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Found At Last

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Growing up I knew that my life was different than most people's lives. I lived with my dad and my stepmother, Janice. My little sister, Victoria shared a room with me while we were still kids. She was all I had and we did everything together.

When Victoria was still too young to go to school, I played Barbies and cars with her. We would make a Ken doll and Barbie make a family and dress them up. We would also play restaurant with play food and fake money. Sometimes she was the cook and sometimes I was. She would love to put the food on play dishes and serve it to me or our dad.

While I was in school, I would bring home practice work and play school with Victoria. I would explain the work to her and we eventually got to where we were grading each other's papers together. I was proud of my little sister for how smart she was, thinking of how I was the main contributor to her growing education.

Eventually Victoria got to be old enough to go to school and she got teased a lot. I think it was because she was so smart, but I will never truly know. I started to talk to her bullies since I was two years older than her. I threatened them with all of my might that if they ever teased her again that they would have to answer to me. I was serious. I am protective of my little sister. After Victoria saw that she was safe with me, she started to hang out with me at school.

Our home life got worse. Janice was trying her best to separate us. She moved me out of our shared bedroom and she started to beat me. I would go to school each day with a new bruise somewhere on my body.

Eventually one of my friends asked if I had talked to the school counselor. I told her that I hadn't yet. She urged me to talk to her and told me that what I was going through was not normal.

By that time I was terrified of Janice. I thought that she would kill me if I told on her. I did not know what her reaction to me telling on her would be and that scared the crap out of me. I did not want to die yet, but I was getting tired of getting beat. I wondered if there truly was a life out there for me where I would not get beat.

At lunch one day at school I went to see the counselor. I was dressed in baggy jeans and an oversized T-shirt. I had a shaved head of brown hair. Also, I had a brand new bruise on my forehead to top it off.

As I sat in the seat in front of the counselor, I started to cry. I told her how long I had been beat and told her that I was scared. She asked me if it was alright to call the Department of Children's Services. I told her that I did not want Janice to find out and that I was scared that she would kill me. I also told her that my little sister was getting beat, but not as much as me. She told me that Victoria would have to come in herself.

I talked to Victoria that day on the bus ride home and told her that she should talk to the counselor. She did not want to because she considered Janice her mom since she was young enough not to know when our dad first got with her.

DCS started to visit me at school and sometimes at home and one day they took me away and told me that I would be having a new place to stay. I asked if Victoria was coming and they told me no. That was the first time that I cried that hard. Even when Janice was beating the crap out of me I did not cry that hard. I missed my little sister already. I asked them if I could keep in touch with her and they told me no.

I started to cry even more and started to rebel in school and at all the foster homes that I was in. I moved all over. I could not stand not being there for my sister and not knowing whether or not she was safe and I made my DCS worker promise me that Victoria would be safe. She promised that if anything happened to her, I would be the first to know.

Six years went by and every year got tougher to live without my sister. I was adopted by our mom's brother and his wife in Oregon, which was across the country from Tennessee. I missed my sister with all of my soul. I made a pact with myself that as soon as Victoria turned eighteen that I would be the first one there to celebrate with her.

I wondered what she looked like and what she liked. Did she have brown hair, or does she still have blonde hair? Does she have beautiful green eyes still? Did her figure fill out yet? Was she into sports or anything like me? Did she excel at school like me? I did not know anything about her. She was eight the last time that I saw her and now she was eighteen.

I called the airport and got a plane ticket to go and see her. I assumed that she still lived in Tennessee. I packed a small bag and got into my car and went to the airport. As I made my way through the airport, I suddenly was overcome with anxiety.

What if she did not like me? What if she did not like the new me? What if she did not even want to see me?

I pushed these thoughts aside and got into my seat on the airplane and waited. I arrived in Tennessee and went to the car rental. I filled out the paperwork and got a Camaro. I called my old DCS worker since I saw that she was still working there and asked her for a small favor. She told me where Victoria was staying and I headed over there and knocked on the door.

A brown headed girl answered the door. I was suddenly so overcome with emotion that I started to cry. She looked at me for a few more minutes and then hugged me. I looked at her and told her that I was Beth. She started to cry and I told her how much I missed her and how much I had been looking forward to this day.

Janice came up and tried to hit me, but with my martial arts training I blocked it and grabbed her arm. She looked shocked, and took a step back. I told her that I was no longer the little girl that she used to beat and if she laid one more hand on me or Victoria that I would kill her. She got wide eyed and ran to the next room and sat down.

My dad came up and asked who I was. I told him that I was his daughter, or at least I used to be. I then took Victoria's arm and whispered in her ear that if she got a bag that I would take her out to eat and we would get out of here. She whispered back that she would be right back.

She rushed into the house and came back minutes later with a stuffed bag. I laughed and asked if she was planning to stay forever with me. She said that she would like that but what she wanted was to finally have a reason to get out of that house and to see me and catch up on much needed time.

We talked about our lives and what we missed together. She told me how she was one of the top students in her class and I told her how we used to play school together and that I take credit for her education. She laughed and that was music to my ears. My nerves were starting to settle and I pulled into Olive Garden and we went in.

We decided to take advantage of the everlasting bread sticks and to split a plate of spaghetti since we had filled ourselves mainly with bread. We laughed and chatted for the entire meal. I found myself starting to get to know my little sister again. I told her how I was scared for her all those years and thankfully she told me that she never got beat once I was gone. I was crying again.

She asked me if there was a guy in my life and I blushed and told her that I did not have a boyfriend but had my eyes open for a girlfriend. She told me that she was doing the same and it was my turn to be shocked. I had no idea that we would both be bisexual. She laughed as she told me that she even fantasized about getting with me. I blushed even redder and told her that I did the same thing.

After we finished eating, I told her that I had a hotel room if she wanted to go there. Victoria told me that she would love to. I told her to get into my car and we drove there. She told me that she loved the car and I told her about my weakness for sports cars. I told her how I could basically name them off of the streets.

Once we got to the hotel room, I went to her door and grabbed her bag and told her that I could carry it to our room. She seemed awestruck that I could even pick it up. She told me that she could barely lift it and I replied that I lifted weights so this was nothing.

I gave her the key and we walked inside. I had made the bed with rose petals all over it and a bottle of red wine on it. She turned around and hugged me but this time she added a kiss to my lips. I was amazed at how soft her lips were. They were plump but still tight. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into me and kissed her. I let my lips linger on hers another moment before I moved my tongue into her slightly parted lips.

She let out a muffled moan and moved closer to me, letting her body fully touch mine. I let my hands caress her back. I was loving having her in my arms and moving my hands softly up and down her back before she started to pull my shirt off. I stopped her and started to take hers off of her. I marvelled at her body as her four pack abdomen was revealed. I leaned down and pulled her shirt up even more to reveal that she did not have a bra on to cover her full C cup breasts.

As I pulled her shirt off of her, I leaned into her and started to kiss her ear and her neck. I kissed my way down to her breasts where I found her dark nipples already erect. I kissed them and let my tongue softly flick them. She moaned and arched her back, which allowed her nipples to go further into my mouth. I took them in my mouth one at a time, gently sucking the tips.

She seemed to be in heaven and I did not want to stop teasing her nipples, but I wanted her to be fully satisfied by me. I kissed my way down her abs slowly lingering at her belly button and kissing it. I then took her pants and unzipped them slowly. I let two of my fingers from each of my hands go under the waist line and pulled her pants down slowly, revealing that she did not have any underwear on either.

The sight before my eyes made me wetter and I calmed myself silently. I wanted tonight to be about her. I took in the sight of her pussy again and realized that she was shaved like me and was already soaking wet.

I told her to lay on the bed and I got in between her legs and kissed her lips and then leaned down and started to kiss the folds of her labia. I licked in between them and I could tell that Victoria took a deep breath. I licked from her lips to her clit and lingered on her clit, softly licking it and sucking it.

"Oh my Goddddd Beth!", Victoria moaned as she got closer and closer to her orgasm.

I started to tease her opening with my fingers and slowly put two fingers in her and found her G-spot. I applied pressure there as I sucked and licked her clit. With my other hand I started to massage her breasts. She started to buck her hips against my mouth and I could feel her tightening around my fingers. I knew that she was coming and I did not want to stop.

I lapped up her juices as she came, loving the taste of her sex. They were sweet but also had a bitter taste to it. She must have passed out because as soon as I looked up she was sleeping. I got up and picked her up and put her in the bed and covered her. I cuddled up to her and put an arm around her knowing that she would be safe now. I slept like a baby that night now that I had my little sister back.

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