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Hole in One (Part 2)

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I had my hands running all over Britney's tight little body. I could feel her every curve and every turn of her hips and legs. The warmth of her thighs surprised me as to how warm her body felt. She lifted up from her seated position and slid her shorts down and kicked them to the floor of her cart. I could see every bit of her beautiful body in front of me. She had such smooth skin still like a teenager. She had tan lines from a bikini and a nicely trimmed pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen and could see the moisture on them. I rubbed my hands up and down her legs and kissed her over and over again. Her mouth was watering and she swirled her tongue with mine very fast. Her lips were so soft and supple, I really enjoyed the kissing.

I decided it was time to feel inside her pussy. I slid my hand up her legs and she parted them for me. She placed one leg up on the front of the cart and her pussy lips opened slightly. I reached her pussy to find the velvet smooth hair above and I ran my nails through them. She almost leapt into my lap. She came up from a seated position and knelt on the cart facing me. I reached underneath her and found that soft hair again and this time ran my hand past and slowly slid my middle finger into her pussy. The feeling was amazing, this young girl was wetter than I had ever felt. I slowly worked the finger in and out of her. She was kissing me harder and then faster and then she would stop clenching my shoulder with her hand. This went on for a few moments when she mumbled under her breath that she was about to cum. I decided to put her over the top and popped my ring finger in and she was gushing instantly. I have gushed before when I came but never like this. I had to look down and make sure she wasn't peeing. She tightened up her entire body and let a couple of tremors almost like convulsions take over her. She collapsed back down on the seat and cupped her own pussy. She was breathing very hard and her face was beet red. She looked over at me and said "Thank you". Before I could say a word she said now it is your turn and reached for the buckle of my belt.

I was wiggling out of my shorts as fast as I could. I didn't get them to my knees and she was 2 fingers deep in me. She wasn't slow or easy she was being a bit rough. I really didn't care. I just wanted to explode and cum right then and there. Britney kept working my pussy as I kicked my shorts and panties to the floor. I spread my legs wide and placed both feet on the front of the cart. She was going faster and harder. She reached way inside me with those two fingers and started flipping at my G-Spot. I lifted my ass off of the seat and she asked if I was about to cum. I told her yes and she pushed in another finger. It felt good, very good. I asked for another finger and she stopped completely and asked if I was sure. I told her to go for it, to make me cum now. She started pounding my pussy with her four fingers and I could see she was in all the way to her thumb. I grabbed at her hand and pushed her thumb down to meet her other fingers and without saying a word she slid her hand completely inside my pussy. I came in an instant! I kept cumming and she kept spinning and pushing her fist in and out of my drenched pussy. I had to finally stop her. The sensation was overwelming me and I thought I was going to black out. She slid her hand out and licked her fingers as I gasped for air.

We both sat there with our tops up and our shorts off just looking ahead and breathing hard. You could smell our pussy juice in the air. The seat was soaking wet and our legs were covered in cum. Britney finally broke the silence and asked if I have ever had someones entire hand in my pussy like that before. I told her that I have had it a few times and that it always has resulted in the most intense orgasms I have ever had. She asked me if I thought she could take my hand in her pussy. I told her that any woman can. She looked over at me and asked if I would fuck her pussy with my hand. I tried to say absolutely but I was tripping over the word. Britney lifted her left leg over me and turned herself to place it on the back of the seat. She laid back and lifted her right leg onto the front of the cart. She lifted her head and asked if I was sure it would not hurt. I assured her it wouldn't.

I began with just one finger and started slowly. I was very pleased to find her pussy was still sopping wet. I then slid in another finger and fingered her a little quicker spreading my two fingers apart and stretching her little pussy. I slid in the third and felt very little resistance but when I placed the fourth finger in I could feel her tensing a bit. I knew I needed to go slow so I started to work her with just the four fingers. I wanted her dripping wet and on the verge of cumming. I was spending a few minutes with four fingers but Britney must have become impatient because she reached down and started pushing on my wrist. I asked if she was ready and she said "Oh Yes". I placed my fingers into a point and slide them in, all five. I reached my knuckles and with barely a push my hand slid in with a little pop. I was in her completely now and it was amazing. She let out a deep moan and muttered now make me cum. I began to spin my hand and she began to moan deeper and deeper. I pushed in a little further. I could feel her pussy lips stretch over my wrist. She was unbelievable! I was spinning my knuckles in her and could feel her tensing, just then she exploded with cum. This time it sprayed all over me. On my blouse and my face. I could taste the musty fluid in my mouth. I liked it, I leaned forward and gave her clit a lick and she shot damn near off of the cart. My hand slid out of her and she was almost back on her cart. She was moaning and kept saying "Oh My God that felt so good, Oh My God that felt so good". She was cupping her pussy and was rubbing the outside.

It was really beginning to get dark outside and I knew our play time was almost done. I suggested we get dressed before anyone came looking for us and she panicked a little. She was saying that she should have been back to the clubhouse by now and that they would be wondering where she was. We both dressed quickly and I stood up to button my shorts and do my belt. She walked over to me and gave me a big long kiss. I could still taste her pussy juice in my mouth. I told her thanks for the shot of pucker and she laughed a little giddy-like. It kind of reminded me that she was only a 20-something kid. She stepped back in her cart and waved at me as she pulled away. I sat for a moment taking in what just happened and started the cart for the clubhouse. The drive was funny. I could smell the grass and the trees and the flowers better than ever. Needless to say, I will be golfing alone whenever possible from here on out.

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