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First Love

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Hi! I'm new to this site, I just happened to come across it while looking for something sexy to read one day. I have written several erotic stories of my own that I hope to submit to the site later on. But for now, I would like to share my personal first time experience with a girl (and it was also my first experience with female ejaculation!)

BreAnn had been my best friend for over a year when this happened. We had made out before, but mostly just to get the attention of guys at bars. They would buy us drinks and we always ended up going home with a hot guy. It worked for us.

One night, we were at a friend's birthday party. Both of us were really bored, the party was lame, so we decided to leave. I pretended to have a migraine and BreAnn told everyone that she was going to take me home.

We went to her apartment and laid down in her bed to watch a movie. We had never had a problem talking to each other about sex, we were both very open and talked about it often. So as we were laying there, BreAnn told me she was horny. We both laughed.

"So go take care of it, this is your house, I can't stop you!" I told her, both of us laughing. So she got up out of the bed. I expected her to take her dildo to the bathroom because she had done it before. Occasionally, if neither of us were seeing anyone and didn't have a fuck buddy, she would go to the bathroom and masturbate, and I had done it before, too. Both of us were just so open that it didn't phase either of us to know that the other was in the bathroom fucking herself with a dildo.

So I laid back and continued watching TV, thinking she would be back in a few minutes. In a way, I was right...she never left the room.

She pulled the purple dildo out of her dresser drawer, and instead of walking to the bathroom, she laid down on the bed. I was surprised, but I didn't protest. I actually wanted to watch. All the times we had made out with each other, I had always wanted more. Every time she had gone in to the bathroom to masturbate, I would imagine what she was doing and wish that I could watch her. It seemed that my wish was about to come true.

She laid down and set the dildo on the bed next to her and pulled her panties off. I turned to my side and started to watch her, and I could already feel my pussy getting wet.

She rubbed her finger up and down her slit, stopping to insert her finger for a moment, then rubbing again, and then stopping to play with her clit. She lifted her shirt with her free hand and started squeezing her breast.

I had seen her naked body before, but this time I took a moment to take it all in. Her breasts were very small, but so cute and perky. Her stomach was flat and toned, her thighs and ass were so curvy and perfect.

She picked up the dildo and ran the tip over her clit. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily, still massaging her breast, sometimes stopping to pinch her nipple.

She moaned softly as she slid the large dildo inside of her.

I couldn't take it anymore. I was so incredibly turned on, more than I had ever been turned on by a man in my life. I was scared, but I wanted so badly to touch her.

I leaned over and started kissing her neck, and she gasped.

"Do you want me to help you?" My voice was shaky and quiet. She nodded, with a naughty smile on her face, so I continued to kiss her neck. I reached over and started to massage her other breast, pinching and pulling at her nipple while she continued doing the same to her other tit, while she was pumping the dildo in and out of her wet pussy.

I kissed her on the mouth, gently at first, but her heavy breathing and gentle moaning let me know that she wanted more. So I kissed her harder, and she opened her mouth slightly so I could put my tongue inside. As we kissed, I moved my hand down her body, gently caressing her stomach and barely running my fingers along her hip bones.

I remember her moaning getting louder, to the point I couldn't kiss her anymore. She had lost all control and I loved it.

"Please, Britt, please don't stop touching me," she said.

I moved my mouth down to her breast and began to suck, kiss, and gently bite all over her titties and her nipples. She was so loud, and the louder she moaned, the wetter I got.

I sat up so I could see her face. As I did, I reached down and started to massage her clit while she continued to fuck herself with the dildo. She cried out, "Oh, fuck, Brittany, yes! Please don't stop!" I rubbed her clit faster, and she fucked herself harder, until finally she started to cum. Her moans, her gasping for air, saying my name, watching her body tense was almost too much. She suddenly pulled the dildo out and I kept rubbing her clit as she squirted all over the bed. I had seen it in porn, but never in real life, nor had I experienced it for myself, though I wanted to. As she relaxed her body, I laid down next to her, not sure what to say or do.

Once she had recovered and regained her composure, she turned to me and we smiled at each other. And I thought that was it.

"Your turn," she said, with a sly grin on her face.

I didn't know what to do. It was one thing for me to touch her, but I wasn't sure about having her touch me in that way. But I couldn't deny that I was incredibly horny, I wanted to come, and she was offering, she was beautiful, I was could I say no?

"Just lay there, just relax," she told me. She kissed me on the lips once more. I had already removed my bra for the night, so she pulled down the straps of my tank top and I pulled my arms through, leaving my breasts completely exposed. My nipples were already hard.

I thought she was going to have me use the dildo on myself, like she did, but that wasn't the case. After exposing my breasts, she pulled my shorts and panties off in one motion. She pulled the tank top down the length of my body, and I was completely exposed. She took off her t-shirt, so that we were both entirely naked. She pushed my legs apart and laid down on top of me, her stomach up against my wet pussy, while she flicked her tongue back and forth across my erect nipples. One, then the other, for a few seconds at a time, making her way back and forth, giving equal amounts of attention to each one while squeezing my large tits in her hands. She kissed her way down my stomach, across my hips, down the inside of my thighs. My head was spinning. I was moaning and gasping for air. I closed my eyes, taking in every touch of her hand, the soft feeling of her lips, the wetness of her tongue on my skin.

She sat up at the end of the bed and pushed my legs as far apart as they would go. She teased my wet lips with her fingers, just barely caressing my pussy with the tips of her fingers. I wanted to beg for more, but I wanted to savor every touch as well. I enjoyed being teased.

Suddenly, she slammed her middle finger inside of me as hard as she could, and I moaned loudly. The surprise of it was almost too much pleasure to take in. She pulled her finger out and started to massage my clit. I made myself keep from moving my hips against her hand, trying to stay relaxed and take it all in. I propped my head up on the pillow so I could see her. She sat there naked, her nipples erect, staring at my pussy as she massaged it. She leaned her head down, very gently pushed my lips apart, and started to blow air on my cunt. It sent chills through my body. She did this a few times, and I almost felt guilty because I felt like I was getting a lot more pleasure than what I gave her. The thought quickly left my head as she put her tongue directly on my clit and slowly rolled her tongue around it. I could barely breathe, I wanted her to lick it, to suck on it, to do it hard. I wanted to cum. She moved over and positioned herself directly in front of my dripping wet mound, and I watched her hungry eyes staring at my body. She pulled my lips far apart and put her tongue inside of me. She moved it in and out, fucking my hole with her tongue. I held on to the pillow as I moaned, and then she gave one last lunge of her tongue into my hole, then pulled it out. Then, she licked her way up to my clit. Finally! She licked it, flicking it back and forth as she put two fingers inside of me. My screaming and moaning was out of control, but I didn't care anymore. She sucked my clit while she pumped her fingers in and out of me, pushing them upwards and rubbing my g-spot. No one had ever hit my g-spot like that before. She fell into the rhythm of sucking and fucking me, and I felt my body tense up. She felt it too, and she sat up and started rubbing my clit with her other hand, and continued fucking me with her fingers, faster and harder until finally, I experienced the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. She pulled her fingers out of my wet cunt, but continued to rub my clit, and I came again, this time squirting all over her body.

I felt euphoric, like I had just taken the best drug in the world. I couldn't move and didn't move. She laid down on top of me and we kissed for a while, and then she sat up and started grinding her pussy against mine. We were both still soaking wet, and our cunts slid easily against each other. I squeezed her nipples between my fingers as she humped me. She rode my pussy until we both reached orgasm once again.

Finally, we had worn ourselves out. She laid next to me, the front of her body pressed into the back of mine, her arm across my stomach, with the sheet pulled just up to our hips, and we drifted off to sleep.

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