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Humiliation is Rewarding

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"You are my bitch now. I own you. You will call me Mistress and you will answer when I speak to you. When we are in public you will act like I have an invisible dog collar and leash on you, you will not wander off or do anything that is not instructed. You will obey and if you do not you will be punished. I will humiliate you and you will not urn away or try to hide you will take my punishment. You will enojy being seen with me and following orders in front of other people. You will learn what I like and please me, if you please me you will be rewarded. Do you understand your mistress?" I asked.

Amy smiled mischeviously and answered " Yes my beautiful Mistress."

I normally didn't take Amy out on the town. I didn't feel she deserved it. She would call my house and nag and bitch that she wanted me and I didn't spend enough time with her then we would fuck and that would be it. But I felt like getting to know her more. Maybe she would join me in my large home and become a part fo my Harem, afterall I know she already adored me.

I took Amy out to a nice resturant on the river front and ordered some wine. We talked nasty and sexual to eachother all night knowing we both wanted to have sex, but we also got to talk a little more and I learned about her. During our conversation we drank tow bottles of wine together, so we were pretty tipsy. I decided instead of driving we would walk by the ruver for awhile and let the food absorb some alcohol. We payed for the meal and left.

Amy and I were walking down by the river the moon was bright and the air was warm. There were several other couples and even a few families out walking, fishing or play games by the river. The park was quite for so many people being out, it was nice and peaceful. I got an idea, and smiled to myself.

"Amy I want you to pee out here on the grass with everyone watching. I know you have to pee you had a lot to drink. After you pee we will go home and play. It would tunr me on so much to watch you pee for me especially in fornt of others. This is not a request its a demand. So so go over there and take down your pantie sand pee by that tree like a dog."

Amy looked frightened. She had never done anything so private out in public before. She tried to get out of it but my mind was made up. She had to do it and people had to see her.

Amy relunctantly walked over to the tree and pulled down her silky panties, she squatted low to the ground. She looked so cute just like a little grl, with her panties around her ankles and squatting so no one could see her soft little mound. She looked back at me, I guess eh had stage fright she could not pee. I motioned for her to play with her pussy so it would come out. As I sat on a nearby bench I watched as others stared and pointed. Some walked by curiusly while others took their loved ones and stormed away.

Amy put her hand to her pussy and massaged it under neath her skirt. Soon I heard a splash on the dry dirt and saw the golden yellow stream. She was peeing on the ground making a mud pile where she squatted. She hiked up her skirt and shifted away from the tree some so she would not get wet from the urine flowing out. You could fully see her soft pussy and the stream of urine flowing out of it. In a few minutes he was finshed. She pulled her panties back on her round butt and smoothed her skirt. She walked to me and I kissed her. I thought her peeing for me in front of people was highly erotic and dirty.

Amy and I went to my new home. I could not wait until we got inside and did not care if neighbors saw us. I sat her cute little ass on the trunk of my car and pulled her panties off and her skirt up. She was itting bare assed on the cold metal trunk. Her pussy was warm to the touch and seemed very inviting.

I knealed down eyes level to her soft little pussy and leane din. I kissed it then sucked the clit into my mouth sucking it hard she moaned. I nibbled a little on her clit then stuck my tongue deepinside her musty hole. She still tasted of stale urine but was now mixing with female precum. I wanted her to cum fast so I rubed her clit feircsly while I licked her pussyhole. In a few moments she let out a scream and moan and she cam into my mouth. I laped it up and then kissed her with the leftover cum still in my mouth.

Amy and I shared a kiss with her cum, she tried to spit it n the ground but I tightly held my hand to her throat making me swallow her own cum. I smiled I was enjoying this night. Amy and I walked inside and I told her to sit onthe floor next to the fireplace. I went into the kitchen to retrive something to play with. I layed on the floor next to her and striped my pants and panties. She gazed at my bare cunt and touche dit lightly.

I spread chocalte syrup on my cunt and ass and demanded her to lick it off. She quickly obeyed like a good little bitch. Licking me she cleaned up the syrup then relicked over that spot to get the stickyness clean. I lifted my legs and she rimmed me, licking my ass she gagged one time but continued.

" You dirty little bitch. You like licking my chocolate covered asshole don't you? Does that taste good? Do you want more?" She did not respond and this angered me, she must always respond to her mistress. I pushed her nose into my ass and held her by her hair as I let my air pass onto her face. She pulled back but I still had her hair and she was trapped to smell her punishment. I let go and was disgusted by the look fo her. She came up form my ass with chocolate all over her face and it looked as if she had been eating a shitpie. She was not what I desired anymore.

I let her wash up and then told her to go home. Next time she waould please me better but she should be thankful for all her mistress had done. I rewarded the humiliation she felt peeing in front of others with anamazing outdoor orgasms that upseted the nieghbors. She should begging me for more but instead sheleft quietly. Amy did become a very good whore and did move into my Harem.


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