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Hole In One

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It is a beautiful Tuesday evening in Mid-Michigan and my girlfriend and I are playing the last of 9 holes on our local womens league. The weather is absolutely perfect, hot, not too humid with clear skies and just a light little breeze. My game today is nowhere near as good as the weather. Nicole is a 5 handicap and is playing right there but I am heading for a 45 and to be honest a bit frustrated.

Nicole and I have been playing on this league for three years now and for the most part enjoy the game and the people. There are a few prudes as always, but we just ignore them. Nicole and I have been great friends since I moved here with my Husband 10 years ago. We tend to vent on each other during golf and get to beat up a golf ball while we are doing it. She always says that golf should start angry and finish relaxed.

After putting out on the last hole I asked Nicole if she wanted to go into the club house for a drink. She of course did as we always do. I drove th cart back to the bar door and we headed in. Walking into the clubhouse is always quite interesting. There is a guys league that goes out before the women and they are always pretty well buzzed up when we come in from our league. They can be a bit rude and often very touchy feely. They play cards and cribbage and hit on the waitresses all night before wandering back to their wives. Nicole and I walked past the usual jeers and comments and sat a table in the corner. We ordered margaritas from the waitress and carried on a nothing conversation about kids and work. Nicole was very distracted and kept looking at her watch. I asked her if she was ok and she said she had to run early tonight because her husband would be home from his business trip. We finished the drinks and walked back to the cart. We loaded Nicoles clubs in her trunk and hugged goodbye. As she drove away I headed for my car to load my clubs and head home. Just then Joe the counter guy was driving by in a cart and stopped to ask how our round was. I told him that I played terrible and was very frustrated. He said something about golf being tough and told me to go back out and work the bugs out of my game. I laughed and said "that would be nice". Joe said to go ahead and go out to 13 or 14 and play my way back up. There was only about an hour of light left and that i could follow the last group in. I decided to take him up on his offer and spun the cart around and headed for the 13th tee.

As I arrived on the tee box I could see two carts at the green but noone else around. I teed up a couple of balls and hit them out to the fairway and played them both up to the green. I putted out and headed for the tee box at 14. As I pulled up I could not see anyone around at all. The group ahead of me was already well around the corner at 14 and I was all alone. I sat in the cart and took in the bautiful day. The quietness of the course, the smell of the grass and the cool breeze blowing gently in my hair. Just then I could hear a golf cart coming closer. I turned to see the beer cart heading my way. I was pissed to be interrupted. I new it would be one of the 20 something little things that rolled around shucking beers and shots to old men while flirting at a very high pace. I guess flirting is another way of building the tips but it always baothered me.

I knew the girl coming at me as Britney. She was not thin but not really fat by any means. She was built more like a woman than a young girl. She was always nice but somewhat flighty at times. She was obviously not very mature yet. Britney came rolling up in a cloud of dust and slapped on the brakes to slide just a bit. She asked me if I wanted anything and in a very quick snap I said "NO"! Without saying a word Britney spun the cart around and headed back toward the clubhouse.

I felt bad for snapping at her, it certainly wasn't her fault I was in a bad mood and she didn't deserve that. I went ahead and teed off on number 14 and played just 1 ball up and putted out. I headed to the tee box on 14 and had not even stopped when I could hear a cart coming at me again. I turned to see Britney and the beer cart rumbling toward me again. I told myself to control my emotions and shut my mouth. Britney pulled up and stopped directly next to my cart. She did not say a word. She got out and walked to the back of the cart and got a shot of gr*pe pucker out. She walked over to my cart and started to apologize for interrupting me earlier. I stopped her and apologized for being rude. She explained that Joe sent her out thinking I might want a drink. I felt like such a bitch then. Britney however said "I think you could use a shot". She took the cap off and handed the drink to me and I quickly drank it down. I asked what I owed her and she said it was on her. I thanked her and told her to at least let me tip her. I handed her $5.00 and she slipped it into her pocket. She climbed back in her cart but did not leave. I was standing between the carts now and thanked her again for the shot. I did need the drink and it tasted very good.

Britney asked me what was wrong and I explained that I had not played well and that I was all alone just taking in the peace and quiet when she came up. She laughed and said well maybe you need another drink to relax you again. This time she climbed out of the cart next to me and brushed her arm against me as she went to get another shot. She cam back and stood in front of me and handed me another gr*pe pucker shot. She also had a watermelon shot and started to take the cap off. I took my cap off and we toasted to relaxation. She was standing with one foot between mine and the other outside of mine.

She was leaning against her cart and I leaned against mine. She asked me how the shot was and I said "perfect". Just then she leaned forward and kissed me. I was taken aback at first and leaned a little further back. She leaned back and said "that gr*pe pucker is good". I didn't know what to think. I thousand emotions washed over me and I don't know why but I reached out and kissed her back. I kissed her hard and slid my tongue into her mouth. She did not resist but rather joined into the swirling of my tongue. She tasted good. I reached my hands around her waist and pulled her closer to me. That kiss felt like it was 5 minutes long. She stopped the kiss and leaned back a bit and with a little grin ran her hand over my shoulder and down my chest stopping to cup my left breast lightly. The rush of blood went straight to my face and I could feel the heat swell up in me. I reached my hand to her breast a nd found her lips again with mine. Again it seemed like several minutes went by as we kissed and I massaged her firm breasts. I could hear a cart and looked up but could not see one anywhere. I was very nervous and told her so. She suggested that we go back to the tee box on hole 14. That would be the farthest from the clubhouse and noone could see us. I think I was on my cart heading there before she even got in her cart.

I pulled my cart along beside a tree and Britney came up right next to my cart. The side of the two carts were touching and she slid from her seat on to my cart. We began kissing hard and fast again. I had my hand srunning all over her

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