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Grieving Widow 2

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It had been a year since I responded to the call about her dead husband. And 9 mos. since being drugged and humiliated by Lydia, the Grieving Widow. I had regained some control, but it was best to leave this twisted relationship shortly after. But recently, I was at a crime scene where a beautiful 21 year old girl had been strangled and left dead on her parents floor, and of course there was a pill selling boyfriend involved. The scene, the photos, the pathetic awful of it actually gave this hard dyke detective tears. I processed the evidence and immediately sought solace in a local beer bar with a deck to accomodate my smoking habit that had just returned. Cell phone in hand, tears in my eyes, I dialed Lydia. I needed to forget. She said "come now". I did. Parking in her drive, with the deja vu from the first meet, I slowly approached her door. Before I could ring she opened it and I fell into her arms. She undressed me from my detective uniform of the day (slacks, jacket, gun, etc.) and immediately gave me a martini and led me to her cabana. Odd that I felt totally comfortable nude in contrast to her swimsuit with sarong around her waste. There, she gently laid me down and started to give the most amazing massage I've ever had. Deep probing into tense muscles and fluttering passes over my ass and crotch. She murmured that she would take me away from the pain. I was almost dozing when she left for a time and returned wearing tied top black high heels that I could see through the massage table, and my upward gaze revealed a short vinyl skirt over her tanned legs and black bustier. With that she stated, "you are mine now as my little slut and you will sleep the sleep of the released after I'm done". I was speechless and although confused, very willing. "Release"? In short order she fastened a soft leather collar around my neck and before I could speak, she had also fastened leather ankle and wrist restraints to me. Attaching a leash to the collar, she gently pulled me to follow her into her house. There, she led me to a room that was without Florida sunlight and illuminated by candles with mirrored walls. In short order she attached my ankle restraints to a metal bar holding my legs apart, as well as fastening my wrist restraints to the foot of the bench in the middle of the room There was no question that I was compliant. But on my knees at the foot of the bed, with my legs spread by a metal bar and hands affixed to the end of the bed, I was helpless. Lydia casually removed her swimsuit thong from between her legs and shoved it in my mouth. She then cooed in my ear that she wanted me to taste her while she broke me! ??? A leather strap across my face held her suit bottom in place and the I felt the first crack of a paddle across me upthrust ass. I started to curse her but she whispered in my ear it part of the "process". What? She then proceeded to administer a series of painful cracks to my ass before removing my strap and mouth gag with the order to start begging for her body. Ridiculous as it sounds, I did just that. She would say, "ask me to worship my toes" and I would. It was then I understood. At that moment, lapping her pedicured perfectly painted toes with my tongue, I no longer was a detective, a woman, a lesbian or anything else. I was just existing for Lydia. She then gently asserted that I start begging for her body as "please let your whore lick you" and "please can I serve you?" What followed was lost time after she shed her garments and I licked and sucked every part of her she presented to me kneeling at the foot of her bed! When she finally thrust her beautiful pussy into my mouth I was crazed to eat her. He ass was a special treat for me! I was unaware from our past encounters that she was a true squirter. And I relished it when she gushed into my mouth and on my face after I had licked and sucked her for so long. Then, she unfastened the leg restraints and my wrists, and pulling the leash led me to her spacious bathroom. Again, in the calm cooing voice she calmly explained that she would be relieving heself and I had a role. Again, ??? But I crouched in front of her as she pissed long and hard into her toilet. Reaching down she gently touched herself with one finger and placed it into my mouth which I sucked greedily. Now, she explained as she stood, lick me clean. Why? I don't know but I greedily lapped her wet pussy and almost came myself. There was another hour, but the end was that she was right. I left feeling relieved and renewed from being her slut. Will I return? What do you think?

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