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Double ended joy

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Shirley, my best friend, was always coming up with stuff for us to do when our parents went away together for the weekend.

How she thought of all this stuff puzled me, but she did & they were all fun.

This weekend she had stolen some of her parents liquor. We were both just 18 & knew that we would get into trouble if we got caught drinking.

Our boyfriends could always get booze & did, but got to drunk & rowdy & in trouble. So if we were with them when they got like that, we just got a cab home, or call our parents to come & pick us up.

Shirley's plans for this weekend were for us just to work on our tans. Swim. Listen to music. Chill. Drink by ourselfs. Have fun.

As we worked on our tans, we were totally nude. Watched each other to make sure the other didn't burn. Put lotion on each other. Front & back. We had no trouble touching each other boobs, clits or labia/pussy lips or whatever others called them.

We had been know to see how excited we could make each other by touching or playing with forementioned parts. Using only our fingers up to this point.

Done some heavy kissing while fondling. Never any pentration with our fingers, even though I had wanted to. Maybe Shirley had wanted too, but never did. I know I was bi-curious. Maybe she was too. We just had never talked about it.

After swimming & tanning & talking & listening to our Ipods & eating chips & drinking pop for lunch, we decided, or I should say "SHE" decided we would order in pizza for supper.

The only time we had clothes on, was when the pizza was delivered. We were 2 girls that just liked going around in the nude when we could. It just felt natural in the summer.

"SHE" then decided we should watch a movie. I gulped when I saw what had been chosen. It was called Virginity lost.

It was about a girl who had grown up on a farm. Never been to a big city. Got a job in Chicago in an office. Moved in with a girl from the office, who was much older then her. Got drunk one nite. Summited to the sexual desires of her roommate. Moaned & groaned loudly as her nipples were taken between the other girls teeth & pulled on hard. Her boobs squeezed. Her clit sucked till it was swollen. Her pussy very wet & puffy. Then a large, thick strapon dildo pentrating her virgin pussy till she had orgasm after orgasm. She was now a sex slave to her lesbian roommate & enjoyed her position as such.

By the time the movie was over, my heart was pounding. My pussy was soaking & puffy. Wanting attention. From my fingers. Shirley's fingers. Anything that would make me cum & cum.

Shirley went & got a blanket & spread it on the living room floor. Got a deck card & said, "lets play strip poker."

"Okay" I replied. As at most card games, she won.

We sat on the blanket. She dealt. I lost. Soon I was naked. She was close to it.

We kissed. Touched. Pulled on each other nipples. Fondled each other breasts. Rubbed each others now swollen & wet clits. As per the rules of the game when you lost, do what the other told you to do.

Drank her parents liquor. Got drunk.

When the game was over, laid on the blanket. Kissed & licked & sucked all over each other bodies. We were now beyond the stage of just playing around.

We were serious about doing what bi or lesbians did.

We licked & sucked on each others tits & clits & swollen pussy till we made the other cum. Over & over again.

Then we did the '69' position. After each orgasm, switching positions.

Guys cum sure didn't taste as sweet as a girls. I wanted all I could get of Shirley's sweet cum.

As I lay there on the blanket exhausted, but very happy as we had gone all the way finally, Shirley said she wanted to blindfold me.

"Why" I asked.

"You will find out" she answered.

She blindfolded me. I lay there wondering what else she had in mind.

I felt her get down on the blanket again.

"Don't remove the blindfold till I tell you. Okay" she said.

"What are you going to do" I asked?

"You will find out" she said.

"Will I like it" I asked.

"You will like it cause you like cumin & you will cum lots with this" she answered.

"What will make me cum lots" I asked?

"You will soon see" was her reply.

I could feel her moving closer to me.

She told me to spread my legs & pull them up high. I did.

I felt something against my pussy lips. It was moving up & down.

I was getting excited again as it rubbed against my pussy Pressing hard & harder as it went.

"What is that" I moaned.

You will see soon Cathy" Shirley answered.

Just as I was about to ask again, I felt it slip in me.

It was smooth & round & felt thick.

The more that sliiped in me, the louder I moaned.

I wanted to take the blindfold off, but the mystery of it all made me keep it on.

More & more of whatever it was, slipped in me.

Then I felt Shirley's body agaist mine.

Her body felt like it was rocking back & forth. As her body did, whatever was in me, moved in & out.

It felt like a cock. A big, thick cock. Much bigger then any guys cock I had, had in me.

I had, had losts of them. I liked & needed lots of sex, as did Shirley.

Having sex with another girl was all new to both of us at this time. Once we got to college & were roommates, I have no doubt after this we will will have lots of girl with girl sex.

When Shirley finally said I could take the blindfold off, I could see what I was being fucked with.

It was a bright pink double ended dildo.

One end was in Shirley's pussy. The other in mine. She was kneeling between my thighs. Rocking back & forth. Fucking us booth with this TOY OF JOY.

After awhile, we laid together. I got on top. Knelt between her thighs & fucked her the way she had fucked me.

Only girls understand what turns other girls on. Gets them so wet & excited. Causes them to have multi orgasms.

Shirley & I admit we will get married, but will always search each other out when we want very good sex. Multi orgasms. If we can't find each other, we will search out other sexually unsatisfied women.

Ahmen to womens love.

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