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Heather The Goalie

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"Hey Jill" my mother yelled from the kitchen.

"What mom" I yelled back from my bedroom.

"They are looking for soccer players" she yelled back.

I was out of bed like a flash. Downstairs minus slippers & dressing gown. Still in my sheer baby dolls. My boobs & needing trimming pussy in clear view for all the world to see. My mother freaking out when she saw me.

"Where mom" I asked.

"I'll tell you when you get yourself covered up" she said, with her usual stern face.

Upstairs I shot. Grabbed & threw on my dressing gown. Slipped into my slippers & downstairs again.

"Better I asked?"

"Much better" she said.

"Now tell me PLEASE" I asked?

She handed me a slip of paper with a phone number on it.

"What is this" I asked?

"The phone number of the person to contact if you are interested in trying out for the team she replied.

"When did you hear this" I asked?

"It was on the radio this morning during the sports report" she answered.

"Thank you, thank you mom" I said as I gave her a quick hug & a kiss on the cheek.

If only she knew how badly I needed something like this.

At our graduation prom, my really only boyfriend, who I gave my virginity too, was caught making out in the back seat of my best friends boyfriends car. I could of killed them both.

It was a good thing I heard about it the next day, or who knows what I may of done. Maybe cut of his cock & her nipples. LOL

Her, being Barbara, my ex best friend said she didn't mean for it to happen. The excuse was they just went out to the car to have a drink & one thing led to another & that is how it happened & she would never do it again, cross her heart & stuff like that & more bullshit.

I should of told her she could go down on me, like she was doing on Brad, my now ex boyfriend, when they got caught by her boyfriend. She would of liked that, as I was just finishing up my period. It would of been yucky, smucky for her. LOL

I ran back up to my bedroom. Phoned the number. Found out where to go. Took a quick shower. Dressed in blue jeans & pink tanktop. No bra, but panties. Socks & runners.

Ran downstairs. Said bye to mom.

Ran outside. Jumped in the convertable I got for graduating tops in my class. Drove to the address I was given. Parked my car. Was walking to the address, when to me, was when my whole live changed.

As I got to the door, another female arrived.

I swear she was right off the front page of a fashion magazine.

About 5' 10 or 11". Slender. Facial features most girls would die for. Auburn hair. Wearing a black leather skirt & jacket. White blouse,with frilly collar. Wering four inch black leather high heels.

I wondered to myself if she had arrived by limo or some rich boyfriend had brought her. As she had no wedding or engagment rings on, figured she didn't belong to any guy yet.

"Hi" she said, as we both went thru the door. "I'm Heather & here to try out for the scoccer team." I could of dropped.

"I'm Jill" I answered back, adding "I was doing the same."

Heather said she was going to tryout for the goalie position. I said I was going to try out for the striker position.

Heather knew the woman, Linda, who was organizing the team & was going to be the coach also.

I would guessed at that time Linda was about 40 & Heather in her mid twenties. As It turned out I was close.

Linda was 39 & a beautiful woman for he age.

Heather was 26 & as I said, model material.

Here I was just 19. Good looking or what I thought. Sex driven. Loved the feel of a cock in my pussy or mouth. Could never have enough sex. Was always careful to be protected. Condom, condom, condom. My ex hated it, but as I told him, I'm the one that got pregnant, not him. At times I had the feeling he may like guys too, so condom or no BJ. Period.

Practice sessions were organized.

As I was doing nothing for the summer & neither was Heather, we met outside of the regular practice time, as did some of the other girls practiced & practiced our skills till we almost dropped.

My problem, the more tired I got, the hornier I got. When I got home & was having a shower I would finger myself till I climaxed. Not the best thing to do to keep in top shape, but I needed the relief. I guess I was over sexed.

Second week into practice, Linda said we were going out of town for an exihibition game at the end of July.

A bus company had signed on as a sponsor, so would be supplying the transportation. A sport clothing supplier as our uniform & track suit supplier & a hotel chain as our room & meal supplier.

All we had to do was show up on time for practice & practice like there was no tomorrow. If we got slacked ass, we were gone.

Linda said she had put to much hard work into this team, to let anyone wanting to play, destroy the team. We all supported her.

Heather & I became good friends. I don't know how. There were other girls trying out for the team more her age then I was, but she took a liking to me & her to me. She was like an older sister I never had.

It was funny though, even though I thought of her that way, I was becoming physicially attracted to her. Never, ever had I been attracted to anoher woman the way I was attracted to her.

The more I was around her, the greater my urge was to kiss her. Touch her. Tell her how I felt about her. That I wanted to have sex with her. But never did. Was afraid I would lose her as a friend. Be kicked off the team. My summer ruined. All cause of some crazy feelings all of a sudden I was having.

The weekend we were going away came. At the team meeting, we were paired up for the hotel rooms.

I had to restrain myself from smiling from ear to ear & yelling with joy, when told I was rooming with Heather.

We got on the bus at 6AM Saturday morning & took off for Winona. It was a five hour bus ride. The game was at one.

By the time we got to the hotel. Put our stuff in the rooms. Changed into our uniforms. Put the team track suits on over top. Got to the field, it would be 12.30. Warmed up, it would be time for the game to start.

I was nervous as hell. Playing at this level & with most of the girls older then me, I was afraid I would goof up.

In the first 15 minutes I scored a goal. I was swamped by the other players.

Play went back & forth. Our team came close to scoring another goal. If it wasn't for Heather's playing ability, they would of scored a lot. She was an excellent keeper.

At the half, we were leading 1 to nothing.

It looked like that was the way the game was going to end, when I ran in & somehow headed the ball into their goal.

I got piled on by my team mates.

Heather ran all the way up from the other end of the field & got me in a big bear hug. I thought I was going to have a climax right then.

I kissed her on the cheek & then a quick one on the lips. She just smiled at me.

We won 2 to nothing. I scored both goals. Never had I scored 2 goals in a game.

After the shaking of hands with the other team, we put the track suits back on. They didn't want any grass stains on the bus seats.

Heather & I sat together.

I laid my head on her shoulder. Looked up at her.

She smiled down at me. Took her forefinger. Touched it to her lips. Then touched it to mine.

My heart started pounding like hell. I could feel my nipples getting hard. My clit throbbing. My pussy lips swelling.

"Hurry, hurry bus" I said to myself.

When the bus got back to the hotel, I had to hold back from bolting off the bus. We were seated towards the back.

I waited like a good girl should, but didn't want too.

Heather took my hand. Gave it a little tug when she thought I was rushing to much.

She knew or I suspect she knew why I wanted to get up to our room. If she did, she wasn't letting on.

When we finally did, I ripped off, not literally, the track suit & uniform.

I stood their naked for Heather to see.

My wish, was for her to take me right then.

Instead she said, "Go ahead & have you shower first Jill & then I will have mine."

"Was she teasing me, or not interested or to tired thoughts" went through my mind.

As I showered, I visioned her hands moving over my body. Slowly lathering up my neck. My shoulders. Arms. Hands. Back. Sides. Stomach. Boobs. Playing with my nipples. My bum. Back of my legs. The front. Me lifting each foot. Her fingers running between my toes. Over the bottom of my feet. The ankles. Slowly up the front of my legs. Up my upper thighs. Across my mons. Slipping between my thighs. Touching my clit. Rubbing it softly.

Me falling back against her.

The feeling of her nipples pressing against my back.

Her hands slowly moving over my pussy lips.

Getting closer & closer to an orgasm.

Then reality set in. A voice saying, "Leave some warm water for me," in a laughing sort of way.

I shut the water off. Stepped out of the shower. Dried off. Put on the white bath robe supplied by the hotel.

Didn't have to open the bathroom door. It was open. Wondered if she had watched me shower. Hope she did.

She was naked.

I gulped at the site of her beauty.

I would of done anything for her or to her had she asked of me right then.

Noooooooo. She just walked past me & into the bathroom.

I stood there. Shattered.

I heard the water running. The shower door close.

I laid on the bed.

Wondering. Wondering. Wondering.

The next thing I knew, she was standing beside my bed.


"Linda said you are on the team if you want to be," she said.

I looked up at her, feeling crushd & replied "Yes, I want to be."

She sat on the side of the bed. Reached over. Took my hand & said, "What else would you like?"

Before I could say a word, she pulled the sash of the bath robe open.

As she lay beside me, pulled the robe apart.

We rolled together.

Hugged tightly together.

Kissed like I had never kissed or been kissed before.

Our hands sought out the the others boobs. Caressed them. Rubbed the nipples between thumb & forefinger. Pulled on them gently.

I could feel her heart pounding.

I know mine was.

Our hands slipped down over each other stomach. Abdoment. Mons.

Between the thighs.

Touched, teased & rubbed each others swollen clit.

Then down over our puffy & very wet pussy lips. Up & down our fingers went.

One, then two fingers in between those wanting lips.

In & out slowly at the beginning. Then faster & faster.

We orgasmed at the same time.

After we finished, I took my fingers into my mouth & licked all her sweetness of my fingers.

She did the same with her fingers.

We looked at each other. Smiled & said, "Yummy, yummy."

We got into the '69' position.

After each orgasm, we changed position.

Me on top. Then Heather.

After many long & wonderful orgasms, she got up from the bed.

I thought that was it. I wanted more, but was happy with what had happened.

Was I wrong.

She had only retrieved a TOY from her bag. A double ended toy.

She got on the end of the bed.

Moved towards me.

Took one end.

Inserted in herself.

I spread my legs wide.

Lifted them up.

Wriggled down towards her a bit.

She handed me an adult soother.

I needed it.

As she inserted the other end in my pussy, I sucked on that soother like there was no today. Tomorrow or next week.

She put her hands down beside me.

Rocked back & forth on her knees.

All 9, thick inches of that bright pink cock going in & out.

Driving me to awesome orgasm after orgasm.

Then we changed position.

She closed her legs.

I straddled her legs.

As she held that cock, I rode it, for more wonderful orgasms.

Never had I dreamed I could have so many orgasms.

I have no fav position.

Doing them all with Heather were great.

She knew how to treat a girl.

I was her sex kitten.

My parents thought we were just good friends.

Little did they know.

Happy times all you girly, girls.

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