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Her First Time

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Her First Time

For several years she has hid the fact that she wanted a woman.

She has been married now for several years to the same man and their sex life was very good, But some thing was missing. For years she has dreamed of being loved by another woman, but how could she do this with out her husband finding out? She was afraid to tell her husband of her feelings of wanting another woman for the fear of her husband rejecting her.

One night in the middle of passionate love making her husband asked her if she had ever considered having sex with another woman. Where did that come from she asked him in a quivering voice? Had he read her Diary? He began, Honey it has been a fantasy of mine to watch you with another woman. I have day dreamed of seeing you eat another woman and have one eat you. How long had you had this fantasy, she asked.

For many years now was his reply.

Was her ears hearing right, Had her husband just opened the door for her. Could she bring her self to tell her husband that she was feeling the same way. That she wanted to feel the touch of another woman. How could she tell him? How could she put into words the fire that was burning in her soul to have another woman. Slowly she started.

Honey I have something to tell you. His heart now pounded in his chest. Was she going to tell him she had already done it? Was she going to tell him he has lost his mind?

He sat up in bed, turned on the light, and faced his lovely wife. Go on he said.

Slowly she began. For some time now I have had the desire to be with a woman, but I was afraid that you would reject me. No why would I was his responce. She told him of her deep secret and saw the small smile that now adorned his lips. She told him of how she longed for the day she could fullfill this dream and quench the fire burning in her soul.

Several days had past and neither talked of the night of confessions. She told him she needed to go to the grocery store and pic up a few things and walked out the door.

As she drove to the Corner market her thoughts driffted back to that night and a tingle arose in between her legs as her pussy now moistined. She grabed a shopping cart and headed down an isle. As she did her shopping her eyes were drawn to a beautiful blonde who was doing her shopping. Trying not to be noticed she staired at the blonde.

She had supple firm breasts that were so inviting to be touched. Slowly she got closer to her and made idle conversation about the prices.

"Hi my name is Sandy" the Blonde said extending a hand. " Hi I'm Dawn" she replied.

together they begain shopping and talking as if they had been close feinds for years.

" You are very beautiful" Dawn let slip. "Why thank you" Sandy said with a slight smile.

after checking out and paying for the groceries the two exited the store to the parking lot, Dawn walked with Sandy to her car as they continued to talk. After Sandy placed her groceries in to her car she turned to Dawn and asked if they could meet again. Dawn slowly answered yes to the question and then gave Sandy her number and said " call me ".

A few days passed and Dawn could not stop thinking of Sandy and the fine ass she had. She woundered if Sandy would ever call. Suddenly the phone rang and Dawn rushed to get it, it was Sandy. She asked if Dawn would like to meet for coffee at a local resteraunt. Dawn happily said yes. It was s short drive to the resteraunt. When Dawn pulled into the drive she saw Sandy standing at her car and a smile came across Sandy's lips. Dawn parked her car and before she could exit it Sandy got in the passanger side.

" Lets take a ride shall we " Dawn said as she closed the car door. Slowly Dawn pulled out of the parking lot as Sandy gave her the directions on where to go. After a short drive Sandy told Dawn to pull into a parking garage of this very large appartment comples. " This is where I live, come on lets go in" Sandy said. As the two women made there way to the elevator Sandy reached down and took Dawns hand. By now Dawn was woundering if Sandy was having the same feelings as herself. The feelings of wanting to feel her body naked next to hers.

The elevator stoped on the 8th floor and the doors opened to a long hall that had sky blue car*pet that was so soft it was like walking on air. At the end of the hall was a beautiful victorian door. Sandy turned the key and then opened the door. " Would you like to come in Dawn'' asked Sandy ?. Slowly Dawn walked in. The room was huge filled with exotic pictures and statues. " Make your self at home I will be right back, said Sandy as she headed across the room

Dawn was now feeling the butterflies in the pit of her stomach. Was it from the excitement of what might happen or was it from wanting to know if she should turn and run. a few minutes passed but to Dawn it felt like an eternaty until Sandy returned to the room. Dawn turned to face Sandy and blushed blood red for there stood Sandy just as naked as the day she was born. She has supple breasts with areola that encircled nipples that were erect and hard. " Do you like what you see Dawn" she asked? Dawn could only look and nod her head yes. Slowly Sandy walked over to her and took hold of the buttons on Dawns blouse. " I have been thinking about this ever since the day we met in the grocery store. " Sandy began as she one by one undid the buttons. " have dreamed of my toungue flickering across your tender breasts and nipples, and my fingers getting wet from your juices".

All Dawn could do at this point was stare at Sandy and she continued to slowly undress her. Slowly Dawn spoke, " I too have had the same thoughts about you" she softly said " but was afraid to tell you for fear you would think I was crazy. Sandy let out a small giggle as she slow removed Dawns bra, " on the contrairy sweety, see I am bi and I love women just as I do men" she said. Dawn slowly spoke and reveiled to Sandy that all it has ever been for her was a fantasy and that she had never been with a woman before, but at the same time her pussy was wet with excitement of having her tongue deep inside her.

Sandy turned and led Dawn to the bed room where she had candles lit and the shades drawn so that the only light was from the candles. slowly they both laid on the bed and begain kissing. Slowly at first for Sandy did not want to rush things knowing now that this was Dawns' first time. Dawn slowly opened her mouth to let Sandy's tongue into her mouth. Dawn began to relax as Sandy slowly kissed her and caressed her skin with her soft warm hands.

Sandy slowly let one hand slip to Dawns' nipples which were soft but erect and drew circles with her finger around the areola making Dawns' nipples even more harder. slowly Sandy slid down letting her tongue glide across Dawns' skin to her awaiting breasts. Slowly she sucked one nipple into her mouth and a soft sigh escapped Dawn's lips.

By this time Dawn had to know how it felt to touch another womans cunt. Would it be as wet as hers was right now? Slowly Dawn slid her hands down Sandy's body, feeling the curves of her soft skin, the smoothness of the her hips. Sandy moaned and parted her legs slightly to allow access to Dawns hand as it reached her pubic line. Carefully Dawn slipped a finger down to Sandy's cunt lips and felt the dampness of her pussy.

Sandy now feeling Dawn's finger at her cunt began to suckle Dawns nipple harder and slightly nibbled and teased it with her tongue. she could feel the beating of Dawn's heart and it was pounding in her chest. Slowly she began to turn to run her tongue down Dawns' body. Dhe wanted to taste Dawns nector.

Carefully she turned and worked her way down to the aromatic slit of Dawns wet cunt. " You smell so sweet" Sandy softly spoke. She slowly took her tongue amd trased the outer edges of Dawns cunt and could taste the sweetness of the nector that was now flowing out. "MMMMMMMMMM' was all Dawn heard from Sandy as she parted Dawn's cunt lips and inderted her tongue.

Dawn at this point had Sandy's cunt inches from her face and could see the juices flowling freely from the lips of a well trimmed pussy. Dawn had to know, she had to find out if she could lick the sweetness from Sandy's hot cunt. Slowly Dawn eased her way closer to the wet lips. slowly she licked her lips with her tongue as she wanted to taste the juice.

Sandy let out a very soft moan from her mouth as her tongue was skillfully flicking in and out of Dawns very wet pussy. She couls feel Dawn's hot tongue now tracing her outer cuntlips. Sandy slowly opened her legs more for she wanted Dawns' tongue inside her wet pussy. She wanted to feel her warm breath as her tongue lapped at her burning cunt. "" oh yes baby thats it get all you want, my pussy is yours" Sandy wispered as she slipped two fingers int Dawns wet snatch.

Time seemed to slow for the two as the enjoyed each others sweet nector. both played and explored the depths of each others passion for what seemed like hours. Both fell asleep in each others arms and when they awoke they took a shower together and drerssed. As Dawn drove back to the resteraunt parking lot where Sandy had left her car the two talked of meeting again. Sandy was all for it and asked Dawn if she would tell her husband of her first time. Dawn thought for a moment and after pulling beside Sandy's car turned to Sandy and asked," Would you like to fuck me and my husband ?" Sandy looked at Dawn and eagerly said yes.

As Sandy was stepping from the car Dawn said to her that she would wait a bit to tell her husband, that she wanted to explore Sandy's wet cunt a little more before she would tell him of her pleasure. It was agreed on and Sandy unlocked her car got in and slowly drove away. Dawn sat and thought about the day and became wet again. She rushed home to to have her fire extinquished by her husband.

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