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From Bar to Bang

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I had noticed that some of the girls would get up on one of the two bars that the club had when they wanted attention. Tonight I wanted to be very naughty with a lot of female attention. I slipped out of my short skirt and bikini top and slid up onto the bar. As I started to lie down, my naked skin was alive – I could feel every inch of it. My nipples were already getting hard; my freshly shaved pussy was tingling and getting wet.

I had not yet lain down when two rather handsome guys came up and asked if I wanted some attention. Both were very sexy with brown eyes and moustaches. But, no this was going to be a girl night. I let them know that I was interested in females and off they went. A few other guys came up while I was getting situated, then two very sexy girls: Both were about 5 foot 3 or 4, with very sexy eyes and smiles. One was a dark blonde with very full 36DD’s, while the other had light brown hair and perhaps 36D’ (later found out they were very full C cups). They had an air of fun and experience about them. One said that it looked like I wanted some very personal attention.

I smiled broadly and said that the two of them were just what I was looking for, and laid back. The blond immediately came up to me and kissed me fully and deeply, while lightly touching the area under my boobs. I LOVE to have this area caressed! The other moved down to lightly run her hands along my abdomen and down my legs. As the blonde and I continued to kiss, and she continued to gently caress my chest, the other continued to lightly run her hands up and down various parts of my legs and belly, avoiding the V between my legs. The blonde’s caresses became more aggressive, massaging the mound of my breasts and lightly pinching my nipples. Moans of pleasure just naturally came out and I must have moved my legs apart. Sometime during this pleasure, I became aware that the other girl was now running her soft hands over my freshly shaved mound.

Although I knew it was coming, when she reached the top of my slit, I jumped slightly. OMG! I was alive and on fire! They had worked me into such a state of arousal that I couldn’t lay still. I was moaning loudly now between heavy kisses. Certainly it was also partly because of those sensual kisses. I drew my knees apart and spread my legs even wider. This was all the invitation that the other girl needed. She was now kissing my slit and rubbing a very wet finger up and down between my lips – the wetness was all my own.

On top, I was being kissed all over; my tits and nipples being sucked and squeezed. On the bottom, my clit was hard and being massaged and sucked. I was aching for a finger. Instead, she slowly worked her mouth down over my hole and started sucking my juices out.

“Come on, finger me!” I yelled. Still she continued with only her mouth and tongue. When I didn’t think I could stand this any more, and was about to move my own hand into play, I felt the Blonde’s left hand on my mound. Then I felt at least two fingers from two different hands, slowly probing the entrance of my hole. My body went tense, followed in a microsecond by the shudder of an orgasm. Maybe this is what they had been waiting for, because they quickly began to finger fuck me in earnest. As one hand went in, the other was coming out and vice versa. One finger was curved upward towards my G-spot, while the other was slightly stretching the side of my vagina. All of this time the blonde was still sucking on one nipple or the other, or running her wet tongue back and forth and the other girl was gently massaging my belly below the bellybutton.

I felt one finger withdraw to immediately be placed in my mouth. I love my own pussy juice, and this was better than ever to suck it off a stranger’s finger. This started a new pattern. One girl would fuck me with two or three digits while the other was offering her pussy-soaked fingers for my dining pleasure, usually with her own mouth covering mine at the same time. I don’t know how many times I came during this – it seemed to almost be one long series of mini-cums. Then one set of fingers rammed in deeper than ever and jerked up and down. My mind went crazy with pleasure; my body shook like never before and cum flowed on to those fingers.

As my wits began to return, the two girls were still exploring my body and talking excitedly about what they had just done. The brown-haired girl said that was a first for them and a wonderful experience. Well, it was a first for me and a most incredible experience. The blonde asked if I would like to continue playing together, and with a sexy smile added that they would like to get more fully involved.

Well, of course I would! First I needed a drink to re-hydrate. Without putting them on, I retrieved my clothes and the three of us sat at the bar. As we laughed and chatted, I learned that the blonde’s name was Cassie; the other was Janet. They were here with their husbands. If I didn’t mind, their husbands would like to watch as we continued to play. Well, half of the club must have watched me get ravaged on the bar (adding immensely to my arousal), so this was not a revelation.

We found a room and Janet and Cassie found their husbands – the two guys that had first approached me! Yes, they had told their wives that I was looking for females when I had turned them down.

The four began to strip once we got into the room. It took no time for the guys to loose their boxers. Janet had a very short wrap-around that had not always contained her breasts while we talked at the bar, and didn’t fully meet in front. I thought I had glimpsed a bit of fur. As she got naked, I was treated to very large areolas capped with hard, pink nipples that stood out like small gumdrops, and a landing strip of light brown hair that ended an inch above her slit. Cassie wore a micro-mini schoolgirl skirt that did not cover her pussy. I was sure she was completely shaved like me. She removed her white blouse to reveal firm boobs capped with smallish areolas and small nipples.

Janet gathered the three of us into one big hug that continued into kissing and rubbing. She said that she was so very horny from fingering me that it would not take much to get her off. She wanted a 69. As she lay back, I was happy to oblige. As my mouth found her very wet pussy, she already had her tongue in mine. Cassie got down between Janet’s legs to share her pussy with me. As we finger fucked Janet, we made nasty comments about her pussy and how horny she was. Cassie said that she had not had a proper taste of my pussy, where upon, Janet and I rolled over so that I was on top. Cassie crawled around so that she and Janet were able to give their joint attention to my cunt. This was even better than the bar! When I would take a breath from Janet’s sweet hole, I would glance over to the guys and see them sitting back, stroking on their very hard dicks.

Cassie had not yet had any attention paid to her pussy. When all of us were catching a bit of a break, she went over to her small black purse and pulled out a double-headed dildo. This has always been one of my fantasies. She got it very wet and slowly inserted it into her pussy, while in a sitting position. She looked over at the guys stroking their cocks and imitated their moves.

“Which one of you wants female cock?” she asked. We all laughed as Janet and I made our way over to her. I was a bit ahead of Janet; reached over and began stroking it like the guys were doing.

“I have fantasized about fucking one of these, but have never done it before.” I said.

“Then you should fuck with Cassie first,” Janet said. Janet held the free end of the dildo as I positioned myself scissor fashion between Cassie’s legs. Janet went down, first giving Cassie’s cunt a few licks, then wetting the length of the dildo, and guided it into my pussy as I inched up. What an incredible sight! I have, of course, watched myself as I slowly inched dildos and vibrators into my own pussy. This was so nasty and so erotic at the same time. Janet’s hand guiding it into me; Cassie’s pussy with its hard exposed clit on the other end. Soon there was no more room for Janet’s hand between us. I was so full, but wanted more. Cassie began humping back and forth – slow, short thrusts at first. Janet soon got one hand on each of our clits. Then I was humping, thrusting, against Cassie.

Despite the absolutely incredible feelings inside my cunt, and on my clit, I simply could not take my eyes off of our two pussies with, by now, just glimpses of the dildo. As we would momentarily slide just a bit apart. Cassie lay back onto the mattress and Janet got on top of her in a 69. This way Janet was able to tongue both of our pussies at the same time. For the second time this night, my orgasms were cuming almost constantly, yet I still had to watch this sexy, erotic, nasty fucking that we were doing. Not so for Cassie. She was screaming, “OH, FUCK;OH FUCK” over and over and thrashing with one big orgasm.

When Cassie was finished, Janet said “My turn,” and gently removed the dildo from her friend. Janet asked if I was still good for more, which, of course, I most certainly was. She sucked all of her friend’s juices off of the dildo before positioning it at the entrance of her hole. I gave my pelvis a few thrusts as I moved my butt closer to Janet and the dildo slid into her. As our pussies met, Janet reached over and pinched my very hard nipples. It hurt so good. For a while Janet was content to rock back and forth while we played with each other’s nipples. Soon, however she lay back on the mattress. This time I did so also. In this position, I discovered I could partly control the fucking action by contracting and relaxing my kegals. We fucked each other by rocking back and forth with our butts. When Cassie has sufficiently recovered, she started licking on Janet and my clits.

Soon, I felt a big orgasm building and yelled out that I was going to cum. Cassie immediately inserted a finger into my cunt on the topside of the dildo. She immediately found my G-spot. And I had one of the hardest, mind-numbing cums of my life. I found later that Cassie had done the same thing for Janet, with similar results.

The evening ended with a lot of laughter, nipple tweaking, and kissing. The guys had cum a couple of times during our play, but were still up for getting fucked by each-other’s wife while I watched and sometimes added a bit to their fun.

By: pinkpocket

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