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First Day At Work, Travel Agency

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Sherri had a lot of trips she took while at the travel agency in the two years she worked there. She had a number of times when she took short local trips to take care of "special customers" for a party of such and was always dressed to kill since the agency supplied the clothes she was to wear for weach assignment. It turned out to be an Escort Service as may be guessed and she loved it. They serviced men and women, married couples and singles and a variety of parties at which two or more women were suppiled for the "entertainment." She never came home with under $500.00 for a days work or night whichever it was and on the trips she stayed gone for a week or a little more she did really well on them also. Again, her journal tells of her first day at work.

I went in dressed casual as I had been told and met a very lovely black lady in the inner office that I had met Mr. Nathan and Mr. Duval in the day before. She was introduced as Mrs Duval and said that she had to set up a couple things for me so I could get started in work. She was dressed very casually, shorts and a halter top that barely covered her breasts that were at least 38 or 40 DD. Her hips were full and she has the nicest legs I had seen on a black lady in a while. She invited me into the office and pulled a chair up next to mine as we sat down. Now my name is Denise and that is what I want you to call me, no Mrs stuff, okay? Okay Denise I told her. I need to find out some things so that we can see where you fit into our little family here. I understand that from yesterday you do not mind being naked in front of strangers? No not at all, in fact it kind of makes me hot I told her. Good, that is very good. And being with women? Do you mind that? No, actually I really like that too. On an impulse I leaned over and kissed her full lips, slow and deep. She returned the kiss and it lasted a couple min. and when we stopped she sighed and smiled. Definitely loves kissing she wrote down. Now, you also like anal? Yes. Double penetration? Yes. Sucking and swallowing? Yes. Would you do an all girl party? Yes. All men? Yes. Mixed? Yes. Bondage? AS long as it is safe. I want someone there. Oh, we never send one nto those unless we have an escort go alone. Okay, bondage then, yes. How many men can you entertain at one time? Well, I don't know. Oh so you have not taken more than one at a time till yesterday? No, I mean I have had lots of men at one time and I don't know what the limit is yet. She stared at me. Are you serious? Yes Denise, I have had a few gang bangs that my husband set up and a friend of mine had me service men non-stop for a very long time. After a couple drinks I can go for hours and hours. Okay, no limits that you have found yet then. No, none. She was getting a little restless and did not sit still but kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. I knew this meant she was getting hot so I said, Can I go to the rest room? Sure, right through that door to the right. I went in and pissed cause I had to go then took off my clothes and left them hanging on the door hook. I walked out and into the office and Denise stood up and stared at me. WEll, that is a nice change. I walk up to her and hugged her and then kissed her. I thought that instead of all the questions maybe you should just try to see how I am and then decide from there. Firts I want to say, I have never found anything I will not do yet and that includes some very kinky things. She was still holding me tight as I was talking and kissing my neck. My nipples were hard as litle rocks. Oh, you simply smell of sex she managed to sigh. Yes, I know I told her, my pussy always has a nice smell that kind of fills a room, feel it leaking? as I took her hand and put it between my legs. So there is nothing you have found yet that you object to doing then she said, her voice getting weak and shaky. Nope, nothing, we even have a German Shepard at home...I let that sink in as to what it meant. You do? Yes, a very large one. He is our favorite pet. She sat on the couch and was smiling at me. It looks like you will fit in very weel here Sherri. I know I told her as I got betwen her legs on the floor in front of her. I had her halter off in a second and her shorts next so that she was sitting in front of me naked. I spread her lovley legs and my tongue went to work on her inner thighs. She moaned and leaned back streaching out so that I could get to her pussy that was shaved clean. I began licking closer to her pussy and finally took the lips into my mouth and teeth. They were really huge and puffy. I tongued them apart and began long solw lickes up her pussy crack from her bottom to the clit that was also huge. It was almost like a small cock and I sucked it slowly making her cry out and moan loud. She began humping my face as I sank first two then three then my hand into her pussy, slowly moving it around to make her hotter...She began humping faster and faster to the place that she had my face buried in her pussy. I managed to sink my hand deep into her pussy as she had an orgasm all over my face and it squirted all over my chest. I thought she had pissed at first but it was all sweet pussy juice which I licked up. Then she pushed me down and mounted my face again as she buried her face in my pussy, biting and licking like she was starving to death. We were both yelling loud and the front desk girl looked in several times and laughed and left us to our pleasure. We must have been making love for hours because when we finally stopped the secretary asked if we would be needing lunch today or were we eating in??? We all laughed and Denise got up and took my hand. We will all go out for lunch she said. But desert is back here she added. She dressed me and would not let me do anything myself. Then she stood and dressed in front of me and kissed me again. We all three left and went to a nice resturant and had a lunch that had lots of salad. On the side of each plate was a very large cucumber. Denise laughed and took her s from the plate and went under the table with it, then she began moaning as her arms were moving around it became obvious she had it in her pussy. I looked under the table and sure enough her shorts were pulled to the side and the huge cucumber was buried all the way in her pussy. She sat up with it totally buried in her and kept moving around to get a nice effect that kept her hotter than she looked like she was used to. Finally she reached down again and moved it more making herself orgasm. I had taken mine and it was in my pussy too, my feeling were not so intense as hers but finally I managed an orgasm. We all finished lunch and went back to the office. AS we went in Denise told the secratary to lock the door and come in the back. She did and Denise walked up to her nd kissed her. We need some more help back her Denise said. Take off your clothes and join us. She did and we all spent the rest of the afternoon making love in as many ways as we could come up with. Steve called and asked when I would be home. Denise told him we were in the middle of a staff meeting which he told her that it was okay as long as I was paid for company time. Oh, she is getting all the benefits she could ever want Denise told him. YO uwill have to come and sit in on some of her training sessions she told him. Steve told her he would love to. She hung up and laid out on the carpet. Okay girls, take care of Denise now. Don't miss anything at all. I expect to be here for at least another hour. We got on the floor with her and began at opposite ends, kissing, sucking, licking and my favorite, fisting her through orgasm after orgasm as she retuned the favors to us. It was dark when we left the office. Be here at noon tomorrow she told us both. Just dress casual she said.

We left and I drove home, smelling of sex from a full day of meetings with the boss.


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