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Love In The Club

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Above the music of the club, Mia could not hear a thing. They were playing "Belly dancer" by Akon. Since she loved this song, Mia worked her way to the dance floor. She started to use what little hip hop moves that she knew.

Out of the corner of her eye, Mia saw something that made her stop dancing. A beautiful blonde woman with a curvy but not fat body was dancing all by herself. While Mia continued to watch this woman, she looked around for a place to sit down. There was a seat directly across from the woman and Mia went over there, fighting with the crowd, and sat down to watch the woman.

The woman was dancing sexily, using her hips in a way that was extremely erotic and seemed like it was a fluid motion.

Mia did not know what was happening to herself. She had never thought of a woman sexually before. Now there was this woman that was heating Mia up and did not even seem to know it.

It did not take that long before the blonde woman sensed herself being watched. She looked around and saw Mia looking at her with brown hazy eyes. The blonde was surprised that Mia was watching her. Mia had brown wavy, back-length hair and an athletic body.

Mia noticed that she had been figured out. She blushed as she saw the woman briskly making her way to Mia. Mia sat upright in her seat, acting somewhat innocent although she knew and so did the woman that she was not innocent.

The woman smiled a flirty smile and said, "My name is Amy."

Mia smiled back and told Amy her name. Amy looked over at Mia and asked her if she wanted to dance. The club was now playing "Right Round" by Flo Rider.

Mia stood up and took Amy by her arm and led her to the dance floor.

Amy started to dance how she was earlier, but this time close to Mia. She was moving her hips so smoothly. Mia just started to sway her hips. She was dumbfounded. Usually she was the one dancing to please the guy, but Amy was no guy. She didn't know how to please Amy. Mia felt herself getting wet as Amy moved her butt against her.

Amy turned around and leaned up to whisper in Mia's ear, "Do you want to get out of here?"

Mia's knees buckled at that thought and she had to steady herself using Amy as leverage.

Amy grabbed Mia's hand and walked her out of the club, the two of them catching almost every guys' attention.

She led Mia to her brand new Mustang and opened the passenger door for her. Mia sort of fell inside, still not steady from before.

Amy got in the driver's seat and arranged her seat so that she was comfortable. She then turned on the car, the motor vibrating the whole car.

Mia squirmed in her seat, feeling the vibration moving through her entire body. She whimpered her complaints as the engine took a little longer to turn on completely.

As Amy pulled onto the road, Mia started to feel better although her face was red with arousal.

Amy noticed how uncomfortable Mia was and smirked to herself. She was the cause of this state of arousal.

They did not have to go far before Amy pulled into a driveway. Amy got out of the car and went to Mia's side and opened the door. She then leaned down and grabbed Mia's arm and yanked her out of the seat.

Mia stood up as she was jerked out of the car. She got wetter at the look in Amy's eyes. They were so hazy that she could barely understand how she was able to see when she was driving and she was completely red in her face.

As they reached the door, Amy pulled some keys out of her purse. She unlocked the door and pushed Mia inside. Amy looked up at Mia and had a weird expression on her face. Amy asked her what was wrong.

"I have never been with a woman before," Mia answered.

"You don't have to be upset about it, just do what you like. We can take this slowly if you want," came the reply.

Mia leaned into Amy and kissed her, feeling Amy's full lips on her tight full lips. Amy opened her mouth and pushed her tongue against Mia's at the same time that Mia was doing the same.

Mia could feel Amy's cool tongue sending flames through her body. Mia moaned softly as Amy pulled her closer.

Mia said, "I think that we should take this slowly, although I do want to. It is just confusing."

Amy had a little disappointed look on her face, but she calmed herself. She asked Mia if she wanted anything to drink. Mia asked what she had.

"Whiskey, tequila, Dr. Pepper, milk, and water," came her response.

Mia asked for whiskey. As Amy went to her kitchen to get the drinks, Mia looked around.

There were red roses on her table and everything seemed to have its place. She saw some pictures and went over to look at them.

There were pictures of Amy in a basketball uniform, obviously from high school.. There were a few pictures of Amy with another woman.

For some reason, Mia started to feel jealous.

She heard Amy coming and turned around.

"Who is that girl," Mia asked, surprised that she even asked. She already knew the answer.

Amy told her that it was her ex that broke up with her a few days ago.

"I just have not had the time to do something with those," Amy told Mia.

Mia felt guilty for asking and went up and hugged Amy. She pulled Amy's face up to hers and kissed her with all of the passion that she had earlier.

Amy broke the kiss and went to sit down on her couch. Mia was confused.

"Why did you just do that," she pondered aloud.

Amy told her that she broke the kiss because what she was thinking of doing to her would not qualify as taking it slow.

Mia looked at Amy curiously and said, "Screw the taking this slow thing, I think that I might be falling for you."

Amy looked up, surprised at this new revelation.

"Are you sure," she asked.

"As sure as I can get," came the response.

In a heartbeat, Amy got up and took Mia's hand and led her to her bedroom. She pushed Mia down on the bed and started to lustily kiss her.

Soon, Mia was squirming underneath Amy. Amy grabbed the end of Mia's shirt and slowly lifted it off of her. She started to kiss and nibble Mia's earlobe and neck. Then she reached down and started to move her fingers over Mia's breasts in a caress.

Mia reached up to the end of Amy's shirt and pulled it off of her. She started to lick Amy's nipples. A moan was her approval to continue. She started to nibble and suck on them.

Soon, Mia reached down and pulled Amy's skirt off of her, revealing a red thong. She then started to rub her fingers on Amy's pussy as she attacked her nipples.

Amy leaned forward and pulled her thong off.

Mia could see the wetness between Amy's legs and kneeled down and licked from her slit to her clit, tasting her sweet nectar. Soon Mia added her fingers inside of Amy.

Amy screamed as she cam and lay there for a second before she pushed Mia onto the bed, assaulting Mia's nipples with her teeth, tongue, and lips. She kissed her way down Mia's stomach, making her way further to Mia's pussy, pulling off Mia's shorts as she did so. She licked from Mia's hole to her clit. She started to suck on Mia's clit, using her fingers to spread her lips apart for better access.

As Mia came, she screamed Amy's name. They laid down on the bed and cuddled for a while.

"I love you," Mia said.

Amy told her that she loved her too, and that they would have to do this more often. Mia agreed.

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