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Into the Maelstrom: Part VII

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, Carolyn began to notice that a weird, growing nervousness was overtaking her. The events of the past 12 hours had drained her both physically and emotionally. Her overwrought mind was in no condition to understand what was happening to her.

All she knew for certain was that it felt as if her whole body was conspiring against her. It was as if a growing fire was burning inside her, and she couldn't put it out.

Her unencumbered breasts moved with abandon underneath her jacket, as her constantly and painfully erect nipples gleefully rubbed the silk lining, sending electric shocks throughout her body.

It was that damned seam in the crotch of her slacks which was really causing her problems, though. Wearing her slacks low on her hips helped somewhat, but the

touching down there was still happening. Her already sensitive pussy, obviously not used to so much attention, was heavy with her internal secretions. She knew it was only a question of time before they soaked through her slacks.

Eventually, she couldn't walk for five minutes without having to stop and collect herself before she could proceed further. Thankfully, the work she had to complete wasn't difficult, just time-consuming.

She found herself dashing into the ladies room for a quick drying of her sopping crotch every now and again, to protect her clothes and her modesty. Perhaps it was just as well she wasn't wearing panties today, she thought. In a short time they would have been soaked through and through anyway.

Even in the relative sanctuary of the ladies room, though, Carolyn had to be careful. Her traitorous body was becoming increasingly resistant to her mental discipline. Even the slight pressure from the dry toilet paper being applied to her sopping vulva felt good. Too good!

Every time she had to touch herself, down there, it only served to increase the sensations that had been building all day. What was wrong with her? she wondered.

What the hell was going on here?

It was not just her appearance which was causing her problems. Just about everyone at the firm today seemed to her to be acting very strangely towards her indeed.

Carolyn had hoped to pass unnoticed through a deserted office this Saturday morning. Unfortunately, it turned out that just about everyone was there. Also, most of them, especially her fellow paralegals and some of the other working staff, were not too busy to notice her astonishing appearance, and even proved catty enough to make some comment to her about it. As if she didn't know how she looked! She had to constantly repeat her ridiculous iced-tea story, which seemed to be less and less accepted by her more cynical co-workers as the day progressed.

Not used to having so much of her body showing, Carolyn was constantly forgetting about it as she went about her work. She would regularly find herself leaning over someone's desk, as she normally did in the course of a working day, discussing a document or the upcoming conference. It was only when that person's eyes would lift up from the top of the desk and light up in a strange fashion that she would remember and quickly straighten up, blushing to the roots of her hair in embarrassment at showing so much cleavage.

Other unusual things kept happening this morning as well. Normally her cool manner had always kept everyone at a distance, both physically and emotionally, but not today. For some reason she couldn't explain, something about her was actually drawing people towards her instead of forcing them away. No matter how hard she tried, it seemed to her that all of the firm's members wanted to get as close to her as they could, especially her fellow paralegals. They were even touching her, something unheard of before today, with a hand on her shoulder or an arm around her waist. And sometimes worse than that.

She was almost sure that, while in crowds or walking down a passageway, she could feel a stray hand moving over her buttocks. Yet, no matter how fast her tired mind reacted to this outrage, by the time she turned around there was invariably only an anonymous crowd going past. She was so tired, and it always happened so quickly that she didn't even worry about it after a while.

And her poor breasts! It seemed they were constantly in the way of just about everyone who walked by her.

Regardless of how close she squeezed herself against the cubical walls which made up the corridors of the administration section, her proud breasts were being buffeted so much by hands, arms and shoulders that they had become quite swollen and were very sore indeed.

Finally, the required detail work for the conference was done, and all taskers had been successfully completed. Carolyn, feeling incredibly tingly by this time, returned to her desk and carefully sat in grateful isolation. She shouldn't have anything more to do today, until just before the arrival of the prospective clients.

Which was just as well, she thought, because the only thing that would stay in her head at the moment were unnatural flashbacks of her and Tamiko, especially when they were both naked on the couch in Tamiko's apartment early this morning.

"Woof!" Carolyn said softly.

How could something like that have had such a devastating impact on her, she wondered. It was a simple thing, after all, just two naked women on a couch. Yet it was all she could think about! She, who was so normally very much in control of herself and those around her.

But, now! My God! Now, she was just a leaf in some sexual windstorm that was blowing her in any direction it choose.

The way she was dressed today, or rather not dressed, wasn't helping her distressed emotional state at all.

Now that she had some time to think about it, she realized that her reaction to it was not what she expected at all. After her initial embarrassment had finally passed, it became more and more distracting, then exciting in a way. She began to feel deliciously naughty about it, being so semi-dressed in such a formal environment.

The needs of work finally caused her to thankfully focus elsewhere, yet she could never fully blot it out. It was always there, hovering on the very edge of her consciousness, this constant if accidental stimulation of her body. To her deep consternation, she found herself actually liking it a little. For someone who had always been so proper in her appearance and behavior, it was quite a revelation, and it bothered her a great deal.

She had never realized she was capable of experiencing such intense sensations and emotions. It was a discovery of staggering proportions, because it pointed to the possibility of something which she never knew had existed within her. She had the soul of a, what? A slut? A sensualist? A sensualist slut??


Carolyn, startled, quickly recovered from her disturbing thoughts. She looked up and saw that her immediate supervisor, Susan George, was standing impatiently at the front of her desk.

"Yes, Sue?" she replied, wondering what this bothersome woman wanted from her now. "Can I help you?"

"Please come with me. Ms. Pendergast would like to speak to us about the conference."

"That's just great," Carolyn said with a forced smile as she slowly stood to walk with Susan back toward the executive offices. It figured, she thought. The one person she was able to avoid all morning now wanted to see her.

It was Ms. Joanna Stewart Pendergast, one of the more junior associates and certainly the most ambitious as well as unscrupulous. It was she some three months ago who had first solicited the prospective clients coming today, and had been carefully courting them ever since.

She, of anyone at the firm, had the most to gain or lose by today's outcome. In reality it was her conference today, but Carolyn had been doing all of the work for her on it.

Ms. Pendergast's small office was located in the less fashionable part of executive country, right next to the rest rooms, so thankfully for Carolyn it was not a long walk. As they neared the door to the office, she realized she had to be careful not to show Susan or Ms.

Pendergast how even this brief walk over here had affected her. They would certainly think her some kind of crazed slut. She might even loose her position at the firm as a result! She though briefly of faking menstrual cramps but decided against it. Nothing else to do but find out what she wants and get it done as soon as possible, while she was still able to function at all.

Even so, she knew she must soon have relief from this constant stimulation her body was getting or she would surely go absolutely mad!

She saw that Ms. Pendergast's office had a new addition since Carolyn's last visit a week ago. Taking up the entire center of the small office was a large, leather-covered easy chair. A bit much for just a junior associate, Carolyn thought as the two women squeezed into the cramped office, but typical of her.

Ms. Pendergast, with a surprisingly sinister grin, was seated behind her small desk, a thick opened set of instructions in a three-ring binder and a complicated-

looking remote control device the only things on the clean desk in front of her.

"Good morning, Ms. George, Miss Lord. Close the door, Carolyn, please. We don't want any interruptions," said the young associate.

Trying unsuccessfully to drive the now ever-present thoughts of sex from her head, Carolyn tried to focus on just what Ms. Pendergast was saying to her.


"Lock the door, will you? I don't want us to be disturbed."

"Yes, ma'am." Now what? Carolyn wondered as she closed and locked the door.

"This chair is one of the products that our prospective client manufactures. It's brand new.

Actually, it is still in the evaluation stage, and the fact of its existence is not to leave this room.


"Yes, Ms. Pendergast," answered Carolyn primly.

"Sure, Joanna," replied Susan.

"Joanna?" wondered Carolyn, rolling her eyes. "Oh, please!"

"Good. Enough said about that," said Ms. Pendergast, as she continued her briefing. "It is to be the first user-interactive easy chair. One in fact that has been specifically designed for women. For some reason, it's called "Mother's Helper."

Carolyn sighed. She really didn't need this, especially on a bizarre day like this one!

"That's nice, and it looks like a wonderful chair," Carolyn gushed hopefully, "but wouldn't Monday be better for you to show off your new furniture? I do have things to finish yet."

Normally, she would never have addressed a superior of the firm in this fashion, but Carolyn at this point would

have been perfectly willing to volunteer for a root canal in order to escape the presence of these two blindly ambitious women and their endless scheming. She just couldn't handle it. Not today.

"Carolyn, that's not why you are here," Ms. Pendergast snapped. "I want you to try it out, and tell us what you think of it."

"Try what out, Ms. Pendergast?" Carolyn warily asked.

"The chair! Just sit in the God-damned chair, will you, and tell me what you think. Okay?"

"Oh, great. Now I'm supposed to be a products tester for this egomaniac," she thought, as she moved to the front of the chair. "I'm doing her job for her again, the lazy bitch!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Carolyn said firmly, and she gingerly placed her sensitive bottom on the polished leather of the chair's seat. She wiggled her hips slightly to settle in, and found herself sinking into the most luxurious chair she had ever sat in, the leather clinging to her form like a second skin.

"Oh, my! This is very comfortable," she gasped in surprise.

Carolyn suddenly felt a hard presence within the seat, directly in contact with her hyper-sensitive sex.


"What's the matter?"

"There's a bump or something, right in the center of the seat," she said uneasily, shifting her hips further into the chair and away from the slight but disturbing intrusion beneath her.

"Hold on, I haven't finished reading the instructions yet. According to this, the chair is a combination electric recliner-relaxer, with a remote control. Ah, here we go! They say that that bump you feel works just like a saddle's pommel, except its height is adjustable by the user. It performs the same function as it would on a saddle, you know. It keeps you from falling forward out of your seat, especially when you use the incline function. It's needed because of the highly polished leather."

"Incline function?" At the sound of a click, Carolyn suddenly found herself laying on her back, her feet resting on a strangely divided footrest.

"Let's see. Here's a button marked 'Foot rest.'"

Each side of the foot rest formed a 'V', trapping Carolyn's feet. The sides then slid apart, spreading her legs in the process.

"Yes, of course. The foot rest does the same thing as the seat's pommel. It's meant to keep you in place. How clever. Do you feel like you're going to fall out?"

"No, I'm fine, although there really is no angle to speak of."

"Not yet? Oh, that's right. Forgot to set the degree of incline. How silly of me."

Carolyn slowly tilted upwards until her head was raised to a 45-degree angle from the floor.

"It's for watching television."

"Yes, very handy," Carolyn impatiently replied. I hope this ends soon, she thought desperately. She kept discretely shifting her hips, trying to lessen the slight contact which the pommel now had directly upon her sex.

Even with that to concern her though, she was so tired and the chair so comfortable she was afraid she would fall asleep right then and there.

"Susan, would you make sure she is using that pommel correctly?"

"Yes, of course."

Carolyn worried briefly that her supervisor would have to reach between her thighs to do this, but sighed with relief when Susan positioned herself behind Carolyn's head. Her relief quickly turned to dismay when Susan, by pressing her hands firmly on Carolyn's shoulders, forced Carolyn's vulva directly onto the pommel, pushing the electrifying material of her crotch seam directly into her pussy lips.

"OH!" Carolyn gasped, momentarily stunned by the sudden, intense contact.

"Next, we shall test the vibration modes."

"What? What vibration? MY GOD!" All previous sensations paled to insignificance beside the intense throbbing which now commenced between her thighs "Why, Carolyn, what's wrong?" Ms. Pendergast inquired politely.

"I don't? I don't know." She couldn't say it, she thought desperately. She just couldn't admit to her boss that she thought she was being molested by a chair! The pommel, which had mysteriously increased in size, had raised itself right between her thighs, and had then begun to vibrate. While the remainder of the chair's vibration-level remained low and surprisingly relaxing, the pommel's actions were most insistent. Carolyn's body, stimulated throughout the day to the very limits of human endurance, reacted violently to this latest violation of her person. Her hips bucked while her body writhed, yet Carolyn was unable to escape the intense effects because the crafty Susan kept Carolyn's vulva firmly planted on the insidious device.

Carolyn knew she had only a few moments before she would lose total control of herself. All she could think of was how she could relieve this fantastic pressure which was building within her. Her hands gripped the arm rests, her knuckles white with the effort needed to keep her from grabbing her agitated privates in front of everyone.

Suddenly, she knew the end had come.

"I have to get up. I think I'm going to?," the frantic woman tried to say.

"Going to what, dear?"

The climax struck!

"AAAaahhhh!" the tormented Carolyn screamed as she uncontrollably doubled up in the chair, trying to relieve the incredible sensations her empty yet madly pulsating vagina was radiating throughout her body.

"Quick, check her," snapped Ms. Pendergast in a very professional manner. "It looks like the poor thing is having some sort of seizure."

The chair was quickly returned to its normal configuration. Carolyn, still helpless in the throes of her monstrous orgasm, was bundled out of the chair by the two women and placed unceremoniously on her back on the cleared desktop.

With Susan working on her slacks and Ms. Pendergast on her jacket, the gasping Carolyn soon found herself quite naked on her supervisor's desk with her bare feet placed flat upon the top.

"Whoa!" said Susan softly, as the two women admired the panting, nude Carolyn in absolute awe. "I was wrong.

It was worth the wait. I like her style in underwear, too. Don't you?"

"Enough of that," Ms. Pendergast whispered. "This could be serious," she loudly declared. This could also be a great deal of fun, she thought as she licked her lips in anticipation. "I had better use the special probe on her to make sure that damned chair didn't hurt her!"

When Susan George had come to her this morning with talk of finally being able to "get" the untouchable Miss Lord, Joanna Pendergast knew exactly what to do about it.

The special chair in her office was something from the perspective clients true enough, but it was there for an entirely different reason. They did not want it tested.

In fact, the chair had so many design flaws and manufacturing defects that they didn't even want anyone to sit in it, and were if fact preparing to file suit against the contractors who produced this abomination in the first place. But Joanna Pendergast was well aware that, if properly used, the chair did have a certain if highly specialized potential, and was very anxious to give it a trial run.

And what do you know, she thought. The damned thing worked like a charm, and here was the delectable Miss Lord to prove it!

Joanna Pendergast unlocked a desk drawer and removed her favorite office dildo, already carefully greased earlier this morning in loving anticipation of just this

eventuality. It wasn't a strap-on version (unfortunately there just wasn't time for that), but it would do nicely

all the same.

Carolyn slowly began to recover from her body's spasms. She looked about her in confusion. Her skin developed goose pimples everywhere as she, without warning, felt very cold. She suddenly realized that she was no longer in the chair, but was now laying naked on the desk in Ms. Pendergast's office. She was naked!

"Jesus Christ!" Carolyn cried as she covered herself with her hands and tried to get herself off of the desk.

"Stay there," commanded Joanna Pendergast. "You've just had an attack of some kind and we need to know:

first, if you're all right; and, second if it was just you or was the chair somehow involved."

"Oh, please! Can't I get dressed first? I feel so?

so exposed!"

"Certainly not! Don't be stupid. How can we check you that way? Now, lie back down on the desk, there's a good girl."

Mortified, the bewildered Carolyn laid back down, careful to keep her pubes and breasts covered. "Good God in heaven," she wondered. "What have I done this time?" "Place your hands and feet flat on the table, please," Ms. Pendergast ordered.

Carolyn reluctantly removed her only protection, and placed her hands as she was told. When she hesitated about moving her feet, Joanna gave a sign to Susan and Carolyn's supervisor gleefully placed the reluctant woman's feet on the desk, widely separating them in the process.

Although she strongly wanted to, Carolyn did not protest this deliberate and humiliating exposure of her person. Ms. Pendergast was her department head after all, and Carolyn had been her obedient assistant for as long as she had been with the firm, so whatever she wanted her to do could only be for the good of the firm, didn't it? Yet, she was now completely defenseless to whatever they wanted to do to her, and it worried her a great deal. She did not enjoy being defenseless at all!

Especially with these two!

Joanna moved deliberately and positioned herself neatly between Carolyn's wide-spread legs. Carolyn nearly died with shame as she realized that her employer could now see everything she had, her most private parts.

Just everything!

Joanna reached out deliberately with her right hand and gently caressed the still seeping pussy. She inserted three fingers between the swollen lips and slowly slid them deep into the tight vaginal passage.

She was rewarded with an involuntary groan from Carolyn.

"Oh, baby!" she thought. "I'm in love!"

"Is that? Is what you're doing the check?" Carolyn wheezed.

"Just a part, honey. Just a part. I have to make sure you can handle the probe."

"Probe? You mean like a thermometer?"

"Yes, only a little bigger. But, you are absolutely correct. Basically, it's just a special kind of thermometer. Now, let mother take your temperature!" Joanna rubbed the spongy head of the artificial penis around and around Carolyn's hyper-sensitive labia.

Carolyn was beside herself with sensations. It was all she could do to keep from jumping off of the desk and run screaming from the room.

In her highly agitated state, Carolyn was quite disgusted with herself. Here someone was trying to help her and all she could think of was what was happening below her waist. What a slut she must be to keep on reacting like this to a simple exam. Had she no shame?

Worse, had she no control? Could she ever go into a doctor's office again without fear of embarrassing herself?

Joanna lovingly inserted the dildo's head into Carolyn's steaming vagina.

"Aaahh," moaned Carolyn as all rational thought left the vulnerable paralegal. She was penetrated deeper and deeper as Joanna worked the dildo into her tight victim by using a slow and easy in-and-out motion, going further and further in at each thrust. Carolyn's hips quickly began responding to Joanna's thrustings with motions of their own, adding an occasional circular motion to enhance the sensations being generated by the dildo's presence.

Overcome by the scene, Susan George quickly fastened her lips on Carolyn's bobbing right breast. Her left hand clutched Carolyn's left breast, the fingers tweaking the astonishing erect nipple. Susan's right hand flew up underneath her skirt and into her panties. She rapidly masturbated while contentedly suckling on Carolyn's breast. "I want this woman," she thought. "I want this woman for my very own. Oh, Yes!"

Joanna had worked the dildo all the way in by now, and had increased the pace of her thrusts. Faster and faster she became, with Carolyn matching her thrust for thrust, her naked buttocks noisily slapping the polished wooden desk top. Beautiful, thought Joanna as she watched her sweating prey, Carolyn's face glowing with effort, her unseeing eyes glazed over with lust. She thought feverishly of the devices in her desk, the nipple clamps, butt plugs and the like. Her mind positively boggled at the thought of using them on the delectable Miss Lord.

She glanced at the clock. Shit! No time, she wailed to herself. No fucking time at all! It just wasn't fair!

Of all the days for this to finally happen! Shit!

From Carolyn's frenzied breathing Joanna knew that the woman's time was near, very near indeed. All right, then. She would enjoy the moment (man, would she enjoy it!), but next time, next time she would do it right!

She removed the dildo and threw it underneath the desk. Carolyn arched her hips, searching for her missing lover. Joanna quickly placed her lips on Carolyn's vulva, thrusting her tongue now deep into the clenching vagina. Carolyn reached her hands up from the desk up and held the back of Joanna's head, trying to thrust it within her out-of-control body.

Susan George had brought herself quickly to orgasm (no patience, that woman!), and had collapsed in the easy chair, her small mind teaming with grandiose plots on how to possess Carolyn totally, and soon, too!

Joanna used her educated tongue well. She was cunning in her cunnilingus, and the defenseless Carolyn was brought to the brink several times, only to be deliberately brought back again. Finally, even Joanna knew that Carolyn could be denied no longer. Her tongue worked the tight clenching walls of Carolyn's vagina as the fingers of her right hand flicked Carolyn's clitoris just once.

"YES!" Carolyn cried out in ecstasy as her vagina pulsed again and again. Joanna's tongue lapped up the precious juices being spewed forth by the convulsing young woman who was caught up in the throes of her long denied orgasm.

When Carolyn became aware of her surroundings once again, she saw that Ms Pendergast was seated behind her desk, with Susan George standing on her left.

"Am I? Am I done?" she timidly asked the forbidding figure seated before her.

"Finally awake, are we?" Joanna Pendergast asked.

"It's about time, too. Just where do you think you are, anyway?"

"Sorry, ma'am. I don't really know what happened.

Must have been tired," the embarrassed Carolyn answered. She wasn't sure if she could cover herself up yet or not, so she remained as she was, laying naked on the desk, her hands and arms at her sides. She was conscious of a wetness coming from her throbbing vagina. My God! she thought. What's that all about?

"Is the check-up finished? Am I all right?"

"It's okay, Miss Lord. And, yes, you seem to be quite all right."

"Thank you," she murmured, as she tried to discreetly

cover herself with her hands. Being naked like this was impossible to endure, just impossible!

"Ah. By the way, what did cause? I mean, why did I?"

"Oh, that. It wasn't the chair after all, it was just you. I guess it must have been your time. Now, please get dressed. I have much to do before the conference and don't really have time for this sort of nonsense."

"Yes, Ms. Pendergast," the confused Carolyn meekly said as she wearily pulled herself off of the wide desk.

Under the glittering eyes of her two superiors, the terribly embarrassed Carolyn Lord got dressed, forsaking modesty for haste in her desire to quickly leave the scene of her latest disaster.

Carolyn left her supervisor's office stunned. She couldn't believe it. It wasn't possible.

My God, she thought. I've just climaxed in my clothes! I've just climaxed in my clothes and for no reason! Then, she did it again, right in the middle of a check-up with a medical probe for God's sake. She had never felt so ashamed, not so much for the loss of control over her body, especially in front of Ms.

Pendergast and Susan George, which was bad enough. But, what really bothered her, what really shook her so badly she just wanted to lay down and die, was that deep down within her very soul she knew that she had enjoyed it.

What was wrong with me today? she wondered. What was wrong?

Dead tired, she staggered into the deserted ladies room. The crotch of her slacks was thoroughly soaked with her own secretions. Fortunately, after applying several hand towels, the dark material served to almost totally mask its damp condition, while the front of her jacket kept it all covered anyway. Of course, to really hide the damp spot she had to wear her slacks high on her hips again, instead of low. Strangely, the idea didn't bother her as much as it once did. She understood that things were somehow different for her, and did not mind the discomfort. In fact, although she did not recognize it in her emotionally spent condition, she did not mind the contact of stimulating material on her vulva at all, now.

Her actions with Ms. Pendergast and Susan George kept worrying her. "How could this have happened?" her dazed and tired mind kept asking, as she was drying herself off.

When she felt she was finally presentable, she dressed,

left her stall, and went to one of the sinks. As she carefully washed her hands, she looked longingly at the empty couch located against the far wall. Such a lovely couch, she thought.

In the mirror above the sink, she could see that her eyes were barely open. The clock on the wall had three hours until the conference. Just enough time for a decent nap, she thought. I must do this, otherwise I'll never make it.

She wanted to lock the door to the rest room, but what was everyone else supposed to do in the meantime? "Never mind," she thought. "What could happen in here?" she reasoned as she gratefully laid down. "It's the safest place in the building."

She wondered briefly if it might be better if she undressed first, but decided against it. "Better not press my luck," she thought.

In a moment, Carolyn was fast asleep.

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