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Lawn service II

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After Sonja left, I slumped back on the sofa and smiled. I could not believe that I had just made love to an 18 year old soon to be university freshman. It was marvelous that our lawn service girl was a gorgeous blond. She was so sweet tasting that I could not wait to taste her again. My heart raced thinking about her return visit that night.

Sometime after sunset, Sonja's car pulled into the driveway. As she drove up to the attached garage, I opened the door with the remote. When she drove into my husband Carl's empty spot, I closed the door behind her. No sense in the neighbors in on my little secret.

Sonja stepped into the house and immediately fell into my arms. "It was so wonderful being with you this afternoon, my darling," Sonja said. Then she gave me a passionate kiss. "But I did not get a chance to give you the kind of pleasure that you gave to me. Its my turn to taste you."

Nothing would please me more than have this beautiful golden haired goddess between my legs. Without another word, Sonja started pulling me toward the bedroom.

When we got inside the room, she turned to me with a smile. "I want to really take my time with you" as she started undoing my blouse. After she got all the buttons undone, I helped her take it off. My breasts were now exposed and my nipples were hard. Sonja started biting and sucking on each one. Then she began kissing me down my stomach until she reached my skirt. Slowly she pulled it down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. Before she came, I had made sure that I had no bra or panties on and now I was so glad that I did.

Next I helped Sonja out of her T-shirt which I had noticed when she first came into the house that she was also braless. Our mouths came together in a long french kiss. Both of our nipples were erect and pressed against each other.

"Let me have that pussy of yours," Sonja said as she pushed me on my back. My cunt was throbbing with anticipation and it was dripping wet. First, she kissed my inner thighs. My legs fell apart as I fell back into ecstacy. She finally made it to my pussy lips and she lapped up my juices. The only noise coming from her was a throaty purr as she licked from my vagina up to my clit. She then licked it faster and faster until I could not hold my orgasm back anymore. When I came, I gushed my pussy juice all over her face which she swallowed with obvious relish.

After my orgasm ended, Sonja came up to my face and kissed me tenderly. "You tasted as good as I had imagined. Can we do it again?" A laugh came out of my lips even though I was out of breath. "Oh no. You can't have any more until I can get you to cum all over me."

With that, I leaned over to kiss her. As I was doing so, I ran my hand between her legs. Sonja was as wet as I was. I started playing with her pussy with my finger rubbing the outside of her pussy lips. Then I got the tip of my finger wet and moved onto her clit. She started arching her back and spreading her legs. My finger began probing deeper in her when suddenly I came against a barrier. Just to make sure, I shoved my finger partially into her and realized that her hymen was intact!

Our eyes met and I asked "Are you still a virgin? I had no idea." "Would you please do something about that?" Sonja wispered to me. "Are you sure?", I replied. "Yes, I love you Mary and I want you to take my virginity. We then kissed gently. Then I grabbed her hair and pulled back. At the same time, I plunged my finger deep inside of her. Sonja cryed out and I inhaled her last virgin breath.

She bled a small amount and had a tear in the corner of her eye. "Oh Mary, I love you so much." "And I love you to my sweet Sonja." We stayed together all that night making love and sleeping in each other's arms.

The next morning she left promising to come back that night too. "Won't your Mom and Dad wonder where you are spending the night," I worried. "Don't worry, they are gone on vacation for a week. I love you." She then opened the garage door and backed out the driveway.

My husband Carl was due back home in three days. I knew that I did not want to give up Sonja. Carl had always wanted a threesome but at the time, I was not too sure about being with another woman. Now I was definitely sure! I would have to make sure that Sonja was OK with being with Carl. His cock was 8 inches long and fairly thick so Sonja's tight pussy would need some work to accept it. Oh well, we had three days to prepare.

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