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Lisa and Chrissy

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Lisa and Chrissy-

Lisa and Chrissy are friends of Lauren that we met.They recently moved here from Texas and have been over to Lauren's House a few times. Lisa does work as a freelance writer and home schools Chrissy. Lisa doesn't talk to that many people. Chrissy has a couple of freinds that come over. Chrissy's main friend Sandra comes over every day after school. Sandra loves licking Chrissy's pusys every days. Sandra is about 5'4 about 115, meduim size breasts and ass. She is 15. Lisa does let Chrissy go out with Sandra even though she knows they go out to have sex. Lisa does like that Chrissy had a friend to play with on a daily basis. Yes, Lisa has alsoplayed with Sandra. Sandra wishes she could be in a family that plays but that are too conservative. Sandra would love to suck her older brother's cock and lick her sisters pussy and play with her parents but she comes over to Chrissy's for that. Today Sandra came overand of course got naked for Chrissy and thye licked and fingered each other. lauren usually sist downstairs and masterbates while they are playing. Today Chrissy told Sandra how her mom watched her get fucked in the pussya nd ass by an older guys. Sandra said that is so hot, hopefully your mom will invite him over while I was here. Lauren heard that downstairs and smiled. Sandra then talked about a new girl that all the guys were hitting. She just moved here from Florida she was 14 about 5'6 with a 34d breasts. She had a curvy body and looked older than 14. Chrissy said "Is she wild or not". Sandra said I heard her telling this guy that she was into girls and he said can I watch and she said I only let my boyfriends watch. Sandra said, she was going to invite her over for a sleep over. Chrissy said that would be hot.

The next day, Chrissy was waiting for Sandra naked as usual. Sandra and her licked each other and made each other cum. lauren was in the other room masterbating and listening. Lisa likes the girls to have their alone time. Sandra told that she invited Shelby over for a sleepover. Chrissy said " I cannot wait" and Sandra said " I know, she said we sound like a lot of fun, and she said your mom should call her mom for permission". Chrissy calld Lisa into the room and said" I can have a sleepover, we want to meet the new girl" Lauren said " OF course sweetie, can I have her number" Sandra said I have it" Sandra bends down and gets it and Lisa looks at her hot little ass. Sandra said" Here you go" Lauren says "thank you" and leaves the naked teens alone. Lisa dials the numbers and says" Hello, can I speak to Mrs Conrod". The young man on the phone says " Mom , Phone" Mrs Conrod " Said, hello this Heather" Lisa says" hello Hetaher, I am Chrissy's mon and I wanted to know if it was okay if she had a sleepover with my daughter Chrissy and her friend Sandra" heather said " Of course, it is good she meets new friends" Lisa said" Is there anything I should know, like can she not eat certain foods or has to take medicine" Heather laughed and said" oh no she eats everything, you can't even tell by how she looks. The only things is that if you have a husband or boyfriend, she will flirt and wear something revealing. Lisa laughed and said" What do you mean" hetaher said" Well, Shelby is big breasted and likes to wear clothes that barely fit her or she will wear t-tank tops with no bra" Lisa laughed" Oh my, she must get lots of stares from your husband and friends" heather laughed" Oh yes, Daddy's litle girl likes to tease him and her brother" Lisa said" Can I ask you something without you being offended" Heather said " Sure" Lisa said" Do you like when she teases your son and husband, I mean have you wanted to take it further" Heather said" I will admit I get turned on watching her tease them, in my fanatsies yes I play with my son and my daughter. And we are a open sexual family" Lisa said" have you told your husband? heather " No not yet, I mean I know he gets hard looking at my daughter and in Florida I know he masterbated when her and her friends would sunbathe, My husband was jealous of our son because he would rub lotion oh Shleby's friends". Lisa Said" Wow, how do you feel about that? " Heather said" well It turns me on and I want to find the right way to discuss both of our kinky needs, I mean I know he wants to play with your girls and I want to play with young guys" Lisa said" I will have to have you talk to my friend Lauren, she plays with her husband and two daughters and son, My daughter and I have played with them." Heather said" That will be very cool" Lisa said" Well I promise ,Shelby will have fun at my house" heather said " I hope she does, and I want all the hot details" Lisa hung up the phone and smiled.

The day came for the sleepover. Lisa had little care packs for the girls, which consisted of a couple pair of thongs, massage oil and a dildo. She had them in bags with there names on them. Chrissy was wet waiting for the girls to come over. lauren of course was naked and wanted to greet each girl. First came Sandra wearing a tank top and tight little skirt. She came in saw Lauren naked and gave her a big hug and Lauren said" We have been waiting for you" Sandra then walked over to Chrissy and gave her a long hard kiss as Lauren watched. Chrissy said " Come on baby get naked and lets wait for shelby" The girls got naked and of course ran up to Chrissy's room to lick and finger each other. After about 30 minutes, the door bell rang, the girls ran down the stairs and I told them before hand to have on some clothes. So of course they ran down in thongs and tank tops. So Then they open the door to reveal Shelby, who was wearing a a low cut tank top no bra and short little jean skirt. the girls were smiling and I was like, She is hot for a young girl. Shelby said " hello Sandra and you must be Chrissy, your so tiny and I love it, and you must be Lisa. Chrissy said lets go up to my room and the girls ran upstairs. I stood there staring as I started opening my robe, Shelby looked backed and licked her lips and went upstairs. When I saw that, I just stood there and played with myself. The girls were upstairs on the bed talking. I snuck upstais to listen from the other room. The girls were talking getting to know Shelby. Shelby said how they moved from Florid becaus eof her dad's work and they she was getting to know people etc. She said she started playing withgirls when she was 13 and of course started suckign cock when she was 13. The girls all said that is when they started. SO Chrissy said " How is it having huge boobs like that" Shelby laughd and said" it's Fun, I love teasing people with them, I get lots of stares and stuff. I will admit I teased my dad and brother the most" Debra said" You so naughty, how do you tease them? Shelby said" I will wear t-shirts that show every thing and I think dirty thoughts so my nipples get hard, they always stare. Or I will ben ddown to show off my ass or let them look down my shirt. Chrissy said" Doesn't you mom say anything" Shelby said" No, She smiles and laughs" Debra said" Why do you tease them more' Shelby said" Because I lik the thrill of seeing them squirm knowing how naughty it is that is is my dad and brother. I get so wet when I do it" Lisa in the other room was masterbating like crazy!!!. Chrissy said" Do you masterbate thinking about them" Shelby's face turned red and said" I do, I know I shouldn't but I do"Chrisys and Debra inUnison " iot's okay baby" Debra said" My parents are conservative and I masterbate wishing they were open like Chrissy and Lisa, and their friends famly that play. Shelby said" Tell me more" Chrisy said only if you follow the ules of the house is that we are all naked. Debra and Chrissy were naked in no time. Shelby took her time and slowly took off her tank topsm her d cups first with rock hard nipples and removed her short skirt. She looked so good all tanned. The girls were shaved and Shelby was smiling at the girls. Shelby said" So Chrissy does you mom walk naked too " Chrissy sais" yes she does and she is hot too " Shelby said " I know: and she looked at Debra. the Debra said " Shelby tlel us the kinkiest thing you have ever done?" Shelby smiled and said " I fucked my dad's best friend and his wife before we moved" Chrissy and Debra looked at each other and said Wow: Shelby said" Well Iw as there babysitter and one night, they came home and I ddin't hear the door and they found my masterbating watching one of theri porns. I was emrassd and cover up but they said , honey it'sokay, We have been dreaming of coming home and finding you like this. So i uncovered my hands and sat there staring at them. My dad's friend was looking at me and his wife was unzipping his pants to pull out his cock. His wife started stroking him and said" Do you want to watch us shelby? Shelby " yes I do" and started playing with myself. When my dad's friend saw this he was staring and his wife slide down his pants and started sucking him right there. She wa on her knees and adjusted herself so I could look at her ass. She hiked up her skirt and I could see her wet pussy. I played with nipples and kept touching myself. Chrisys and Debra were watching ehr talk and touching themselves too. Shelby then said that her dad's best friend sat down on the couch inches away from her and his wife got naked and sucked him some more. I sat there playing with myself and rubbing my wet fingers on my nipples. His wife said " Shelby let him suck on your tits" So I leaned hima nd let him suck on my boobs. I was so wet when he did pretending it was my dad. Then when he was suckign his wife mounted hima nd startyed fucking him. She said shelby suck on my boobs please. So I suckd on her boobs wishing they were my mom's and she said Shelby Suck his dick. So I sucked his dick tatsing his wif'e spussy on it. he was moaning so loud when I sucked him. At the same time his wife started licking ym pussy. I moaned he ,oaned and he was ready to cum. He said he wanted to cum on my big boobs. So he stroked his cokc and squirted on me. I moianed as his wife was licking me and she stopped to lick his cum off my tits. It was Hot. Chrissy and Bebra were spread opene fingering each other and Shelby said " Wow, they must have liked my story..

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