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Running late, I paid the cab driver and hurried into the little downtown bar to meet my client Amanda. This morning we started her divorce with a settlement agreement that was good for her and she insisted on buying me drink this evening. I responded to her wave from the end of the long mahogany bar noticing she had changed from her plain attire from the morning into a rather daring short dark skirt that showed off her lovely legs atop heels with straps. Her blonde hair was braided high contrasting my short black hair. Also in contrast was the fact that next to her I looked like what I was, her 40 yr. old lawyer in a business suit and very conservative length skirt. She had ordered me a martini that I thankfully sipped as we chatted about the earlier events. I started to decline a second drink but she insisted. What the hell. Although I already felt the first. Midway through the drink I was feeling real giddy and excused myself to the ladies room rather unsteadily. Inside, I saw myself in the mirror a little glassy eyed but still attractive and unbottomed the top buttons of my blouse as I was getting a hot flush from neck to toe. Was this just drinking on an empty stomach? I lurched out the door and Amanda was waiting and stating I looked a little drunk she guided me out the back door to her van in the parking lot promising to get me home. My head was swimming and went along real embarrassed at my state. She helped me into the captain seat behind the passenger side and we were on the road. I was feeling less in control by the second. I fuzzily saw us pull into a parking garage, empty this time of night and after parking Amanda was suddenly directly in front of me in the back. "What are you doing?" I slurred. "What you want" was the answer. With that, she grabbed the back of my hair and crushed her pouty lips into mine with an open mouth kiss. I was too shocked to resist! Her probing tongue filled my mouth and I felt her hand plunge between my legs under my skirt. Having never been with a woman sexually, other than a college dalliance, I was surprised to feel my legs spread and grind my hips into her probing fingers. My pussy seemed to have a will of its own and I could feel its starting gush. My whole body seemed to be on fire as she replaced her tongue in my mouth with her fingers covered in juices from my hairless pussy. I found myself greedily licking her fingers as she explained that I should just enjoy the Ecstasy high and go with it! What? OMG, I'd been drugged. The little bitch! Angy, I started to struggle but she just sat back into the other seat, and roughly pulled me to my knees by my hair and lifting her legs to reveal her naked crotch, jammed my face into her nether lips. Lick me now she ordered and continued to thrust my face into her wet cunt.

My head spinning, I still struggled until I felt the stinging slap across my cheek. She ripped my blouse open and reached in to twist my nipples painfully. Feeling confused fear, when she again pushed her cunt into my mouth I licked and sucked for all I was worth. A strange feeling was emanating from between my own legs so when she started moaning and squirted jets of warm liquid into my open mouth it seemed natural to swallow all I could. She pushed me onto my back spread my legs and ripping off my plain white panties. The rush of cool air was offset by her rubbing hands and I felt on the verge of passing out. I felt her hands stop their delicious probing as she climbed back into the drivers seat. I found myself craving release and was soon stroking and fingering myself as I felt the van moving. Half conscious, I was dimly aware of her joining me again when the van stopped, and once again that beautiful mouth covered mine as she ripped off the remains of my blouse and jacket, bunching my skirt around my waist. When had my shoes and stockings been removed? At her question, I was stammering to please make me come,please. It was then the side door opened and a vision of a large muscular man entering and unbuttoning his jeans was replaced by her squatting over my face and again smothering me with her pussy. I could feel probing into my cunt when she again was drenching my lips. And then blackness....

I awoke on my couch in the living room of my own house. Groggy, head splitting I sat up, naked, and tried to remember what had happened to me. Stumbling into the kitchen, I grabbed a water bottle to quench my unbearable thirst. I could only think that I must have gotten drunk and I vaguely remembered meeting Amanda, and her offering to take me home. Then a blur of images flew through my head. Was that a drunken dream? I found my clothes in a heap next to the couch and assumed she must have brought me home and undressed me before I had those incredible dreams. I saw a note on the table with the words CALL ME next to a number. I was truly ashamed and embarassed. Then I noticed that my Gucci blouse was ripped apart. At the same second I felt the soreness in my jaw and touching my hair I could smell the clear scent of pussy. I saw another note that said play the DVD! I snatched the remote and on the screen I emerged, in the van with the words "fuck slut" written across my back in lipstick, as I was devouring a very large cock with my mouth. In short order it was gushing gobs of come onto my lapping tongue and I was quite the wanton whore. I was angry, but would call Amanda and plan my revenge. To be continued...

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