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I gasped Was this really happening?

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True story by SLS member EBSFGNCU

My name is Dawn. I'm the female half of a happily married swinging couple. The below is a true story of a very sexy night I just had to share with you....enjoy.

Three weeks ago, I was introduced to a sexy vixen that made my breath catch in my chest. Linda is this confident sexy woman who has this engaging smile and take-charge demeanor that had me wet in a matter of seconds. I had to know more about her. How could I tell her that I needed her between my legs? I don't hit on women frequently or with any confidence. I'm actually quite terrified of the reaction that may come from such a confession of desire. So I stuck to chatting about work stuff. But this underlying electricity between us was hard to deny.

I sent Linda an email asking to befriend her on Facebook, to which she readily replied. This was my way of finding out more and to see if this girl would be interested in a girl like me. A few more email exchanges and things became quiet between us. How the hell do I do this? How do I approach this? What if this backfires? These are the thoughts that stop me from pursuing someone I desperately desire. More like fears....

Fast forward to yesterday where I woke up thinking of Linda. I somehow had to let her know that I desire her. But how.... My inner voice said go for it! So I typed the following message on Facebook:

"Linda darling...I don't know how to say this any other way and I REALLY hope you don't get offended easily but...your beautiful and you had me completely smitten when I was working with you. Every time you came around I'd get flustered. I'm not usually this forward with women but something about you made me brave. My husband and I lead a different 'lifestyle' then most people which allows me a chance to indulge in my girly carnal desires. ;-) Still, I'm not usually this forward with people I barely know. I'm sincerely sorry if anything I'm saying has offended you. If you don't take a chance in life, you'll never know, right? I'd appreciate it if you keep this conversation between us. I'm sure you know how rumors around work can spread and I don't discuss this side of my life at work. Enjoy your weekend sweetie....hopefully you are receptive to my compliment and aren't running away screaming!"

I held my breath as I hit the send button. Terrified beyond belief of her reaction. I sat staring at the screen for a few minutes and realized I can't just sit here and wait. I got on with my day however, frequently checking my Facebook for a reply.

The reply came while I was eating lunch with my daughter. I literally gasped out loud and my daughter asked me what was wrong. I had to play it off but I couldn't help but squirm in my seat. It said:

"I am far from offended! Lol...I refer to you as my new girl crush, actually. And I think it was really brave of you to say something. I've experimented with other women, but nothing too serious. I'm definitely open to it, though. I'm a private person, so don't worry about this conversation. ;) You make sure to have yourself a good weekend. Talk to you soon!"

Was this really happening? Was she really interested in me? I was almost as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning. I couldn't keep this stupid grin off my face for the rest of the day. This could be fun!

After a quick exchange of phone numbers and a few sexy texts, it was evident that the desire was mutual between us. I was prepared to take this slowly as sometimes happens. So I sent a text or two throughout the night just letting her know I was thinking of her, when I got the text that took my breath away again for the second time... 'this girl needs some attention and affection; come over'. Not even thinking twice, I readily agreed.

Driving to her house, my heart started to race and the wetness between my legs was becoming evident. This is not my first time alone with a woman but this is the first time it's ever gone down like this. Usually there is a lot of talk before hand and getting-to-know-you chatting. This situation had me so excited I couldn't help but groan at the sexiness of it.

I was greeted warmly by Linda and given the grand tour of her home. This magnetism that drew me to her was overwhelming. Sensing her nervousness and being the aggressive girl I am when it comes to sex, I made the first move. She was sitting on the edge of the couch, I knelt between her legs, reached one hand up behind her neck and gently placed my lips on hers. Hearing her deep throated moan made me wild. I pulled her hard to my body, opened my mouth and tasted her as deep as I could. She responded to my growing desire with equal vigor. Letting her hands roam freely over my body, I could sense she was being a bit tentative. Needing to catch my breath, I pulled away from her and looked her in the eye. Seeing the same desire staring back at me, we made our way to the bedroom.

I became distinctly aware that I was trembling as we entered the bedroom. Why was I trembling?, I thought to myself. I've been with women before so why was I nervous. Then I thought, not nervous, excited! I was getting what I wanted since I met Linda and I couldn't wait. Here was this sexy woman wanting me as much I wanted her.

We kissed deeply as we slowly removed each other's clothes. Our breathing was getting faster as the need to be touching each other was starting to get unbearable. Linda tried to guide me backwards toward her bed, but I would have none of that. My animalistic desire to be in control took over. I hugged her to me, whipped around and pushed her back on the bed. Crawling on the bed over her, I gazed down at her body and my breathing stopped...she's mine...

Lying my body on hers, grabbing her neck and hair I kissed her with such intense need that I felt as if I couldn't breathe. She wrapped her arms around me holding me to her tightly with a deep need to consume me. As if I was the very air she breathes and can't live without. Never have I felt such desire from another woman towards me. It's intoxicating to be that desired.

Her moan of desire broke me out of my kissing long enough to catch my breath. I could hear our hearts pounding as I kissed my way to her perky tits. Running my hand down her ribs, I circled my tongue around her nipple making her arch her back. Her body motions begged me to go lower. Crawling my way down her body, placing light kisses as I went, I reach the sexy center of this luscious creatures body.

Oh so gently, I run my tongue along her pussy starting from the bottom. Linda gasps aloud and arches her back off the bed as if shocked. Licking ever so gently over her pussy lips and around her clit, I lapped up her sexy wetness. Her sexy cream is coating my tongue and tastes so delightful that I moan aloud. I didn't realize I could making her this wet with desire. My animalistic side to make this girl orgasm took over.

Wrapping my arms around her hips, I bury my mouth over her clit, flick my tongue and hold on as Linda yells aloud in shock. Her breathing is coming in gasps as she claws at the bed while she pushes her pelvis up to meet my mouth. "Oh my god! Ohhhhh,,,," is all she manages to gasp out between breaths. This goddess tastes so good, I can't stop. I lick my fingers and slide them slowly into her tight cunt. She quickly inhales as I circle my fingers inside her slick pussy. Succumbing to the sensory overload, Linda throws her head back and yells as wave after wave of release consume her body.

Her sweet juices flood my mouth as I continue to lap up her pussy. I don't want to stop. Continuing to lick and taste and touch...I've consumed her and I want more. She needs more release, I can tell. Besides, I guiltily admit that it's a power trip to have that control over another woman. To know you're the reason they feel so good to the point of rapture.

With lust filled eyes, she glances down at my smiling coated face and I realize, I'm about to be taken... Now you would not have guessed that she had limited girl/girl experiences by her eagerness to please me. I'm rolled over on my back, staring into these eyes full of desire as she leans in and kisses me deeply. Her kisses are so filled with need my body reacts by pulling her down on me. It's as if we can't get enough of each other's kisses.

Making her way down my body, my skin starts to tingle with electricity. She's sucking my nipple into her mouth while looking into my eyes. Staring back at me is this eagerness to please, so I moan aloud and arch my back as she did for me. Signaling my desire for her to taste me, to sample my cream, to make me come as she did. Tentatively she darts her tongue out at my clit and I almost jump off the bed. Why is her touch doing this to me? How is it she makes my body react like this? She needs me and it's intoxicating!

Stretching her arms under my hips towards my arms, I gently grasp her as she lowers her face to my pussy. She buries her face between my pussy lips, locks her lips around my clit and flicks her tongue in a way that makes my legs twitch. Grasping her arms, I throw my head back as a wave of shock runs through my body. I'm gasping and moaning as my legs continue to twitch. Linda gently removes her arm from my grasp and ever so slowly slides her fingers into me. My body comes alive and jumps as if I'm being electrocuted. Wave after wave of heat course through my body as I release myself to this stunning woman.

Catching my breath and coming down from my high, I roll Linda over and lie atop her. Licking my cream from her mouth and sharing it with her as I kiss her deeply. With my body still on fire, I wanted her to touch more of me. I sweetly ask if she's right or left handed, to which she says right. I rise up on all fours over her body with my face inches from hers, take the fingers of her right hand into my mouth and wet them thoroughly. Pushing her hand down, she inserts two fingers into my soaked pussy. Moaning aloud, I notice the glint in her eye and the sexy smile play on her lips. She likes to please me. Working her fingers in and out of my pussy our kisses grow deeper as our breathing gets faster. Clenching my muscles around her fingers, she gasps aloud as I shudder from head to toe with desire.

Unable to stand it any longer, I make my way quickly to her pussy and lock onto her clit. Linda screams aloud with the shock of my aggressiveness but soon is bucking her hips wildly. I bury a finger in her pussy to which she promptly tells me to add another. Stretching her pussy wide, I insert another finger and proceed to massage her inner walls with a slow circling motion all the while my mouth locked onto her clit. Grabbing onto the bedding as she thrusts her hips up, she says add a third finger. Mmmm I see now what she likes. Inserting a third finger, I start pumping them in and out of her pussy. Locking my arm around her hips as she shakes from release, Linda throws her head back, clenches my fingers and yells, "I'm coming"! Yes!....she has given herself to me yet again. A girl could get use to this sort of power over another.

Another hour of sexiness later, I had to go but I wanted nothing more than to stay. Linda has me in her web and I'm willingly captured. The valuable lesson here boys and girls, is that you never know about someone until you lay it out on the line. You may just be surprised...

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