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Friends and neighbors---Actual true story

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Connie and I have been the closest of friends since 1st grade. we confide everything to each other. we are not Lesbians by any means, we justmlove each other dearly. we have never had a fight, disagreement or been jealous of each other over anything including boys. We even shared the event of our first pubic hairs and our first noticable breast enlarging. We are both almost identical in size and weight and have full and firm breasts that we inherited from our mothers.

Her mother is of Castilian Spanish descent and her father is Italian. Both are very attractive people. My mother is half American Indian and father is 4th generation Greek. All four are very attractive and very sexy looking.

We live in a rural mountain area and our houses are within 50 yards of each other on ten acre plots.

As has been the custom for many years that we can recall our parents would get together on the last Saturday of each month to have drinks and enjoy each others company.

As I was soon to find out there was more to their get togethers than we imagined. Connie and I would hang together in the house that was not being met in so our parents could do their aduot thing, and not be bothered by two teen aged girls.

This Saturday they ngot together in my house so Connie and I went into town to see a movie and hang out. When the movie ended that evening it was snowing very heavily when we got out so we headed for home while we could.

Connie snuck into her parents licquor cabinet and mixed us a drink which she was very good at doing. By now we were of age so no problem with the drinks. Her parents did not approve but said nothing. While we were enjoing pour drinks Connie reminded me about the x-rated tape I promised to show her. One of my distant cousins had given it to me after she had watched it time after time.

I put on my coat and ran thru the snow to my bnouse to get the tape and when I went into the house I noticed how quiet it was and no one seemed to be there. I picked up the tape from its hideing place and went out the back door and to my surprise I saw that low lights were on in the guest cabin. It was hardly used but was well equipted with facilities and two huge king sized beds that were side by side. I noticed that the blinds by the bed were not fully drawn so I peeked in to see if anyone was there and to my surprise I got more than I bargained for, for there in the dim light I saw out parents completely naked and our mothers were standing face to face and kissing whikle our fathers were inside of them from the rear, slowly moving in and out. Her father was inside my mother and my father was inside her mother. To see this was a real jolt!! Our mothers were kissing and holding each others breasts and I find that this is called wife swapping. I surmised that this had been going on for years and years. I ran back to Connie as fast as I could and told her to put on her coat for there was something she had to see, \When we got to the cabin the only thing that had changed was that our parents were now on the bed with our mothers face to face still kissing and touching each others breasts. Connie was agahst when she saw her mother being entered by my father and her father inside my mother. Both were keeping up a steady but enjoyable pace. It is a wonder they did not see us peering in the window, but they were so ibnvolved in their sex act that they were oblivious to anything else. The bed was so close to the window that we could see everything. Soon they changed positions and our mothers got on top of each others husbands and started a slow but deliberate back and forward motion.

Connies father and my mother were closest to us at the window and I could actually see her fathers cock each time her mother raised up to gain more satisfaction. Connies mother like my mother have the fullest and firmest breasts a woman could ask for. I watched with great anticipation while my mothers breast and nipples were being sucked on by her father. My father was enjoying her mother to the fulest as I culd see from the motions. All at once my mother let out the most satifying moan I have ever heard and I later realized that she was having her first orgasm of the evening. She then just fell forward and rested her body on Connies father. By now we both had accepted what our parents were doing and wanted to see more. A few minutes later my father rolled Connies mother over onto her back and put her long beautiful legs over his shoulders and reentered her and started to go in and out and very fast pace. Soon she screemed and yelled more-more and then she became limp. My mother and Connies father both watched as her mother and my father reached there fullest moment of the evening. All four were still breathing heavily and we later assumed that tjhey would be doing it all over again tonight.

With the danger of being caught at the window Connie and I raced for her house and went into her room and began talikg of what we had seen. Got went and got us another drink and by now the cdrink ewas taking effect on us both.

We were both very hot and recalled how it felt when we both had our breasts played with and nipples sucked on so we knew how our mothers must have felt. We both have never had sex but if the guys we were with had had condoms it is assured that we both would have lost our virginity that afternoon a few weeks back.

We were geting drowsy so we both got into the hot shower and scrubbed each other down as we had done so many times in the past. For some reason I kept looking at Connies full breasts in the shower and thought she was looking at mine. We put on our long T---Shirt nighties and got into her bed and as was our custom when we slept together we gave each other a small goodnight peck on the lips but this time when our lips met Connie put her hand on the back of my head and pulled our lips closer together and I just melted. I made no motion to move nor did she. We just kept kissing each other with more and more vigor. When our lips parted she told me that she had wanted to kiss me like that for years but was afraid that I might not accept her advances. I told her that believe it or not I had the same wants and desires from her. We hugged each other and then I put her on her back and parted her lips and pressed my into her wet mouth and began sucking on her tongue, She responeded in kind and we sucked each others tongues for several minutes. We conessed to each other that we loved each other but had no desires or attractions for any other girls or women so we could not be considered Lesbians. My hand found her nipple and breasr and when she felt it she let out a big sigh and became fully relaxed. I carressed her for severl minutes and she ask me to raise up her nighty and put he nipple in my mouth an suck it slowly and softly. I was more than anxious to fill her request and the sensations I receied rom sucking her was beyond belief. while sucking and nibbling her breast my hand found its way down between her legs and she was very wet. I put my hand insiode of her thighs and she spread her legs. I knew then what she wanted so without a word from either of us I found her Clit and gently massaged it. It is strange for just a few days before I had looked up Clitoris on the computer and found out what I did not know about it.

She was so wet that no lubrication was needed so I positioned my thumb on the clitoris Hood and then inserted my middle finger inside of her Vagina and began to use a definite motion on both areas. It was only a matter of a very few minutes when she reached the first Orgasm she had ever had and she pulled my lips to hers till she was completely drained.

We then fell asleep and in the wee hours we both woke and she complemented me with the same sensations that I had given her. Such a wonderful friend. So now while our parents are doing each other Connie and I are doing our thing with each other.

About 5 a.m, we heard her parents come in and go to bed.

Connie suggested that we use our digital cameras next time our parents are deep in sex and oblivious to what else is happening. Should make a good movie for us. Lots to learn and our parents doing it with them should be a good lesson to learn by. We both thought how nice it would have been if we could have traded places with our mothers and enjoy the experience of an older man

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