipples. She loved playing with his nipples.

Lynn straddled Alex again. She was teasing him with his cock just barely inside her pussy. After a few moments of this she plunged down onto his cock. The feeling was intense for them both. Lynn began to pump up and down real slow, squeezing Alex?s cock with her pussy. Alex was playing with her ass. He loved pushing her ass together to get a tight grip on his cock. Lynn bent over and Alex took her nipple into his mouth. He bit it playfully and then sucked it. Lynn had her eyes closed enjoying the sensation of his cock in her pussy. As Lynn?s orgasm grew close she began to pump faster. Sliding up and down and moaning in pleasure. Alex sensed she was close to orgasm and began to knead her breasts. He pinched and tugged her nipples and she screamed out in pleasure.

?Oh God, Steve. Oh, yes. Harder. Oh. Oh. Ohhhhh.

Later, Lynn lay naked curled up next to her husband. "Did you think Michelle was sexy?"

"Not as sexy as you," he answered, stroking her hair.

"How about Kerry? Is she sexier than me?"

"No," said her husband. "I only want you."

Lynn drifted off to sleep, contented. It once again confirmed for her what she and Kerry had agreed on at the start of their relationship: each of them only had one man, and he was hers' exclusively. In spite of their love for each other, the two had no desire to share husbands. Sex with women fulfilled their needs for the time, but there was no room for others inside each marriage.


Too soon, the NTC schedule took Lynn and Kerrys' husbands back to the field, and the two returned to their relationship with Michelle. One Saturday night, the three met at Kerry's house to get dressed for clubbing. Michelle arrived already dressed, but Lynn and Kerry couldn't seem to decide on outfits, and spent over half an hour taking off their clothes and putting on others as Michelle sat on Kerry's bed giving her suggestions. Then, the three got made up, putting on plenty of lipstick, eyeshadow, and at Lynn's suggestion, glitter in their hair and on their cleavage.

At the club in Bardstow, the three attracted a lot of attention on the dance floor. Men ten years younger offered to buy them drinks, and danced with them. Lynn and Kerry were completely comfortable rubbing their breasts up against the men, and rotating their hips against the mens' obviously aroused cocks. Michelle was less comfortable, though, and looked shocked when one man came up behind her and stroked a hand from her tummy up to cup her left breast. Lynn and Kerry saw the look on their friend's face, and left their suitors to join her.

Lynn stood up on her tiptoes, stuck out her tongue, and licked Michelle's ear as she massaged Michelle's right breast. Kerry, meanwhile, shoved Michelle's suitor back, and shouted, "Get your fucking hands off my girlfriend!" Then, Kerry joined the other two, put her hand on Michelle's thigh, and whispered in her other ear, "Sorry about that. Lets play along for a few minutes, to keep him away."

Michelle thanked both girls, and they spent the next few minutes dancing very close to each other. To Michelle's surprise (and the pleasure of the guys in the club), Kerry and Lynn shared a few deep, passionate kisses during breaks in the music. Eventually, though, the three decided to call it a night.

"There's a Holiday Inn down the street," said Kerry. "We usually sleep there instead of staying sober enough to drive home." Michelle agreed, and the three walked the short distance to the hotel. While Kerry and Michelle sat in the lobby, Lynn went to the desk to get them rooms. She returned, shaking her head.

"They only have one room left; I guess there's a convention or something in town," said Lynn, with a quick, private wink to Kerry. "Its a double, though, so Kerry and I can share a bed." Michelle tried to protest, but Kerry reassured her that this was nothing unusual for them.

Only a few minutes later, the three were in their two beds. Michelle had just begun to fall asleep, when a whisper from the other bed got her attention. "You got me awfully turned on back there," said one of the girls.

Michelle opened her eyes wide, but remained still as she heard the other voice whisper, "You think you're horny? Feel my pussy." Then, after a pause, "Oh, God, you are so fucking good to me. Don't stop!" There was no question: the two women were fingering each other. Right there, in the bed next to her, two women were having sex.

Michelle's first instinct was to say something, to protest, or to walk out. But they had driven there in Kerry's car, so she couldn't leave by herself, and there was nowhere else to stay in the hotel. Besides, Michelle had to admit to herself that hearing the catch in Lynn's breath as she neared orgasm turned her on. Then, inadvertently, Michelle's mind went to her vivid dream of sex with Kerry from a few weeks ago. Still feigning sleep, Michelle slipped a hand between her legs, and began to do to herself what her friends were doing to each other.

She heard both Lynn and Kerry come, and then there was silence for a few more minutes. Michelle hoped that the two had fallen asleep, because her own orgasm was not far off as she sped up the speed of the fingers on her clit. Then, to her shock, Kerry turned on the light! She and Lynn stood on either side of her bed, grinning, and completely nude.

"Did you like our show?" asked Lynn, pulling off Michelle's blanket to reveal her busy, wet fingers. Michelle tried to protest, but Kerry placed one finger over her lips. "Don't worry," she said softly, looking directly into Michelle's eyes. "We don't mind. But I don't think you got off yet."

With that, Kerry leaned down and kissed Michelle full on the mouth to stifle her protests. She gently pushed Michelle onto her back, reached down, and began to circle her fingers around Michelle's nipple. It took only a moment before Michelle began kissing back, enjoying the sensation. Still, she was surprised when she felt Lynn spreading her legs and gently licking her already wet pussy.

Lynn started off slowly, licking her thighs and her pussy lips. She explored every area of Michelle?s wet cunt. She teased Michelle by quickly flicking her tongue across her clit. Michelle let out a deep groan. Kerry was adding to the sensations by nibbling on her ear and neck and tweaking a nipple. Michelle had goose bumps from the feeling. Kerry moved from licking Michelle?s neck to Michelle?s nipples.

Lynn continued licking Michelle?s pussy. She was paying great attention to her clit and had two fingers inside her pussy. Michelle could feel her orgasm coming. Her groaning increased. Lynn increased her speed on her clit. Kerry tugged on Michelle?s nipples. Michelle?s body reached climax. She moaned in ecstasy and writhed with pleasure. She had a satisfied grin on her face.

?Did you enjoy that?? asked Kerry.

?MMMMMM,? said Michelle as she drifted off to sleep.


The sun was well up before the three women awoke. Michelle woke first, and was surprised at first to discover two sets of naked breasts pressed up against her own body. Then, she remembered what had happened the night before. At her sudden movement, the other two stirred and woke.

Kerry was the first to speak. "We should probably talk about this," she said.

"Lynn and I have been sleeping together for a few months now. We're still completely faithful to our husbands, but when they're away, we... we have a good time together. I think we both like you, and we'd like to have an intimate relationship with you, but if you're not comfortable with that, we'll back off and just be friends." Both women looked to Michelle.

Michelle thought about how lonely she was, and how good the two women had made her feel the night before. She paused, and then said, "If the two of you have room for another woman, then I'd love to be with you." Then, she reached over, and kissed first Kerry, and then Lynn. Breaking her kiss with Lynn, she said, "What's that taste?"

Lynn smiled. "That's still your pussy juice from last night. Do you like it?"

"I'd like to see what yours tastes like," said Michelle?.

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